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Why Is My ITV Hub Not Working and How To Fix It?

itv hub not working

Fortunately, ITV has designed its streaming service to let you watch your shows more comfortably and conveniently.

Below let us look into why ITV Hub is not working on your devices and how you could fix them.

So, without any delay lets know how to fix the issues!

Why Is My ITV Hub Not Working

why is my itv hub not working

The non working issues may arise due to a couple of reasons. At times, this streaming service can be unavailable in the UK due to server problems. When this happens, there may be a technical fault in their system.

Freezing or Buffering

However, if their server is up, the only issues you may experience include freezing or buffering when you access their content. Sometimes, you can also get error messages or a blank screen once you click on your desired show.

When you get these ITV not working issues, it may be due to missing updates on your device or an unstable internet connection. You can check for your internet speed here.

Error Message

But in cases where you receive messages, such as "Programme currently unavailable" and the like, the show you are trying to access may not hold exclusive online rights.

So, if you get unavailable messages on your device screen, there is nothing you can do to fix it since this is a technical fault.

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

itv basic troubleshooting

Troubleshooting techniques to get your Hub running are similar on almost any device. They mostly involve fixing your internet connection or updating or reinstalling your ITV app.

However, when these general troubleshooting techniques do not get your app up and running, you might need to troubleshoot the particular device you are using to stream their videos.

Below, we will look into each troubleshooting method for specific streaming devices so that nothing can come in your way when you watch your favourite shows.

ITV Hub not working on Smart TV

itv hub not working on smart tv

Smart TVs allow you to access a wide variety of shows when connected to the internet. So long as your WiFi is running smoothly, you may need to troubleshoot your device's system instead.

You can try out the methods below if you are experiencing issues on your ITV Hub on Smart TV.

1. Update Device Software

Most smart TVs would need to be at its latest software to support several apps, including ITV Hub. Although you can choose to update it automatically, here is how you can manually update your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Make sure that you are in "TV" mode rather than Smart Hub mode.
  • Press [MENU] on your remote.
  • Visit the Support menu and select Software Update.

2. Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on your Smart TV to return it to its default factory settings is pretty straightforward. Just follow the on-screen instructions, and you would have a good-as-new television afterwards.

You can perform a hard reset on your Samsung Smart TV by:

  • Click the Menu button and select Support.
  • Press Self Diagnosis and choose Reset.
  • When prompted, enter your Security PIN. But if you had forgotten your password, you can reset it by pressing the following on your remote: Mute > 8 > 2 > 4 > Power.
  • Once you enter the factory reset screen, select confirm.

ITV Hub Issues on Panasonic TV

Unlike the Samsung Smart TV, your Panasonic TV would need to have Viera Connect installed in its system to access shows on ITV. This software automatically comes in the latest Panasonic TVs.

If you already have it installed, you can try clearing your cache, updating your system software, or performing a hard reset.

ITV Hub not Working on Firestick

itv hub not working on firestick

You may experience several problems when you use your Fire Stick. You can do any of these ITV Fire Stick troubleshooting methods to get the streaming service up and running.

1. No Signal

If your Fire Stick does not have a signal, make sure you have a stable internet connection and a working HDMI port.

2. Blank Screen

Meanwhile, if you see a blank screen when you load your video, reconnect your Fire Stick or reset its factory settings. But in several cases, you might have to clear your Fire Stick data to prevent crashes when you stream your show.

ITV Hub Not Working on Roku

itv hub not working on roku

Similar to smart TVs, you can fix ITV not working issues on your Roku streaming devices by performing a hard reset. But you can also choose to disable its network pings or adjust its bitrate.

If you are experiencing ITV Hub issues on Roku, follow the methods below.

1. Hard Reset

You can smoothly perform a hard reset on your Roku box in less than a minute. You can do so by:

  • Look for the RESET hole at the back of the box or stick.
  • Hold down a pin for about 30 seconds until it resets.
roku reset

Source by Lifewire

2. Disable Network Pings

If you are experiencing connection problems or seeing an error 014 message on your screen, press the following buttons on your remote quickly.

  • Home x5
  • Fast Forward x1
  • Play x1
  • Rewind x1
  • Play x1
  • Once you enter a new screen, choose Disable Network Pings.
  • Afterwards, go to the Connection Set-up screen and reconnect to your internet.
roku pings

Source: Tech Junkie

3. Adjust Data Settings

Sometimes, you may experience poor picture quality on your ITV Hub videos. To get a better streaming experience on your Roku player, press the following buttons on your remote control.

  • Home x5
  • Rewind x3
  • Fast Forward x2
  • Once you see a screen with various bitrate options, select Automatic, then go back to your programme again.
roku data settings

Source: Tech Hive

ITV Hub Issues on NOW TV

itv hub not working on now tv

NOW TV automatically adjusts your video depending on how fast your internet connection is. If you have ITV Hub non working issues on NOW TV, it might be because of your data settings.

If this happens, you can disable your network pings or adjust your network options similar to Roku boxes.

1. Update Device Software

But in several cases, you may have to update your device system to its latest version to continue accessing the app. To do so, you would need to press a series of buttons on your remote in the following order:

  • Home x5
  • Fast Forward x3
  • Rewind x2
  • After pressing these buttons, select the Update Software option.
  • Press [OK] even if your system says that you have the latest version installed on your device.

2. Hard Reset

You can troubleshoot most ITV not working issues on your NOW TV box or smart stick by performing a hard reset. You can do so on-screen through the Advanced System Settings or by pressing the reset button on your player.

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You can access the ITV Hub on several streaming platforms. However, the common issues you may experience include buffering or freezing when you load your videos. Follow these troubleshooting methods to fix your ITV issues in no time.

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