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How to Reset NOW TV Password in Easy Steps

Wondering how to reset NOW TV Password? There is nothing easier than steps to reset NOW TV password. I know that remembering passwords can sometimes be a real nuisance most and people use the same password for almost every account they have online.

Needless to say, it is a big no-no and it should be avoided as much as possible. In this guide, we will lead you directly through all the steps you need to be on the way of seamless use of your NOW TV.

NOW TV Reset Password

These days, almost everyone has to remember his or her Bank credentials, Card pins, emails passwords and the list goes on. With the requirement of privacy, the need to have passwords is a must.

However, that said, remembering all the passwords is not everyone game. Also, it is not a good idea to keep the same password for all the accounts.

If you are a NOW TV user, you may have faced the issue, where you have forgotten the password. Worry not!

Here we will guide you to get your credentials back within a few minutes.

How to Reset NOW TV Password

how to reset now tv password

The steps you need to take to get back your login credentials include requesting a new reset link from the company. The exact steps are as follows:

Step 1. Visit the Official Website

First, go to the NOW TV website and click on the sign in to your account. Don’t worry even if you don’t have the login credentials.

now tv sign in

Step 2. Select this Option

On the login page, you will see the option I don’t know my password, select it and you will be redirected to a new page.

Step 3. Use the Email Used During Signing Up

Now use the email that you used for signing up on the platform. If you don’t know what that email would be (in case you have more than one email address), then try them all one by one.

resetting now tv password

The one the system recognizes is the correct one. Occasionally for some reason, this step does not work and, in that case, you should press the contact us button.

In that case only Customer Service can help you to proceed with how to reset NOW TV password. Select Get in touch and describe your problem. 

A little tip for you: If you are one of those who keep certain emails, or have recently joined NOW TV, try to find the welcome email, the one you received when you applied for NOW TV service.

Step 4. Choose the “Email Me” Option

Choose the option Email me a link. The activation link is about to arrive at your email.

When it does, just select the link in that email that you have received and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Take note that this link will only be available for a certain period of time, more precisely three hours and it will only be possible to use it one time.

If the link expires, you will have to ask for another one, because the old one is no longer valid.

If you by any chance have activated a security question on your account, you’ll see the option to choose Security question as well and it will be possible to reset your password in that manner instead of going through all the steps.

In the end, that is why the security questions are for, to help you retrieve your account. Probably by now, your NOW TV reset password venture should have been successfully resolved.

Sort your Permissions

After completing the password reset process, the company will ask you whether you would like to change your permission settings.

If you mark the NOW TV box, this means you have given the green light for logging out of NOW TV on all the devices on which you are logged in.

This action is for your account to remain safe and means that it is impossible for somebody to stay logged in to your account using your previous password.

Every subsequent time you want to watch something on NOW TV platform, you’ll be prompt to log in with your new password, on all your devices.

NOW TV Reset Pin

now tv reset pin

There are two types of Pins on your NOW TV. You know have you activated both of them or only one and which one would that be: Parental or Payment Pin.

The parental PIN is the one you use for your youngsters to control what they can and cannot watch. On the other hand, Payment PIN is the one you can use for buying new Passes.

If you have cannot remember either of two Pins; parental or payment PIN, you will need to set new ones, because there is no way to retrieve it.

Only you can control your Pins and nobody else, so customer service will not be in a position to reset them on your behalf.

You will be required to do this by yourself.

  • Simply go to Settings & PINs
  • Tap on Reset your PIN for either, Payment or Parental PIN

You will be prompted to enter your password (if you have changed your password as well, put your new NOW TV reset password) and a new PIN.

You will be asked to enter again your new PIN, just to confirm it and after that Save PIN and there you go, you got yourself a new pin.

If you need NOW TV customer service, just go to their page and ask for additional help.

NOW TV Password Reset not Working 

now tv password reset not working

However, sometimes you may find it hard to reset your password. There can be a few reasons for this error.

Wrong Email Address

Ensure that you have used the correct email for the password reset. If you use email IDs that are not registered with NOW TV, you cannot reset the account.

Clicking on Expired Link

The password reset link sent by the company is valid for 3 hours only. So, if you use the link received on your email after 3 hours it will not work.

Wrong Security Answers

If you have chosen to reset your password using the “security questions” option, ensure that you have input the correct answers to the questions.

Wrong or partial incorrect answers can also lead to error in the reset process.

Any Other Issues

If you are unable to do it even trying all the methods as mentioned above, you can contact the support staff for more help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I haven’t received the reset link on my email?

First, check your spam or junk folders of your email to find the mail containing the link or request a new one again. You can also use the “Security Questions” option to get your login credentials back.

How to Retrieve Password, when I have no access to the old email?

In that case, first log in to your account using your “username” or the “old email” if you have the password. Next, update your personal details and request a new retrieval link.

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