how to return spectrum equipment

How to Return Spectrum Equipment Quickly?

Confused how to return spectrum equipment the correct way? It could be for any reason such as downgrading services you have with Spectrum; because you are looking to disconnect from them; or you just want to return the equipment you’ve been leased.

In case you were not oriented on how you can do so – don’t worry! We will teach you everything about how you can send their equipment back!

Spectrum Equipment Return

Just like how other service providers established their rules, all equipment that Spectrum issued (Spectrum Voice Services, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum TV,) would still be their property.

Disconnecting with Spectrum

For obvious reasons, if you subscribed with Spectrum and you decided to stop their services, you will be required to return their devices.

Downgrading a Plan

If you would downgrade a plan, for example, you think that you are paying too much for internet, you’d have to return the current modem you have.

They will send you a new modem that would be fit to the plan you are looking for.

There are some devices compatible with one or more plans. So, inquire about the plan you will be downgrading to and ask if you need to return the device.

How Long Do I Have to Return Spectrum Equipment?

how long do i have to return spectrum equipment

After the confirmation that a disconnection or a downgrade will take place, you’ll need to return the equipment.

In their Terms and Conditions, it’s clearly stated that customers have fifteen (15) days to send the devices back.

What if I’m Not Able to Return it in 15 Days?

As per the company, failure to send it back within the 15-day timeframe will result in fees.

There will be charges on your last bill, which all will be equal to:

  • Applicable Spectrum Unreturned Equipment Fee (retail cost or replacement charge)
  • Costs and expenses associated with the unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the device/s

If ever you are not sure what that unreturned charge is, don’t fret! We will help you understand it more!

What is Spectrum’s Unreturned Equipment Fee?

This unreturned equipment fee is just one of Spectrum’s equipment fees charged to you.

It is quite self-explanatory; this fee will be charged to a client if they fail to send the device/s or the equipment issued by the company back after the contract.

Furthermore, this fee is going to be given to clients if they don’t want to return the equipment. It’s their way to settle the losses that might’ve been out when they had the device manufactured.

Even if you lost the device, or if it got stolen – you will still be charged this fee.

In summary, whatever the reason is, if you are not able to return whatever device or equipment it is, you will get the charge on your bill.

How Much Would the Spectrum Unreturned Equipment Fee Cost?

This cost, since it’s going to be for replacement, will be decided by Spectrum.

There is no specific information on how much these fees would cost because it’ll be dependent on a few factors.

What Do I Do to Avoid These Fees?

Upon looking at them, they don’t seem much. You can easily say you will be able to pay them because most of the time, the prices for it are cheap.

But what if those fees added up? What if you will be asked to pay multiple times because of the delay of the return of the equipment?

For you to avoid this, make sure that you return the devices accordingly.

Here’s how you can send them back to avoid further Spectrum equipment fees:

Different Ways on How to Return Spectrum Equipment

how to return spectrum equipment methods

There are actually multiple ways to bring or send the company back their equipment. We’ll tackle each of them separately.

1. Spectrum Store Drop-Off

spectrum store drop off

This method of returning devices applies to customers who are near physical stores.

If you reside in one of the more popular areas in the country, you shouldn’t have any problem. There are 650+ Spectrum stores in the country.

They are scattered and you’ll never experience any shortage of where you would go.

To find out where the nearest store is from your location, you can utilize their Spectrum Store Locator. You will be able to find this on their website.

But what if you don’t want to visit the store or there are no stores available near to you? Are there alternative on how to return Spectrum equipment?

2. Returning via FedEx

returning via fedex

FedEx, being one of the most prominent delivery service companies, are scattered all over the country.

Wherever you are, there is probably a FedEx store near you; and you can use it for you to be able to send Spectrum’s equipment back to them.

But there are only a few pieces of equipment you can send back via FedEx, they are:

  • Spectrum Voice Modems
  • WiFi Routers
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Modems and/or Gateway Devices
  • DOCSIS 2.0 WiFi Gateway Devices (Router/Modem Combo)

If you are returning VRs and other types of equipment, it wouldn’t be accepted. The devices listed above are the only ones they will be able to accommodate.  

But, if you are returning one or any of those, you are in for a treat!

Things to Note while Returning via FedEx

Here are a couple of notes to remember before sending the equipment back to the company via FedEx:

1. Attach the return label you have gotten (if you have been given one) to the shipment box.

2. Take out old plastics and other types of covers that might still be on the device.

3. Seal the box properly to avoid damage to the equipment or the device.

4. Keep the receipt and take note of the tracking number; you can report the return to Spectrum, and you can give them the reference number.

The procedure is simple; take the packed device to any FedEx office (NOT A FEDEX DROPBOX). Tell them that you will be returning a device to Spectrum and they will assist you accordingly.

3. Returning via UPS

returning via ups

Akin to FedEx, you can also use UPS’ services to return the equipment leased to you.

All you must do is to bring the device in to any UPS store. In case you’re not aware of where the nearest store is, you can find the nearest one from your location via the UPS Store Locator.

You can find this facility on their website to be able to track and find where the most convenient store is for you.

The best part about returning Spectrum equipment via UPS is that it’s free! You just have to tell people there that you’re a Spectrum client and they’ll handle it for you.

NOTE: Always keep your receipts because you will be able to use them for tracking.

One problem, though, is that business clients wouldn’t be able to return more than ten (10) devices via the UPS. That’s the reason why calling out for help from the UPS is ideal for individuals and consumers only.

4. Returning via U.S. Postal Service

returning via us postal

If you find no UPS and FedEx near your location, you can absolutely return them via the U.S. Postal Service.

There are over 30,000 retail post office services in the country; there wouldn’t be any shortage of it!

Just remember, in using the services of the USPS, it would be best to use the same packaging when you received it. If it’s not in a good condition, make sure it’s properly sealed.

In addition to that, make sure you place and attach the return label on the package.

Just like with UPS, you do not have to worry about how much you will pay because they will handle it for you!

The only main drawback is that it may take longer for Spectrum to receive it, though. You might still see a charge on your last bill if your billing arrives and they haven’t received it yet.

When this happens, simply phone in Spectrum and tell them that you already sent the package.

It would be wise to tell them you have a receipt so when things don’t go your way, you have proof.

5. Equipment Pickup

equipment pickup

Unfortunately, equipment pickup is only eligible for disabled customers and clients.

In this method, a Spectrum technician and representative will visit your home and get the device/s they leased to you.

Should you fall under this category, you simply need to contact Spectrum and tell them about the return.

These are the methods of how you can send Spectrum back their devices! As you may have seen, it’s not difficult!


Now that you know how to return Spectrum equipment you might have gotten while you have had their services, you can easily avoid all the fees and extra charges you will be billed for!

If you ever run across various problems, don’t hesitate to phone in Spectrum’s customer experience team and ask for assistance!

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