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Cancel Centurylink Service [Step By Step]

Are you frustrated and want to know how to cancel Centurylink service ? Well, it happens to many users, and one day you may need to bid farewell to ‘Centurylink”!

In this guide, we will discuss how to cancel Centurylink at ease and the other queries that may arise while you plan to terminate it.

Let’s continue.

Company Reputation

CenturyLink is an overall telephone utility supplier and the third biggest media communications supplier in the United States.

The organization gives broadband, voice, and remote administrations to customers and organizations the nation over. Likewise, the organization gives information, voice, and oversaw administrations to business, government, and discount clients in nearby, national and select global markets through its excellent propelled fiber optic system and different server farms.

Few Motivations from Centurylink

The company wouldn’t like to lose clients. So, it has set up different alternatives to help take care of issues that may make clients need to drop their service. These are

1. Excessive Bill

If your CenturyLink bill is excessively costly, the company offers various packages. They will provide you some options like combing two or more of their service. 

They also lock the current price for an extended period, and it varies from customer to customer. Also, they offer various discounts on their plans.

2. Financial Condition 

Are you moving incidentally or end up stuck in a temporary money related tough situation?

The Company offers clients the capacity to briefly suspend their record rather than dropping it. 

You’ll pay a decreased rate to put your connection hold, and most importantly, you won’t need to pay for re-installation.

In this case, you will get the offer to keep your telephone number and email address, and you can keep the modem in your home instead of returning it. 

3. Changing Home

If you are forced to move your home to a new address, Centurylink offers some solution for this as well.

This includes transferring your connection to a new address with additional promotional offers. 

All your earlier account profile will be the same along with the other option to amend the service plan if required.

How to Cancel Centurylink Service? 

So, if you are still reading this, I believe you have made up your mind to terminate the connection as soon as possible.

So, let us discuss the easy steps on how to cancel Centurylink.

Learning these steps will help you to save your precious time, money, and, most importantly, peace of mind when you plan one.

Steps to Cancel Centurylink Service

Canceling an Internet provider can sometimes be a confusing task and time taking as the provider does not want to lose customers quickly.

They want to delay the process and even lure you with some offers to keep its connection. This happens with every Internet provider.

how to cancel centurylink service

To cancel Centurylink service follow these steps one by one and you can do it easily!

STEP 1. Contact Customer Support

Call the Centurylink Cancellation phone numbers as mentioned below. Call at the number between 8 am – 6 pm, Monday through Friday. 

  • 1-877-803-8414
  • 1-800-654-2180

STEP 2. Use Chat Support

If your do not want to make a call, you can also use the chat support to contact the Company to terminate your connection. The chat support is very fast and  this can be accessed at their official website.

STEP 3. Ask them to Cancel your Account

A CenturyLink client assistance agent will help you with the closure procedure. Let them know that you do not want their connection.

The agent will, at that point, approach you for your name, telephone number, and record number to confirm your identity.

Wait on hold while the agent forms your request. In both cases, don’t forget to keep the “request affirmations number” intact for further query.

STEP 4. Note the Confirmation Number

You may need to pay the outstanding bill before the account is closed completely. Note down the “request confirmation number” for your future use in case of any further query.

In case, your service is not cancelled, you can contact the Company and produce them the request affirmation number. You can demand to find the latest status of your request.

STEP 5. Return the Device  Immediately

Now, return your device. This includes the wires and cords also. Also make sure to return the equipment within 30 days from the date of cancellation request.

Otherwise you may need to pay extra penalty.

STEP 6. Call again and Reconfirm

Contact customer support after few days with the “request affirmation number” and ask for latest status.

If required pay the pending bill and close your account. This way you can close your account at ease.

Centurylink Early Termination Fees

Centurylink charges early termination fees. The early termination fees varies from $200 – $ 300.

Quick Fact. The early termination fees of Centurylink varies from $200 – $ 300 .

If your Centurylink agreement of service is form 24-month term your early termination fees will be $ 200. While the ETF amount stands $300 in case of 35-month agreement.

How To Cancel DIRECT TV?

DIRECT TV Cancellation. Since DIRECTV deals with your satellite TV membership, you should reach them the same way as above, only the difference being the customer support number.

Call DIRECT TV at 1-800-531-5000 The procedure for return is almost same as cancelling Centurylink connection.

Follow the same rules and you can cancel DIREC TV at ease.

Cancellation terms of DIRECT TV

  • If you cancel DIRECT TV before the expiry of your agreement, you may need to pay some penalty or additional fees. 
  • DIRECT TV Early Termination Fee: Generally, the early termination fees are $20 per month for each remaining month of your agreement.


So, if your agreement is of 24 months and you cancel within four months.

You will have to pay a 20-month penalty i.e., 20x$20, which equals $400.

Every new cancellation request is processed on working days. So, make sure you call them during their working hours.

If not, they will take your request but will process the next working day only.

How to Avoid Centurylink Early Termination Fees?

Centurylink is very strict when it comes to termination fees. This can be observed from the early termination fees they charge from their users.

However, your termination fees will be waived off by the company under these conditions:

Cancel within 30 Days

You cancel Centurylink within 30 days period from the order date that you don’t want to keep their connection. This applies to their 30 days money-back guarantee.

If you have not used the Service yet

When the Centurylink connection has not been activated yet, and you have not used their service yet.

Special Provisions

Under special provisions by the company, if you upgrade their connection, they may waive the termination fees.

Quick Fact. The early termination fees of Centurylink can be best avoided if you cancel the service within 30 days period.

Can I Cancel Centurylink Service Online?

No, there is no provision to terminate Centurylink services through online or my email.

Do not expect to cancel their connection if you just send an email to them. The only procedure to remove connection is to call their customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Century Link charge a Cancellation Fee?

Yes. Depending upon the agreement period, you may need to pay a penalty of $200 – $300 if you remove their connection.
Check your agreement details to see how much you may need to pay. However, if you cancel within 30 days period, your cancellation fees will be waived off.

Does Cancelling Your Service Stop AutoPay Too?

When you cancel the Centurylink connection, it will be processed immediately, and your final settlement bill is sent to you. 

But in case if you use the autopay feature, you may get a bill for the next few months. This may be due to some recurring fees of DIRECT Tv etc.

Hence, it is better to contact customer support to close your autopay and pay the other pending bill in some other way. This will help you not to get bill shot at the end of every month

What will happened if you using Bundled Plan?

When you are using bundled connection and cancel any one of the services, you will need to pay the rest monthly fees as committed by you.

What will happen to deposits made at the time of taking service?

Whatever deposit you may have made during the start of your connection, the same amount will be adjudged in the final bill sent to you.
If some credit still is left it will be sent to your mailing address in the form of cheque.

When should I return the equipment after service termination?

When you made a cancellation request, it is better to return the equipment provided to you as soon as possible.
As per the terms and conditions of the company, you will be bound to an extra penalty if you return the equipment after 30 days or more.
So, it is a best practice to return the equipment within 30 days from the date of service cancellation request.


This is how to cancel Centurylink at ease. I hope this guide will be handy to you when you are planning to cancel Centurylink connection or DIRECT Tv.

Just follow the steps mentioned above, and we are sure you won’t face any problem while canceling.

Our advice is to return the equipment immediately when you raise the cancellation request.

Also, don’t forget to keep track of your Autopay or remove it if you can.

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