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DIRECTV Remote Not Working [Fix & Reset Guide]

DIRECTV remote not working or facing problem while using the remote?  We know it is very trending and an annoying question!

A remote is an integral part of your TV viewing experience.

Though it gets less attention, it is the main device that helps you to convey your wishes and direction to your TV box.

But when the equipment stops working this can be very disturbing, and you may think to replace or buy a new one.

It may happen that the buttons may not work, or you need to press to hard a button for something to happen.

But do not worry. It may happen that the equipment is only having a small problem that we can fix with basic troubleshooting.

After reading this article, I am sure you will learn in detail about the various troubleshoot methods as well as how to reset directv remote in case your remote is malfunctioning.

DIRECTV Remote Types

remote types directv

When it comes to technology upgrade DIRECTV stays ahead of the competition. It makes sure that its users enjoy the best with its new technologies.

The same can be seen with its hand held equipment. It gives a high feature device for its users. Most users are satisfied while using these equipment.

The two most used remote-instrument on DIRECTV  are as follows:

DIRECTV Universal Remote

As the name suggests, this equipment is universal and can be used on most devices. This small equipment is very powerful.

Apart from operating your TV, it also works fine on DVD players and other such equipment.

DIRECTV Genie Remote

A sleekly designed small equipment and is power-packed. Apart from basic use, it can also show recordings, program descriptions.

I has also an inbuilt mechanism to manage your recordings and many more.

Reasons for DIRECTV Remote not Working

reasons directv remote not working

Users of the Company complain about their “small handheld equipment” not working many times.

If the handheld instrument is not working we are bound to get various types of problems while using the device. 

But you may feel frustrated and must be wondering the exact reason behind the error.

A one liner answer to this question is not feasible. This is because, there are many reasons for non performing.

But main reasons, why your DIRECTV remote becomes unserviceable are as follows:

  • Low Battery Issue of device.
  • Device keys in pressed position.
  • Your TV does not recognize your equipment.
  • The hand held instrument is not programmed properly.
  • High distance between the handheld instrument and TV.
  • High brightness of Television screen.
  • Obstruction between the device and TV.
  • Device hardware issue.
  • Device has become unserviceable.

Major Remote Problems Users Face

A faulty remote can give you huge amount of problems. Some of the major problems or errors that users face while using the hand held equipment are as follows.

directv errors

Preliminary Check

First, we recommend you to do this basic easy five-step basic check of your instrument before you decide to do the troubleshooting steps.

These pre-check can sometime fix some of the issues at an early stage itself.

Step 1. No keys Pressed

First, make sure none of the keys are in the pressed position. If this happens your instrument will not work properly. If there is any pressed keys try to unpress them manually.

Step 2. Check Battery Power

Check the battery with an inbuilt battery checker. You can press any key of your equipment and see if the green light is blinking or not. If not it is time for you to change the batteries.

Step 3. Use the Top Switch Button 

Next try switching the top mode switch like from AV to TV etc. Switching can sometime make your instrument work. Try it and many a times it can work for you.

Step 4. Clean Receiver

Check if your receiver or  TV box is clean. If not use a cloth and clean it for any dirt. Too much dirt can also lead to many problems.

Step 5. Unplug your Receiver

Unplug your receiver from the power cord and wait for two minutes. Then again start the receiver. Check if the problem is solved or not.

Advanced Troubleshooting

directv remote troubleshooting

If this basic troubleshooting method does not work for you do not worry.

We have placed the solution of major hand held instrument problems or issues that users face.

Check which problem you are facing and apply the fix we recommend. The majority of the problems we face can be solved easily at home.

So, try these methods before you decide to dump it.

Basic troubleshooting along with the specific problem of the equipment is as follows:

Top Green Light is Not Blinking

Your equipment’s top green light may not work sometimes. To solve this problem, change your batteries. To change the batteries, do the following

  • Push down the battery cover and remove the batteries.
  • Replace the old batteries with two new Alkaline (AA).
  • Put the cover back

Green Light Blinks But Other Keys Do Not Work

If this happens, there must be some obstructions in between the TV and your remote.

And sometimes the distance is too much for the equipment to work. Try reducing the distance and any obstacles in between.

Remote Commands Not Recognized by TV

Sometimes it may happen that your instrument may work fine but the TV or home entertainment component does not recognize its command.

If this happens, first check if you properly set up the equipment according to the instructions in manual.

You can reconfigure the setup using the codes as per the devices mentioned.

Channel Change Does Not Work

You may face problem while changing channels. It may be stuck in one channel and won’t go further.

