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How to Fix DIRECTV Network Connection Not Found Issue

Are you getting a DIRECTV network connection not found error on your DIRECTV? Aren’t you sure what’s actually causing this to happen?

If you can’t find an effective and efficient solution to this problem, you are just on the right page! Today, we will be helping you fix this error indefinitely!

So, if you see the error to be DIRECTV network connection not found “please check cabling,” this guide is for you, too!

To get rid of “DIRECTV network connection not found” error, what you need to do is to check the input or the source of your television if it’s in the right mode. Then, check if the receivers have a green light.

After so, check the condition of the cables of the receivers – make sure all of the receivers’ cables are plugged in. Then, reboot and power cycle all receivers (including main receiver). That should fix the problem.

While many people consider it as a pain in the neck, it’s actually a common error with DIRECTV Genie and Genie Mini receivers.

Before we get into the error in specific, it is imperative to understand what causes it.

Common Causes of DIRECTV Network Connection Not Found Error

directv network connection

If you’ve experienced this at least once, then it’s clear that you’ve already been a DIRECTV user for quite a long time. Chances are, you’d already know how to solve it.

But, for the benefit of those who just started experiencing this, here are some of the reasons why the error is persistent.

Incorrect Input/Source

Are you getting DIRECTV genie mini network connection not found on a secondary receiver?

This might be because your television is put and placed on the incorrect source or input.

There are times when the input changes on its own, so we need to be wary of checking it every now and then.

Broken or Damaged Cables

Another reason why you might be getting this error is because of the cables on the receiver. 

Check both the coaxial and the power cables that are on the back of the receiver. Look for damages or other signs of being broken.

Broken or damaged cables could also be reasons why you’re experiencing this, so it’s worth checking.

Receiver Problems

Lastly, it could already be because of your receivers. There are instances when our receivers find our usage too much.

Therefore, we need to perform a couple of things to relieve it – power cycling or resetting it, among others.

Now that we know the most common reasons why we might be experiencing it, let’s get onto the guide on how we can fix and resolve it!

Troubleshooting DIRECTV Network Connection Not Found

directv genie mini network connection not found

Here are the steps you need to do in order to solve this issue! This works on both Genie and Genie Lite, too! It’s not just for the Genie Mini receiver.

Step 1: Check TV Input or Source

As we mentioned above, there are instances when the source or the input is what’s causing the problem.

So, it’s just best to check it. On your TV’s remote control, try pressing on [SOURCE] or [INPUT] to change and toggle through the different modes and inputs your TV has.

Make sure that you’re on the correct mode or source to where the DVR or the receiver is connected.

Step 2: Does the Receiver Have a Green Light?

After you double-check the input mode or the source, proceed to your receiver and check if there’s a green light.

Each Genie client or receiver emits a light – and they actually mean something. The normal appearance of the light should be anywhere between the hue of yellowish-green to green.

However, if it’s blinking orange, red, or blinking red, then that means you have no connection.

Part of the main reasons why these things happen is because of cut or severed cables. That brings us on our next step, which is…

Step 3: Check Cables For Damages/Make Sure They’re Plugged In

Check the cables at the back of all the Genie Mini and Genie clients. Make sure that they’re properly connected, and what you can do is to remove and reconnect the cables back again.

After so, ensure that the DVR is properly connected by making sure that all the lights on the front panel are lit up.

NOTE: You can try and trace the cables from one end to another to see if there are damages or broken links. If there are, then you have already solved the problem.

Step 4: Power Cycle TV and Receiver (Including the Main Receiver)

After you check the cables and you deem that there’s nothing wrong, the next step is to power cycle or reboot both the television and the receivers that are utilized within the house.

Power cycling, as we all know, has been one of the best and the most effective troubleshooting steps of all time.

It’s known to have solved a lot of technical problems in smartphones, broadbands, even in streamers and streaming devices.

Doing so can actually help your DVR be refreshed and replenished. It can avoid all the different types and kinds of problem like overheating, overloading, etc.

More often than not, this solves the problem. Thousands of people have reported that after they restarted or power cycled their devices, they were able to correct the error.

To power cycle your Genie client, all you have to do is to remove the power cord from the outlet or from the back of the receiver. Wait for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds and reconnect it.

But, if the problems persist, proceed to the next step. This will involve a few technical masteries, so you need too few items and materials for it.

Step 5: Technical Troubleshooting of the DVR and Cables

Don’t worry, though, it’s not like you would have to split up and examine the cables from within. What we just meant with technical troubleshooting is testing the wiring.

Wire Testing

Use a 1×2 splitter and link the incoming satellite on top to the power supply. Then, connect it to the client to a separate receiver or DVR.

If it doesn’t work, try out a different cable set and redo the steps.

I’m Still Receiving the Error, What Should I Do?

If you are still receiving the error after following the guide step-by-step, then the next best thing to do is to contact DIRECTV’s technical support team.

It would also help if you give them a couple of error codes you’re getting, other than the network connection not found error, of course.

To view this, you can navigate to your TV’s Settings & Help section and hit on Info & Test.

From there, choose the option that says Run System Test.

This should display the error codes that might be present and can help with the troubleshooting of the team’s technical support.


As you can see, fixing the DIRECTV network connection not found error doesn’t require you to be an expert.

The steps on resolving it are easy, and you really don’t have to have any type of technical experience! Anyone can do it – and it’s doable in less than ten (10) minutes!

So, the next time you experience this error, you wouldn’t be too naïve to solve it! You’ll know what to do every step of the way!

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