Privacy Policy

At Xtrium, we value your privacy.

Xtrium's policy is to respect user’s privacy regarding any data that is gathered while you use our website. Xtrium respects your privacy and our motto is to protect personal identifiable information of our users.

The website Xtrium can be accessed at

We have made this Privacy Policy to educate our users various information. This includes what data we may collect, how we may use them, and any situation arises to distribute to third party. This Privacy Policy applies only to information we gather through the site and doesn't apply to our set of information from various other sources.

This Privacy Policy, together with the conditions and conditions posted on our site, put forth the general rules and rules regulating your usage of our site. Based on using the website, you acknowledge to agree to our addition terms and conditions.

Website Visitors

Xtrium collects some non-personal information that are not meant to hamper your privacy. We collect some statistics like your browser type, language, the web browser you are using, time you visited our website and location.

This information is collected with the sole purpose of giving our users a better user experience. Xtrium sometimes collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address and some identifying information of our users who uses our website and comments on the articles. Xtrium never discloses your IP addresses to others with any intention or to hamper your privacy.

Gathering of Personally Identifying Information

We at Xtrium collects some personal identifying information from users who interacts with our website to give them a better experience. For example, we ask our users who sign up on our website to provide their email address.


The security of your personal information is utmost important to us. The electronic storage where we store your data is 100% secure. We always strive to protect your personal data and we value your privacy.


We use advertisements on our website, and it is done through trusted and reputed advertising partners. This process may require cookies. These cookies send or serves you relevant advertisement on your computer. By relevant ads we mean targeted ads served to you. This Privacy Policy only covers the use of cookies by Xtrium and not by our advertisers.

Links To External Sites

Xtrium may link to external sites that we don’t have any control. When you click on an external link, you will be taken to the new website. Please check the policy page of that website as it may differ from us.

Aggregated Statistics

Xtrium collects the data about the behavior of our visitors when they visit our websites. This is done to serve you better and in an effective way. However, whatever data we may collect, it is never disclosed to others at any cost.


To provide our users with the best user experience, we at Xtrium use “Cookies” and similar technology to show your personalized content or targeted advertisements and this is stored on your computer. This is like all other websites and we are doing nothing extra.

By using Cookies Xtrium stores information in the user’s browser. If you disagree you may refuse to accept Cookie and exit the website. However, without using Cookie our website may not function properly.  Hence, it is user’s decision whether you want to use Cookie or not.

By continuing to use our website and using cookie, you hereby agree to use of cookies on Xtrium.

European User Consent Policy

By using our website you consent to give the following as per EU user Consent policy:

  • Use of cookie on our website
  • Collection of data, usage statistics for personalized advertisements

We keep all the records of consent given by all visitors to our website. If you require you data to be deleted, you can contact us through the contact us form for immediate deletion of your data.

Privacy Policy Changes

Xtrium may change its Privacy Policy and this may be a little change. Changing the privacy is at the sole discretion of Xtrium. So, we advise our users to visit our Privacy Page to keep themselves updated for any change.

While you continue to use our website with or without any change in Policy Page, we hereby constitute that you accept our Policy and its changes

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