To fix this issue, make sure your instrument is properly programmed to connect your DIRECTV receiver.

Then adjust the slide control on the top of equipment to switch the mode for example TV or AV.

If still your equipment does not work, you should consider re-programming it to the TV.

DIRECTV Remote Volume not Working

It may happen that your remote volume may not work at all or you may be unable to either increase or decrease the volume.

To fix this volume not working issue do the following:

  • First, check your batteries with the built-in battery tester.
  • Connect the remote to your TV receiver
  • Try changing the modes between AV1, AV2, and TV
  • Check if it works

If not check if the equipment is properly configured or not. If not go to settings of DIRECTV and do the configuration once again.

Then again try changing the mode switch from AV1 to AV2 etc. Check the volume by pressing the keys up and down.

Remote Keys only Respond When Pressed Hard

It may happen that you may need to press hard to make the keys of your remote work. If this is the case, the best fix is to open the equipment and clean it once.

We will show you how to do this at the end of this article.

How to Reset DirecTV Remote

how to reset directv remote

Used all the troubleshooting methods but no method worked for you?

If you are at this stage, we recommend you to reset your device. If you are having doubts on how to reset the equipment, check the methods explained below.

For resetting DIRECTV remote, use these three following methods.

Reset Method I

  • Press the “MENU” option in your DIRECTV Receiver.
  • Now go to “Settings & Help“.
  • Next it’s your turn to select the “Settings” option.
  • On “Settings” page, move and select “Remote Control” option.
  • Now select “Reset remote” when it is highlighted.
reset directv remote

Reset Method 2

If the above mentioned method to reset directv remote was not useful for you, we recommend you to apply this second method.

This method involves resetting the instrument back to its original factory settings.

To do this, follow these steps:

  •  Take your instrument and press “MUTE” & “SELECT” together for few seconds.
  • Now press 9,8,1 and the “SELECT” button.
  • Wait for light to flash “Four times”.
  • Congrats! your remote is now reset.

Reset Method 3

  • Press MENU on your DirecTV receiver.
  • Navigate to Settings & Help and select it
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Select the Control option and press “reset remote”. 
  • Your equipment will now reset to prebuilt settings.

For reset sometime the receiver may ask for security code. Find it on the user manual and put it.

Check Battery life 

You may have heard that the device has an inbuilt battery life checker. But you may find it confusing how you can check the battery life using it.

To check your battery, press and hold any key .

Now check..

1. If the green light at the top  is strong, then your battery is perfect.

2. When the green light blinks fast, that means the battery is working fine now, needs replacement in the future.

3. When the green light blinks low, your battery needs immediate replacement.

How to Repair DirecTV Remote

Nothing is more irritating than an unserviceable instrument while watching television.

Due to heavy use, the keys are subject to wear and tear. If you have made to repair your DirecTV we have a DIY hack to do the repair.

Step 1. First remove the battery cover and take out the batteries.

Step 2. Remove all the screws carefully.

Step 3.  Carefully remove the top of the panel with the buttons.

Step 4.  Now use a soft cloth or brush to clean the panel and the buttons.

Step 5.  Make some pencil lead powder and place on the back of the buttons.

Step 6.  Reassemble the equipment and check it.

Maintenance Tips

tips for directv remote

It may happen that your DIRECTV Universal remote may stop working for you or may create problems while using it.

Here are some tips that you can follow to fine-tune it and avoid any major issues.

Always check Batteries

Check your batteries first with the inbuilt battery checker. It is a good habit to check your battery frequently.

Ensure no Blockage

Make sure there is no blockage in between your equipment and your TV receiver. This also hampers the connectivity of your hand held equipment to the TV Box.

Do regular cleaning

We recommend frequent cleaning of the sensor in both the DIRECTV box and equipment with a soft cloth.

Decrease Distance

When your remote is not working well, you can try adjusting the distance between you and the TV receiver.

Lower Brightness

Sometimes decreasing the brightness of your TV Set can help you rectify problems of remote connectivity issues.

How to Purchase a New Remote

Tried everything and still your directv remote fails to function well? If nothing has worked for you, your small equipment needs replacement.

It has become unserviceable and it is better if you purchase a new one.

To purchase a new remote visit AT&T or DIRECTV website. Log in to your account, go to the “My Equipment” option and place the order.

If your order is not processed or your are unable to place an order, you can also buy from Amazon US also.


We hope you now gained the information how to troubleshoot your remote, in case DIRECTV remote is not working for you.

We recommend you first do the basic check before going for troubleshooting option or resetting the device.

Also do not forget to look at the tips we have provided. If you follow these, you can expect a long life of your equipment.

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