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How to Fix Firestick Keeps Rebooting Issue

Is your Firestick keeps rebooting or fire stick keeps restarting at its will? Or are you fed up with the Amazon product crashing issue?

Then do not worry as we have got you covered. In this troubleshooting will surely give you some tips to fix these errors.

It is very annoying when your Amazon Fire stick keeps restarting and gives you errors.

What if you are viewing one of you favorite TV show and suddenly the fire stick crashes

At first, you may think it is normal. But if the problem happens again, it is bound to frustrate you.

This guide will surely settle your furious temperament and you will thank me later for sure!

An Overview of Amazon TV Stick

fire tv stick

Do you want to turn your conventional TV into a Smart one?

Amazon TV stick is a dream come true. Although small in size (similar to the size of a flash drive), this TV stick is a getaway to online streaming.

These Wi-Fi supported device offers high quality streaming but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc. etc.

amazon firestick overview

This new electronic breed is also known as Streaming Stick. Why? This is because it streams TV shows, as well as movies from the internet when you want.

Also, it works just like conventional television operates but filled with great features.

“This portable device – though handy is a cost-efficient investment of turning a regular TV with limited features to a smarter, more extended version of television”.

It comes with three versions, whereas the latest version connects Alexa – virtual assistant and a 4K HD video.

The introduction of Alexa as a voice-controller further added value to the product.

Furthermore, the installation of apps to this customizable lookalike of flash drive is an added advantage.

Amazon TV Stick Problems

Well, every software or hardware device has some issues and are prone to malfunctions.

Sadly, firestick is no exception in this list. Users reports that this device suffers from breakdowns. 

firestick problems

Some of the major issues that users face while firestick are as follows:

  • Fire stick keeps Restarting
  • Stick shows no Signal
  • Freezing Screen
  • Black Screen on TV
  • Buffering Issue

However, among the reasons listed above, most users face “firestick rebooting’ or “fire stick restarting Issue”.

This rebooting issue can irritate many.

Whether you are new to this device or an older loyal customer of Amazon products, this guide fulfills the requirements of all (at once).

Once fixed, make sure you restart binge-watching your favorite shows, music with an echo speaker or your virtual assistant – Alexa!

Let us find out the reason behind this type of error.

What Causes Firestick keeps Rebooting?

reboot reasons

It is obvious for you to become irritating when your device malfunctions and firestick keeps rebooting.

Rebooting affect your show broadcast. Usually, the main reasons for firestick rebooting issues are:

# Incorrect Removing

Removing it incorrectly (or not ejecting it correctly). If you remove the device incorrectly, it can lead to many issues.

# File Damage

Logical file system damage can also lead to this error. Malfunctioning of core files is not what you want.

# Heating Issue

If there is any heating element near the TV stick, it may overreact. Too heat or direct sunlight can affect your device.

# Too many App Installed

So many unwanted app installs can slow down your TV and eventually lead to your firestick malfunction.

Fire Stick Keeps Rebooting – Basic Troubleshooting

reboot troubleshoot basic

Basic Troubleshooting

The best way to fix your TV stick from Amazon is to try this basic troubleshooting. To do this, follow the procedure:

  1. Remove: First remove the TV stick from your television.
  2. Restart : Now restart your Wi-Fi Router and TV.
  3. Insert : Insert the TV stick and wait for it to reconnect.
  4. Switch onWhen done, try restarting the firestick.

This minor fix method comes handy many a time. If your problem is not fixed yet do not worry.

Let us discuss the advanced methods of fixing firestick restart or fire stick keeps rebooting issues.

These fix-it guides to your rebooting/restarting Firestick are a blessing in disguise.

How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting – Advanced Methods

adv troubleshoot

Finally, we have reached the most important part of this article i.e., the Advanced Troubleshooting methods to fix firestick rebooting issue.

As discussed, many reasons contribute to malfunction of your TV stick.

Let us learn how to fix firestick rebooting issues.

1. Remove too Many Applications

We tend to fill your television with all applications and games, most of which we hardly use.

This excessive app install can slow down your TV and your TV stick. So, choose to keep the most important apps installed and remove the unwanted ones immediately.

