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Roku Overheating Issue: How to Solve

Roku Overheating Message is warning you on your television screen? If this is what you are searching for, this troubleshooting guide is for you.

The overheating issue can be hazardous for your device, TV, and also to your home. So, you should ensure that the streaming stick is not let to heat up.

Roku Overheating Message

Roku Overheating message can be fixed by unplugging the Roku stick and let it cool down for few minutes. Next re-plug the stick back to your TV. In the long run go for an extender.

Now let us discuss the various reason of Roku stick overheating and how you can fix them step by step.

Roku Streaming

roku streaming

The company has made a name in the streaming industry in a short amount of time. The company provides world-class streaming with the help of them in the house-built Operating System.

Since its start, the company has made considerable strides in the Internet entertainment industry. It is also planning to provide streaming in every country in the near future.

This company has increased many folds in the last few years and has become one of the best “cord cutters” available in the market.

Roku Overheating Reasons

roku overheating reasons

Many a time you may face Roku overheating warning. Roku overheating message has become a common problem these days, and you should avoid making the device hot.

This is because the overheating device may lead to burst and can damage both the device and your television.

Some of the Significant Reasons for Overheating are:

  • Device operated from inside a closed box
  • It is very near to your television
  • Some heating instrument near it
  • Electric point very near to the device

How to Confirm Roku Device Overheating

confirm overheating

Sometimes, it may become quite confusing between normal “heating” and ‘overheating”.

While you use any device, it is bound to heat up a bit. Regular heating is not a problem and should be ignored.

But if the heating issue raises high than the normal one, it is time to take action for it.

So, how will you identify if the device is overheating or not? To confirm this, there are three methods

  • Device Red Light
  • On-Screen Message
  • Manual Touch

1. Device Red Light

When the instrument gets overheated, the inbuilt mechanism will show RED light on some Roku devices.

The continuous RED light is an indication that your instrument has become too hot.

2. On-Screen Message

When your TV stick has become too hot, a warning message will be displayed on your television.

The warning message will read as “ Your device is overheating.” When you see this message, you should take the necessary action to avoid the issue.

3. Manual Touch 

You can touch the stick manually to check if it is overheated. By contacting, you can device if it is regular heating or overheating.

What is Roku Tempcheck

roku tempcheck

Roku Tempcheck is a message shown on your TV screen when the device temperature rises too much.

We all know that every device comes with some pros and cons while using. The Roku stick is no exceptions in this regard.

Roku tempcheck is an important parameter that you should always consider while using it.

If you ignore the tempcheck message, chances are there that your device may not last long.

Not only checking the temperature of stick but you should make sure that the normal temperature is maintained at all times.

So, when you get the Roku Tempcheck message on your screen do not ignore it and continue watching. But take immediate action to reduce the temperature.

roku troubleshooting

Roku Stick Overheating Fix

When the stick gets overheated, and you get an “overheating” message on your TV screen, you should seriously act to put its temperature down.

roku stick

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This is not a technical problem that you may need a technician.  If the temperature of the stick goes up, you can fix it.

The process of fixing overheating message is simple, and you can do it yourself.

Let us discuss in details

1. Unplug the Device

The first step to cool down your overheating Instrument is to unplug it form the power supply.

After unplugging, allow it to cool down for half an hour. We recommend to let it cool for atleast 15 – 20 minutes. 

2. Change Location

Now change the location of the instrument. Find a place where no other heating element is there near to it. Do not place near any other device or power supply.

Keep distance. Also, remember, you should not place the device inside any closed compartment.

3. Replug the Device

Now, when the device is cooled off, again connect it to the power cord and wait for the device to start again.

Now, if you do not see the red light, and your instrument has started, you have fixed the issue.

4. Repeat

If the RED light still shows when you reconnect the device, that meas the issue is not fixed yet.

In this case, you should follow step 1- step 3 again. Check now if the red light is off or not.

