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ITV Hub Password Reset – Step by Step Guide

It shouldn’t be so hard to do an ITV Hub password reset. As you will see in this guide, it is quite straightforward and simple.

The beauty of the modern age is that we have access to almost everything we want, and we have a lot of companies to choose from.

Sometimes that causes a problem because who can remember all the passwords we use and in order to keep us safe, those passwords need to be long with mixed characters.

Great, even harder to remember and almost impossible to keep them all in one place.

Why Perform ITV Hub Password Reset?

  • If forgotten the passcode
  • Want to Limit access to others
  • Avoid misuse
  • Performed device reboot
  • Passcode showing as “error” or “not correct”

No Password, No Problem

As we have already stated, we live in the modern era and we know that there is a solution to almost every issue that might arise.

Maybe that is the reason we do not bother too much with remembering the passwords we use, as we know it is a piece of cake to get another one.

To reset ITV Hub password is not an exemption either.

How to Reset ITV Hub Password?

itv hub password reset steps

Let us learn the steps one by one so that you can complete the resetting process with ease.

Step 1

Go to this address (link opens in new window). It should look something like this.

reset itv hub password

Step 2

Enter the email address you used to sign up. If you have more than one email address, then try to remember which one you used in this case.

reset your itv hub

Or, just start with emails if you are not sure, the system will recognize the correct one and will send you the link to reset ITV hub password.

Step 3

Check your spam folder as well if you have not received an email with an activation link within a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes it goes directly to spam.

Step 4

After receiving an activation link you simply write your new password then confirm a new passcode and you will see the notification that your new one has been saved.

As you can see it is really so plain and simple to reset ITV hub password. Now you can enjoy browsing and exploring the ITV hub again.

reset done

ITV Hub Password Reset Not Working?

Sometimes for some reason, you will not receive an activation email at all, so when that happens, besides customer service, try to turn to social media ITV accounts as well.

Facebook or Twitter can be your resort for reaching out to ITV specialists who will deal with your problem and offer you a solution.

itv twitter

An example from Twitter about a broken activation link.

At times they have glitches and problems with password resets. In that case, all you can do is to be patient.

Correct Email Address

Sometimes when you try to log in to your account, you may receive a message that your password or email is incorrect.

You may think you have used the correct password but still the error?

The culprit in this case is your email address itself. In this case, you can do the following:

  • Check if the email ID is correctly typed
  • Did you use the correct ID?
  • Use the forgot password link to know if that email is valid
  • If you can’t use the forget password link, then you must be using the incorrect email

Forgotten Email ID?

If you think you used another email while signing up, you can try all of your emails one by one.

If anyone is accepted in the “forget password” link, you will receive an email notification on how to change the passcode. You can also try to use your old passcode and see if it works fine.

Check Again

When you are done with the steps mentioned above, go to your ITV again and check if it’s working fine now with the new passcode. Before checking it is always recommended to restart your device first. 

Also, make sure you use the recommended tips that we mentioned while creating the new secure passcode. You can even use a password manager to store the passcode for secure and worry-free storage.

Avoid Obvious Passwords

itv secure passcode

The problem with passwords is that if they are easy to guess, you are not safe at all. The Internet can be a very dangerous place and you should know how to protect yourself.

First start with your email because that is where you get all your sensitive data and if your email is hacked, your finances are at risk.

  • Do not use your date of birth
  • Pet’s names
  • Children’s names
  • Your name
  • Your spouse’s name
  • Place of birth

Basically, everything that can be associated with you it is not safe to use as hackers are smart and persistent people.

What Passwords to Use?

Recommendations from the experts regarding secure passcode are as follows:

  • Use more than three words
  • Use symbols
  • Use numbers
  • Use the combination of lowercase and uppercase letters


We hope after reading this guide you will have no issues regarding ITV Hub password reset.

Always keep your password secure somewhere and use software to store them, just make sure your password for the software is impenetrable as nobody appreciates when they have a stolen identity issue, or sensitive data taken and changed.

Technology has made huge advancements in the last decade. Hence, you can use this to your benefit.

If you find it hard to remember all your passcodes, we recommend using a password-manager to safeguard and remember them.

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