roku connected to wifi but not working

Roku Connected to WiFi But Not Working [Fix Guide]

If you have your Roku connected to WiFi but not working, it means that there is something wrong with it. If you have no idea what to do, this can be a very confusing situation to be in.

If Roku is connected to Wifi but not working, the problem could either be with your Roku device, or your ISP itself. Finding out the root cause of the problem is the first step to solving it and from there, there are several things you can do to end the problem.

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There are several possible causes for your Roku to not connect to the internet, but all of them have a quick fix that you can do yourself.

One of the first things you should understand is that there is a difference between a Roku that cannot connect to your Wi-Fi at all, versus one that is connected to the network but still cannot connect to the internet.

Each situation requires a different approach.

Roku Connected to WiFi but not Working Error Code

roku error code

Usually, any issues your Roku may be having is categorized through an error code. Each error code is specific to a certain problem.

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For example, a Roku Error 001 means that your activation code has been rejected by the Roku servers.

It can be a wrong activation code, an expired one, or any other possible reason.

If your device is not able to connect to your Wi-Fi, that is Error 011 or 014. This is different from the situation wherein you are successfully connected to the router, but the device cannot establish an internet connection.

This specific error is Error 009, and it is what we will be solving in this guide.

How to Fix

Here are some possible fixes whenever you encounter Error 009 on any of your Roku devices.

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Fix #1 – Restart or Update your Roku Devices

restart or update roku

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple restart. There might be bugs from residual files the hinders your device from establishing an internet connection, despite being connected to the Wi-Fi.

Simply reboot your device and check to see if the problem has been fixed.

If a simple restart is not the key, check to see if your Roku firmware is up to date.

Problems with some functionalities may happen especially if your software is already a few versions behind.

If this is the case, you would have no choice but to find an alternative internet connection for now and update your firmware to the latest version.

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Bugs usually get solved after an update.

If you have tried both options and the problem still persists, then you can try more other possible fixes below.

Fix #2 – Perform a Factory Reset

perform factory reset

Roku devices, just like a mobile phone or a computer, also runs on software. If there is one thing that all software has in common, is that it can get buggy for no reason at all.

If you have your Roku stick connected to Wi-Fi but not working, then one reason could be that your software is buggy.

It could come from several reasons–from having residual files from a recent update that works against the system, or to some unexplainable software error.

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If this is the case, a factory reset can clear your device of any error and make it “fresh.” Usually, a reset can be called a “shortcut” to any system error fix.

This is because it brings your device to its original state, with everything at default.

Fix #3 – Make Sure your Roku Devices are on Same Network

roku on same network

If you have multiple Roku devices on your home, and you also have multiple networks your devices connect to, this may be the source of the problem.

Roku devices that are linked together, in order to work seamlessly, need to be all connected to the same network.

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Fix #4 – Check your ISP for a Strong Connection

Sometimes, there is really nothing wrong with your Roku. Sometimes, the problem lies with your internet connection itself.

There are several ways for you to test if the problem is with your internet itself.

First, check if all other devices connected to your network is also not able to connect to the internet. Then, check to see if there is downtime with the servers of your ISP.

If you have the means to do so, you can call up your ISP to verify if there is an existing issue for your area or your specific account.

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strong connection isp

If you see that the problem is with your internet, then you may not have any choice but to wait for the issue to be fixed by your ISP.

Fix #5 – Restart your Router

If simply restarting your Roku does not work, restarting your router might be the key to this problem.

Routers also run on firmware, and it can get buggy sometimes, too. This can happen especially if your router has been up and running continuously for quite a long time already.

Simply do a hard restart for your router. This is different from simply pressing the reset button on your unit.

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To do this, you must unplug your router, wait for at least 5-10 minutes, and then plug it back again.

restarting router roku

This “clears” the router and refreshes its functions entirely. This also gets rid of any errors or bugs that it may be having, as long as it’s not a software-related bug.

Fix #6 – It Might be Time for a Replacement

When you have tried everything to solve your Roku stick connected to Wi-Fi but not working, then there might be some bad news for you.

If you have tried everything but it still did not get fixed, this may be the right time to make a call to a qualified expert or to your retailer.

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Your Roku may need either a repair or a total replacement.

If your device is still new and is still covered by its warranty, then you can have it repaired for free through an accredited service center.

As long as the problem is not caused by negligence or human error, then you can have the confidence that it will be fixed for you completely free of charge.


While it can be very frustrating to have connectivity problems with your devices, such as having your Roku stick connected to WiFi but not working, it is not something to freak out about.

Before making any calls and asking for help from someone over the phone, it would not hurt to try and solve the problem by yourself.

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After all, the problem may only look complicated, but, it’s not.

Still, when all of these suggested fixes did not work, that would be the time when you might need to make a call for a qualified expert to take on the task for you.

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