5. Use Extender

If you are reading this step, it means that the above methods did not work for you. Do not worry.

If all the steps fail, you can take the help of an extender. With the help of an extender, you can place the device far away from warm places to avoid the warming issue.

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How to Get Free Roku Extender

Sometimes, it may happen that your device is getting the heating issues frequently.

Also, the problem cannot be solved using the above steps. In that case, you can take the help of an Extender.

roku extender

If you use the Roku device, you are limited to a particular space only. In this scenario, the extender helps to change the location of your stick.

Moreover, you can place the stick as per your wish. Most importantly, the best part is that the company itself provides the extender for free to its customers.

To Get your Free Extender Follow the Steps Mentioned below:

To get a free extender from the Company you can follow the undermentioned steps:

  • Go to Roku HDMI Page. Open your web browser and go to this address.
  • Fill Details. A page will open and will ask for few details,fill it.
  • Correct Address. Fill up your name and email address and your address.
  • Enter Serial Number of  Roku Stick. The serial number can be found on the back of the Roku Streaming Stick.
  • Submit the form. Now it is time to submit your form and your Extender will be shipped immediately.

These are the simple steps to get your Extender delivered to your home. Our advice is that even if you are not getting the heating issue, it is better to use it to the extender.

Also, it comes free of charge, so you do not have to worry about spending a few bucks more.

You can Buy compatible model online also. 

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How to Avoid Roku Overheating Issue

avoid overheating

Overheating can cause severe problems and can even create a device blast if you do not identify the issue early. So, please follow the instructions to avoid the issue.

It is best said and in fact true that ‘Prevention is more better than cure”.

avoid roku overheating issue

So, let us know the best tips that you can implement in your daily life if you want to extend Roku device duration and avoid its overheating issue.

Avoid Hot places

Always avoid placing the Streaming stick near any hot device as it may catalyst the heating.

No closed Cabinet

Do not place the stick inside a cabinet or closed compartment. Closed places do not get air flow, so the device may become hot even with a normal use.

Over Devices

Always keep in mind not to place the device on other devices such as routers, receivers etc.

This is because the mentioned device becomes hot early and if you put your Roku stick on them, it is bound to get hot earlier than expected.

Avoid Sunlight

Avoid place which gets direct sunlight. Place your stick on such an area that is not prone to direct sunlight.

Cool off Time

Try to give your Stick a cooling time while you watch TV. Please do not use it continuously for a long duration like a full day. So, try to give your device a resting time in between if you plan to use it for a long period.

Regular Cleaning

Make a habit of cleaning your Roku Steaming stick every week. This will prevent dust from settling on the stick.


Do I Need to Worry About the Heating Issue?

Overheating is normal and can happen to any Roku Stick. You do not need to worry.

Just follow the steps above to cool down the device and use it again. Or else go the free extender provided by the company.

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Do I Need to Purchase the Extender?

No, the company provides the extender free of cost to all of its customers. Fill up the form, and you will get your device.

If you use an extender, you can be sure to reduce or at best eliminate the warming issue of your Streaming stick.

Roku Overheating on Amazon Prime?

Many users face the warming message while watching Amazon Prime. But this does not mean Amazon prime is the reason for the hot stick.  

The reason for warming are as given above and Amazon Prime can not be made the culprit.

What is Roku Overheating Message?

This message is what you see on your television screen when your Streaming stick has become too hot. 

The inbuilt mechanism pops out the message when it feels the limit of hotness has increased beyond the limit.

Further, if your remote is blinking, check out our guide How to fix blinking light on Roku remote for more details.


We hope you have got an idea of the Roku Overheating Issue and how you can fix the issue. Roku Streaming Stick is a high-tech device, and you should maintain it properly to avoid any issue.

We recommend you implement the tips that we shared to avoid the warming issue. Keeping aside this underlying problem, Roku is a giant in the streaming world.

We are sure you can continue enjoying their service without any glitch or interruption.

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