my sky internet is not working

My Sky Internet is Not Working : Fix Guide

My Sky Internet is not working? These question pops up from almost every Sky user frequently.

The Company give you access to different opportunities such as internet access, TV cable, as well as other apps which provide certain benefits.

It surely is very useful in facilitating productivity anywhere in your home. Sky’s services are actually the famous service provider in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

However, there are still some service problems that customers experience. In terms of Sky Broadband, these are the most common issues addressed by the company and the community.

  • Slow or no internet connection
  • Unstable WiFi connection
  • Websites blocked by Broadband Shield

Whenever your sky internet is not working, you must have always looked for possible solutions on the internet. But the results may depress you!

To help you with your Sky internet problems, here is a quick guide for you that may answer your questions.

Hopefully, this can provide a better customer experience for you as we help you maximize your Sky internet benefits.

Why is My Sky Broadband Not Working?

sky broadband not working

You may have always wondered why your Sky Broadband is not working.

There could be various reasons why you experience this issue. Unfortunately, it could lead to further problems if you try to fix it incorrectly.

Slow WiFi or No Connection

A slow WiFi or no connection at all is really troublesome especially if you are doing important things such as school work and other work-related activities.

Sometimes we ask, “why is my sky internet not working?” and apparently, these are some of the possible reasons why it happens.

(a) Your internet router is placed somewhere hidden or near wireless devices such as cordless telephone, game consoles, and speakers. Having it placed in such spots can interfere with the WiFi signal.

(b) Having so many devices connected to your Internet router. This can really slow down your WiFi signal especially if someone is streaming or playing video games that requires a lot of data.

Unstable WiFi Connection

There are times I question why is my sky internet not working because of the unstable WiFi connection. However, there are also possible reasons why you experience an unstable WiFi connection.

Telephone line error

Having an error in your telephone line could also affect your WiFi connection. For this, you can contact the service provider for assistance.

Old router or equipment

Old equipment may influence the performance of your internet especially if the specs are no longer updated.

Ineffective setup

For some routers, you can use an extension telephone cable in case you want to put it elsewhere.

However, this can also affect the WiFi signal which can lead to your sky internet not working

Websites Blocked by Broadband Shield

Blocked websites may cause a lot of confusion for users especially if they are not inclined to technology functions.

The Sky Broadband Shield is designed to block internet sites to keep your family safe.

It protects your device from viruses and malware that might cause device infection. It also filters sensitive and explicit content to protect children as well.

“Sky Broadband not Working?” 

This is the common question asked by users when it comes to blocked websites but worry not because this can be easily solved “.

How to Fix if My Sky Internet is Not Working?

sky internet not working

There are actually solutions for the major problems mentioned. You may opt to ask help from the customer service, or you can try to solve it yourself.

Here’s a troubleshooting guide that you can follow in case you experience these challenges.

Fix Slow WiFi or No Connection

slow connection

You can solve this in two ways: (a) undergoing the Sky internet connection test or (b) managing its location and connected devices.

The Sky internet connection test helps in checking where the problem is coming from. If you opt to use this, you can follow these steps.

Sky Internet Connection Test

Step 1: Sign in your Sky iD to start the internet connection test. If you don’t have a Sky iD yet, you can create one.

If ever you forgot the details of your ID, you can also ask help from the online customer service regarding it.

Step 2: After signing in, the service provider will run a test on your Sky internet connection and try to find the lead cause of the problem.

Step 3: Once the test is finished, they will provide you with quick steps on how to fix your internet connection.

Manage the Location

On the other hand, if you opt to recheck and manage the location and connected devices, you may follow these steps.

Step 1: Check the location of your router. Make sure that it’s located in a common place where it is exposed to better Sky internet connectivity. Don’t keep it in a cabinet or a shelf.

Step 2: As you find for a new location, make sure to not put it beside or near wireless devices.

Step 3: Recheck the devices connected to your internet. You may want to disconnect some especially if you are not using it as of the moment.

In case you want to disconnect all devices at once, you can just change the WiFi password and then reconnect it. This will remove unnecessary devices connected to your router and avoid a sky internet not working.

Step 4: After doing all the previous steps, you can restart your router to ‘refresh’ your internet connection.

Fix Unstable WiFi Connection

unstable wifi

To avoid a sky broadband not working, improving your equipment or having an upgrade is essential. You may use a WiFi booster to strengthen your Sky internet connection.

In doing so, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Relocate your router somewhere exposed. Remember to keep it away from wireless devices.

Step 2: Set up your WiFi booster using the WPS button on your hub. If you don’t have a WPS button, you can use your laptop, phone, or tablet that’s connected to the WiFi.

Step 3: Plug the blue end of the power cable into the blue port of your booster. You can find it in the back.

Step 4: Wait until you see a white light in the power button.

Step 5: After the white power button, go to the WiFi settings and connect to the Sky Wireless Boosters.

Step 6: Then proceed to skywirelessbooster.local and log in.

Step 7: Select the wireless tab and choose your WiFi network.

Step 8: A notification will show up that says “Setup Complete” and you are ready to go.

Quick Fact 

For your equipment, you can insure it with Sky Protect which will give you unlimited repairs and replacements as well as accidental damage and breakdowns.

Though you will have to pay some money for it, it will give you exclusive priority for your core equipment in return.

Fix Websites Blocked by Broadband Shield

broadband shield

The Broadband Shield is an automatic feature once you use Sky Broadband. Just log in using your Sky iD in order for you to change its settings.

With this, you can block and unblock websites according to your needs.

For more information on how to use Broadband Shield you can refer this article.


These are the main problems that leds to Sky  Broadband not working.For other network issues or problems, you can always seek guidance from Sky Help.

Just go to their website and you’ll see categories depending on the problem or concern.

If in case your problem doesn’t fall under any category, you can ask help in the Sky Community where users may answer your questions.

You can check their discussions in case you are experiencing the same problem.

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