how to return directv equipment

How to Return DIRECTV Equipment Easily

How to return DIRECTV equipment is often the question that DIRECTV users asks when they cancel the service.

The cancellation and return process of the Company is very straightforward, and you can do this at ease.

You can make return DIRECTV equipment by the following process:

  1. Log in to DIRECTV account
  2. Apply for recovery kit from AT&T
  3. Follow the instructions given in the kit
  4. Drop off the device at Post Office or FedEx store near you

In this article we will discuss, how to return DIRECTV equipment in details.  

I am sure that at the end of the article, you will be more confident as to how and where to send back your device or instrument.

So, without further delay, let’s get started!


DIRECTV is one of the AT&T subsidiaries and an American satellite broadcast service provider.

Being one of the largest satellite broadcasts, provides identical services – just like cable TV service.

As a subscriber, you have the DIRECTV subscription along with a satellite installed. Moreover, you are also entitled to get the equipment.

This equipment ranges from receiver to satellite dish to remote.

These are three essentials as these helps in the reception and decoding of satellite signals, which through this transmission converts to an HD video or with more advanced equipment it results in a 4-K resolution.

Doubts While Returning DIRECTV Equipment

The easy cancellation process mentioned for returning DIRECTV equipment is not self-sufficient. The process is easy but gets delayed many a times.

You may not want to wait long for the device to arrive if you want a replacement.

Because nobody wants to miss their favorite shows or any live event. So, when it comes to replacing or returning the device, nobody wants to wait much.

directv return doubts

Moreover, many questions may come to mind while returning. For instance,

  • What devices needs to be returned 
  • How to get Return kit
  • How to send back the device using your nearest FedEx or UPS store.
  • What is the fastest way to send back the device
  • When to get the return shipping label

All these different questions will be addressed in this article, so make sure to bookmark it right away.

Why Return DIRECTV Equipment? 

There may be many reason for you to send back your device back to the Company.

Either the device may have any fault, or you may want to upgrade the service.

However, as per the Company’s terms, there are two main reasons why you may need to send your device back to the company. These reason as given below:

  • Cancellation of Subscription
  • Upgrade of service

Cancellation of Service

This is the major reason for returning the DIRECTV equipment. 

When you cancel you subscription you must send back the instrument. This is in terms to the leasing contract that you made with the company at the time of taking their connection. 

The company own the receivers and when the contract expires you are bound to return the instrument.

The returning of device is also cogent because you sign a contract where you agree to pay their receivers. That piece of instrument or device belongs to AT&T.

In case, if you fail to return the receivers to AT&T, they will charge you for the average cost of the DIRECTV – which cost more than a hundred bucks.

So, this contract is either ceased, once you agree to terminate it or cancel it – so it becomes your responsibility, as per the contract terms, to lease back or return them their receivers.

Upgrade of Service

Sometimes you may need to get the instrument changed when you opt to go for a change in service quality. This happens under the two scenarios.

Scenario 1 – from SD to HD

For instance, if you move from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition), you’ll return the SD receiver and attain the equipment required to decode the HD satellite resolution.

Scenario 2 – from HD to 4K

Similarly, if you moved from HD to 4K resolution, then you will return the HD DirecTV receiver back to the lessor as per the contract.

Steps to Return DIRECTV Equipment

steps to return directv

Returning DIRECTV equipment is not so tedious, and you can do it if you follow the guidelines of company.

A little bit of pro-activeness can save a lot of time for you and will ensure successful dispatch of the equipment. 

To make things helpful for you, let us discuss the steps involved in returning the DIRECTV instrument.

1. Cancel your Service First

The first step is to make sure that you have cancelled your DIRECTV service.

For service cancellation call the customer support and explain that you want to terminate the service.

Once you firmly decide to cancel the subscription, you need to pay a minimum cancellation fee (approximately $15).

The nature of the subscription is naturally contractual; this means you’ll need to pay a subscription for the remaining months.

Make any additional payment before service termination and quote the cancellation confirmation number. You can also raise cancellation request through the company website also.

2. Log in to DIRECTV account

Next log in to your account on the company website. Enter your email and password to get your account details.

Find the option for requesting recovery kit. If you can’t find you can use the chat feature to raise the request.

