why does my roku keep turning off

Why Does My Roku keep Turning Off

Why does my Roku keep turning off? Roku keeps restarting issues is one of the most frustrating things that any Roku user may experience.

Imagine watching your most awaited TV series on your television screen, only to find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs because of an untimely reboot.

In this guide, we will show you the best techniques to troubleshoot this issue.

Why Does My Roku Keep Turning Off by Itself?

Given its broad range of media content from different entertainment platforms online, it is perfectly understandable to get irritated every time Roku keeps rebooting.

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But the first step to troubleshooting this dilemma is to pinpoint the root cause of your issue.

Since there are tons of reasons why your media player may hinder you from getting the best streaming experience at home, we have summarized the usual causes of your ordeal in this section.

You can check the list below to understand your equipment’s condition better:

1. Outdated Firmware

The number one reason why your streaming player keeps restarting is because of an outdated operating system. Roku refreshes their firmware to give you the best streaming experience.

Its new updates have proven to fix common hardware issues, such as unwanted crashes and reboots.

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However, updating your device to its latest operating software version may also prompt your streaming player to reboot on its own when finished.

There is no need to panic because this is standard in any device and occurs to refresh your firmware and apply any changes and updates.

2. Device No Longer Supported

Similar to our first reason, your streaming player at home may be too old already that it is no longer a supported Roku device.

roku device not supported

Hence, it will not receive automatic firmware updates anymore, increasing the likelihood of unexpected crashes and reboots.

You can check your device’s model by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings and press the System menu.
  • Once the page opens, select About and check your device’s model.
  • Afterwards, look for your software version details.
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If you see your device’s model on the table below, then your streaming player is still up to date.

Aside from this, your software version must also be 7.0 or beyond for it to become supported by Roku.

In such cases, the best way to go about this reason is to replace your media player.

Models Supported By Roku
4660X, 4640X, 4630X, 4620X, 4400X, 4230X, 4210X, 4200X, 3910X, 3900X, 3810X, 3800X, 3710X, 3700X, 3600X, 3500X, 3420X, 3400X, 3100X, 3050X, 3000X, 2720X, 2710X, 2700X, 2500X, 2450X, 2400X.

3. Overheating

It is common for every homeowner like you to leave your Roku streaming players switched on every time you binge-watch your favourite shows.

However, this tiny entertainment service platform may overheat and experience glitches later on.

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4. Poor Network Connection

Since you need the internet to access thousands of online media content, another usual reason for your ordeal is an unstable network connection.

There are tons of causes for this issue, such as your router position and placement, the presence of electrical devices, and service outages from your broadband provider.

5. Application Bugs

There may be instances in which a specific application forces you to restart your streaming player.

This issue happens when channel developers do not update their programs to keep up with Roku’s latest operating software.

As a result, a possible bug or unsupported feature in the said application may be why your device keeps rebooting.

6. Outdated Router or Modem Firmware

Aside from an outdated Roku operating system, an old internet equipment firmware may also be the reason for your issue.

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This cause may be the case if you have had your router or modem for many years already.

How to Troubleshoot Roku Keeps Restarting Issues

roku keeps restarting

Since unexpected reboots to your device is usually a hardware issue, there are a couple of troubleshooting techniques that you can try out before contacting Roku’s customer support team.

Most of these methods are uncomplicated and can fix your issues in no time. So, if you are ready to know the essentials, then follow the steps below if Roku keeps rebooting unexpectedly:

Step 1: Identify Your Issue

Identifying your Roku issue’s root cause is the first step you need to do when encountering problems.

For this method, you only need to observe your device’s rebooting patterns.

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Ask yourself whether your streaming player restarts when you open a specific channel or if it reboots at certain time intervals.

After you have observed your streaming player’s patterns, you would better understand how you can work around your issue.

Step 2: Reboot Device

Since overheating is one of the common reasons your device may not be working at its best condition, another way to go about this is to perform a power cycle or a simple reboot.

Contrary to performing a hard reset, this procedure will only refresh your operating software.

Here is a general guide on how you can do this step:

  • Unplug your power cable from your streaming player and wait for a few minutes.
  • Afterwards, plug your power cord back in and wait until the screen finishes loading.
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Step 3: Secure Cables

Although rebooting your streaming player may resolve your issue, there are instances where performing this may not be enough.

In such cases, you can try examining your power and HDMI cables. Make sure that they have no damages and that you have securely connected them to your device.

Otherwise, you may need to replace them with new ones as soon as possible.

Step 4: Get Better Internet Signal

If replacing and securing your cables do not resolve your issue, then you can try moving your router and modem to a better place.

Make sure to put them in a high position at the centre of your room.

Aside from this, refrain from placing them inside a cabinet or near electrical appliances, such as baby monitors, microwave ovens, and wireless phones.

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It would be best to disconnect other devices that are not using your internet connection to ensure enough bandwidth passing through your streaming player.

Additionally, you can connect your Roku to your router using an Ethernet cable. We also suggest checking your internet speed and your modem’s firmware version.

Step 5: Check Other Applications

After ruling out overheating issues, loose or damaged cables, and a poor internet connection, the next thing you can do is to identify whether your Roku streaming player only reboots when you open a specific channel.

You can launch other programs on your device and check if you encounter the same issue.

If your media player reboots when you open a specific application, we suggest reinstalling it again or updating it to its latest version.

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You can also uninstall programs that you are no longer using to reduce your memory footprint. Aside from this, try to identify whether you have made any changes to your device.

If so, return it to its past settings and check if this resolves your issue.

Step 6: Update Operating Software

roku keeps rebooting

The next thing you can do if the above steps do not resolve your issue is to update your operating software.

You can easily do this method by following these steps:

  • Press Home and select Settings
  • Go to System and then highlight the System Updated option
  • Afterwards, click Check Now

When prompted, allow your device to install new updates. We also suggest enabling the Auto-Update feature to ensure that your software is up to date.

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But if your device is running the latest operating software, move on to the next step.

Step 7: Perform A Hard Reset

Whether your Roku stick keeps restarting or your Roku streaming player, performing a hard reset should be your last resort when you encounter this issue.

But before doing this step, you should understand that a hard reset will delete all your files, applications, and changes to your device.

Below are the following methods to bring your device back to its default factory settings:

Through Your Settings

One option for resetting your Roku streaming player to its factory settings is navigating through your Settings menu.

Here is a general guide for this step:

  • Press Home and click Settings
  • Highlight the System menu and go to Advanced System Settings
  • Choose Factory Reset and then Factory Reset Everything
  • Follow the set of instructions on the screen
  • Wait until your device finishes resetting
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Using the Physical Reset Button

You can also reset your streaming player by pressing and holding down its physical reset button for at least 20 seconds.

You can find this pinhole or button at the bottom or back of your equipment.

Step 8: Contact Roku Support

Although there are tons of ways to troubleshoot your Roku issue, there are instances where none of these methods will work.

If you have tried out all the techniques we discussed and did not observe any changes, you might need to replace your current media player.

You can call Roku’s customer service at 855 766 2988 at any time of the week.

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Wrapping It Up

Roku has gained increasing popularity over the years because of its wide range of media content online.

But despite its excellent and exclusive deals, you may still encounter issues along the way.

Fortunately, there are tons of fixing techniques that you can try out whenever Roku keeps restarting.

We hope this ultimate troubleshooting guide helps you get the best streaming experience at home.

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