To remove unwanted applications, go to settings menu of your TV and find the “app uninstall” option and delete them.

remove too many applications

2. Software Upgrade

Check for software upgrade issued by Amazon for your TV stick. Software upgrades can solve many bugs in addition to better functionality.

Connect your device to TV and go to settings. Find if any software upgrade is available. If available, immediately download it.

3. Remove Heating Element

If your TV stick is kept above any too hot equipment, it may malfunction. So, do not keep any heating device near to the stick.

Moreover, sometime your TV can become too hot and subsequently your firestick. To fix this issue, you can take the help of a long HDMI extender.

Use and extender and keep the device a little bit away from your television.

4. Check Internet Speed

Believe it or not, your Internet speed can also be a reason for Firestick rebooting. Amazon firestick needs good internet speed to function properly.

Check if our service provider may be down or may not be providing you the promised speeds.

So, check the speed of your Internet on your smart device and take action if you find it too slow.

5. Clear Cache of Apps

Another method of fixing firestick issue is to clear the cache of all applications on your television. For this proceed to settings menu of TV and find “clear app cache” option.

Then clear all the cache of installed applications and games available on your television.

6. Soft Reset : Restart your Firestick using Remote

This is merely a simple alternative to the unplugging game (of power cord).

You need to press the BACK BUTTON and RIGHT BUTTON and then press it until a message is displayed on the screen.

reset firestick

BONUS – in order to perform a hard reset all you need to press RIGHT//BACK//REWIND and SELECT button until Firestick pops up a message of resetting itself.

Sounds easy? It works like a magic wand.

7. Reset your Television

This method may take some time but can fix the fire stick rebooting issue.

Resetting television can fix any TV issues that may be forcing your firestick to under perform.

To reset, go to settings menu of your TV and hit the reset option. When done, your television will reboot to its original Settings.

Next it is your turn to plug your TV stick and check its performance.

8. Remove Multiple Devices to the HDMI Ports

too many hdmi devices

Firestick keeps restarting when we overburden our TV with multiple plugin ports.

Too many devices can slow down the processing power of your smart TV. 

So, plug only the required device to your TV HDMI ports and remove the unnecessary ones.

9. Adapter!

As easy as it sounds, just try changing adapter. 1 AMP adapter is shipped with your Firestick device, try sticking to it.

The issue can be fixed to use either original accessory or a better or slightly higher capacity 2 AMP to get rid of the malfunction.

This can eliminate firestick keeps rebooting issue for sure.

10. Use official Accessories

Many of us has a very peculiar habit of using off-brand cable (easily approachable) to attach the Firestick instead of the original data-cable for the device (Firestick).

official amazon accessories

This fluctuates the power cable or blockage. Please, do not do this!

Use official accessories as these are tailored to your device needs. This can help eliminate issues like – fire stick keeps restarting.

Proven Tips To Implement

firestick tips

To make sure that your firestick works properly, and you enjoy its rich features, we have some handpicked tips for you.

I am sure, if your firestick keeps rebooting and you follow these tips, you are bound not to get any faults in your device.

The tips are as follows.

1. Consider replacing HDMI cable

Even if your device is working fine, we recommend you replace your HDMI cable everyone year. This little investment will make sure that you face no issues in future.

2. Check Remote Battery

It is always a best option to check the battery of remote and replace them if required.

3. Cleaning

This tip is what most of us ignore. Please do not skip this. Clean your TV stick every week and remove any unwanted dusts.

4. Avoid Electric Points

It is a better option to keep your TV stick away from any nearby electric points. Also avoid direct sunlight to fall on the device.

5. Incorrect Removing

Many a times when the TV is still on and you are watching a show, we tend to remove the TV stick.

This is a bad habit and should be avoided. Do not plug out the device when you are using it.

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If Firestick keeps rebooting or fire stick keeps restarting, it is well understood that this may have put you off.  

When fire stick keeps restarting, do not worry.

It could be as easy as unplugging the device from the power cord and plugging it back again or as tricky as the remote “hard-reset” buttons play.

However, I am sure that you have enjoyed reading this one-on-one guide.

This article is aimed to sum up all possible reasons behind the rebooting or restarting of the Fire stick device.

This can surely remove much of the unwanted issues!

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