3. Request for Recovery Kit

Raise a request for a recovery kit. A recovery kit is nothing but a box which will hold your device and some instructions on how to return DIRECTV receiver.

You can also use the chat feature available on the website to raise the request.

The instructions given in the recovery kit are enough and gives you detailed idea on what you should put in this kit, and once done, how to send it back to AT&T via your nearest FedEx or UPS location.

4. Pack the equipment

Now it is your turn to pack the equipment properly. Put it in the original package.

Make sure to put all the other accessories that was given to you along with the equipment. Put some bubble wrap to make sure it reaches safely to company.

5. Attach Return shipping label

When you receive your recovery kit, put the package inside the box. Next step is to put the prepaid return shipping label on the top of the box, that is provided in the recovery kit.

This step is necessary as you want to be sure your package reaches the proper destination.

6. Drop off the device at UPS or FedEx store near you

Now, it is your final step to take the box to your nearest FedEx or Post office.

Keep the tracking receipt with you for any future correspondences.

7. Track Shipment

This process of sending back the device is compulsory to get your money – in terms of cancellation or automatic charge (due to contractual nature).

Receipt must be kept-in-hand; this is evidence to prevent any discrepancy. So, it is always a better idea to track the shipment until it reaches the company.

Second Method of Return (Quickest)

directv fedex return

Chances are there that you may not receive the recovery kit, or the company may ask you to send the equipment by yourself.

In this case you will have to take the device to authorized courier store and ship the instrument.

However, compared to above method, this method is quite convenient and immediate.  This is because you don’t have to wait for the recovery kit to arrive.

For returning DIRECTV equipment by this process, Fed EX or UPS are authorized for this by the company. These courier companies will deliver your receiver or box responsibly to AT&T without any charge.

The steps to follow for sending back the instrument are:

  • Find your nearest FedEx or UPS store.
  • Take the unpacked device to the store.
  • Tell them you want to send the device back.
  • Show them your 9 digit account number.
  • Get the receipt immediately.

So, even if you do not receive the recovery kit do not worry. Follow the steps and keep the receipt. Rest assured, the shipping company will do the necessary steps.

What if I Don’t Return DIRECTV Equipment?

When you agreed to cancel the service of the company, you are bound to send back the leased device.

It is as per the service contract that you made with the company. Non returning of device can lead to fine and additional bill.  

So, if you are using the leased device it is always better to send back the equipment in order to avoid future complications.

However, in some cases the company may want to take the device back.

This may be due to the age of the equipment or any major defect. In that case you can put your device in any local recycle center.  


When you cancel your service with the company, make sure you send back the device immediately. Delay in shipment of device can attract extra bill.

Quick Fact. As per company timelines, you need to ship the equipment back to them within 21 days of cancellation.

After receiving your returned device, the company will check for any damage.

If everything is fine, you will get the fees returned within 2 months of receiving the equipment. So, remember this timeline and action your cancellation request accordingly.


Where to Return DIRECTV Equipment Near me?

return directv equipment near me

When you want to send back the equipment back to company, you can use FedEx or UPS Store near you.

These companies are authorized by DIRECTV to take your equipment and ship back to the company.

You do not have to worry about the packing needs as these company will provide these facilities for you. To return any device near you use the following data:

UPS Store

To find the nearest UPS store, just google it. In case you are unsure check the link given below to find a UPS store near you


FedEx has a special webpage dedicated for AT&T and DirecTV return equipment. Just take the equipment to them and they will take care of the rest. The FedEx DIRECTV return equipment page can be accessed at the link given below:

How to Track DIRECTV Equipment Return

track directv return

As mentioned above it is always a good idea to track the return package sent to the Company.

For tracking the sent shipment, use the tracking receipt that you have received at the time of dispatching the package. Use the courier company website to track the shipment.

In case you have deposited the package to authorized FedEx and UPS Store, you can be assured since the Company gets notified of the progress of the shipment by the FedEx or UPS

To be assure, you can track the shipment on their respective website.

Take out the receipt, open the Courier site and track your box. Another way is to contact the Company support staff to confirm the receipt of the instrument


DIRECTV equipment return is not as difficult as it seems. It is straightforward, and I hope that this step-by-step guide has answered all your inquiries in one place regarding how to return DIRECTV equipment.

If you need additional information, you may call the DIRECTV or AT&T representative to help you out.

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