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Easy Way to Get Subtitles on ITV hub

subtitles on itv hub

Subtitles on ITV Hub has become one of its most commendable features over the years. These subtitles are on-screen text that provides you with a transcript of the dialogues between the characters on the program.

If you have trouble hearing, then you might not be able to enjoy watching your favorite shows on television. Turning on subtitles, however, can make a massive difference in your watching experience.

This feature allows almost all people, even those who have difficulty in hearing, to appreciate the world of entertainment.

"Today, we will be focusing on how to get subtitles on ITV Hub, one of the leading on-demand TV services in the United Kingdom.

What Is ITV Hub?

itv hub

ITV Hub, formerly known as ITV Player, is a video-on-demand provider that offers homegrown channels in the United Kingdom. It allows its 29 million registered users to access various movies, documentaries, and programs on their channel.

Before you can access their shows, you must first log in to your account. Setting up your profile is simple and free of charge.

To register, do the following steps below:

  • Install the ITV Hub application on your device.
  • Fill up the required details on their Sign up form and click Submit.
  • Once verified, log in to your account on any of your devices to access their shows.


itv hub subtitles

Not all devices support the subtitles on the ITV Hub application. In reality, ITV Hub currently offers this feature on the most popular shows on its website, mobile apps, Samsung Smart TVs, and TVs with Freeview Play. 

However, the technical support team of the said on-demand TV service is currently working on adding the feature on all available platforms.

How To Get ITV hub Subtitles?

Turning on your ITV Hub subtitles is pretty easy and straightforward. Users, however, should note that not all shows on this program have these on-screen texts. Shows that have available subtitles would have an 'S' symbol located at the top-right side of your video.

subtitles itv hub devices

To turn them on or off, click the 'S' button. However, many users find it difficult to implement them. So, let us learn how you can use this feature on various devices.

How To Get Subtitles On ITV Hub On Different Devices?

Subtitles on the ITV Hub application are currently available on iPad and Smart TVs, specifically Samsung and those with Freeview Play. 

Although ITV Hub subtitles are not readily available on Roku and Amazon FireStick at the moment, users can still get these on-screen texts on these devices. Follow the steps below to get subtitles on your preferred platform.

Steps for Devices



itv hub subtitles on ipad

Subtitles on the ITV Hub application are readily available for iOS users. Below are guided steps to turn on these on-screen texts on your favorite shows.

  • Install the ITV Hub from the App Store and log in to your account.
  • Look for your favorite show and press play.
  • Once the video starts, look for the 'S' button on the top-right side of your device.

Smart TV

itv hub subtitles on smart tv

Getting this feature on your Smart Samsung TV and Freeview Play is hassle-free and more straightforward compared to other TV brands. To turn on these on-screen texts on your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  • Install the ITV Hub from the Google Play Store and log in to your account.
  • Look for your favorite show and press play.
  • Once the video starts, look for the 'S' button on the top-right side of your device.

Freeview Play subscribers, on the other hand, do not need to do step one because Freeview already offers the said TV service.

If you are using other Smart TV brands, you can still get subtitles using your television's built-in captions. To turn these on-screen texts on your television screen, follow the steps below:

  • Press the [MENU] button on your Smart TV remote.
  • Scroll right and select the Subtitle sub-menu to turn on these on-screen captions.
  • Press the [OK] button.
  • Exit the menu and enjoy watching your favorite show.

Amazon FireStick

itv hub subtitles on firestick

Since subtitles are not readily available on the Amazon FireStick, users can turn on these on-screen texts by following the steps below:

  • Plug your FireStick into one of the HDMI ports on your television.
  • Open ITV Hub and play your chosen video on your television screen.
  • Click the [MENU] button on your remote and select the Subtitles and Audio sub-menu.
  • Turn on the subtitles option and press the [MENU] button again to enjoy your favorite show.


itv hub subtitles on roku

Since ITV Hub does not offer subtitles on Roku, users can turn them on by following the steps below:

  • Plug your Roku box into your television.
  • Select the [HOME] button on your Roku remote and scroll up.
  • Select the Settings menu and choose the Caption option.
  • Click on the Captions Mode tab to enable subtitles on your videos. On this menu, you will see the following:
  • Off - Turns them off
  • On - Turns them on
  • Replay - Turns on the feature when you press the [REPLAY] button on your Roku remote.
  • Log in to your ITV Hub account and enjoy watching your favorite shows with subtitles.

Subtitles on ITV Hub Still Not Working?

itv hub subtitles not working

If none of the methods we discussed above show you the ITV Hub Feature, then you might want to download Kodi on your Smart TV, Amazon FireStick, or Roku TV.

Kodi is an open-source application that uses add-ons to access various shows online. To install ITV Hub on Kodi using any of these devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store (Smart TV), Downloader app (FireStick), or Roku Channel Store (Roku) and install Kodi.
  2. Search for a repository source containing ITV Hub and add it to your Kodi app.
  3. Install this repository and download the add-on.
  4. Make an account on OpenSubtitles and launch the Kodi app.
  5. Install the OpenSubtitles add-on on Kodi and press the Configure tab.
  6. Enter the username and password of your OpenSubtitles account.
  7. Click the gear icon on the top-right corner and open the Player Settings.
  8. Select both the Default TV and Default Movie Service tabs.
  9. Press the Get More option and select OpenSubtitles.org.

To make your searches more secure, make sure to download a VPN to protect your online information from possible hackers.

Final Thoughts

Having subtitles on ITV Hub can make your watching experience a truly memorable one. If you are having trouble getting these on-screen texts, follow the methods we discussed.


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