how to cancel youtube tv free trial

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

How to cancel YouTube TV free trial – is this what you are looking for? Then you have landed on the right article. Here you learn how to cancel the trial subscription with our foolproof step by step guide.

If you are reading this article, it is obvious that you are subscribed to the trial subscription. But due to some reasons, you are not going to continue it further.

Whatever may be the reason, if you have decided to drop the the test subscription, we are here to help you out.

So, without any much delay, let us quickly start.

Why Youtube TV Trial?

Youtube TV is a subscription-based online streaming service that brings live entertainment to your house.

Due to the huge market share of the Google Company in the online world, this platform has gained tremendous popularity over time. Many consider it among the best cord-cutting option available.

The streaming plan comes with a price tag of USD 50 per month with the facility that the subscription can be used on six devices at a time.

To attract more customers the company is providing free trial to new customers before they commit to their monthly plan.

YouTube TV Trial Period

Normally the tryout period by this Google company lasts for seven days. But the company changes its promotion policy and sometimes offers a trial period up to 14 days also.

Before the trial ends you need to either close or subscribe to their plans. To confirm your trail, you can go to the ‘settings’ menu of your account to find out your actual trial period.

It is a better idea, to remember the tryout period so that you can make a final decision at that time.

If you forget to cancel the subscription, chances are that your card will be charged, and you may get a bill shock.

To avoid this, make an active decision and act on it.

So, if you are confused why should you cancel, we have put together some of the major reasons why users ditch the service.

Why Should You Cancel?

There may be more than one reason why you plan to cancel their subscription. While some try to just test the service, others just enjoy the trail and then terminate it.

The major reasons why users cancel the trail are as follows:

High Price

Many users drop the subscription as they feel that the subscription prices are too high compared to other providers like Hulu, Sling, etc.

Watching Issue

Many users complain about issues while using buffering Issues, crash issues non-friendly user interfaces, etc.

Content Complain

Specific Show or Channel may not be available in this TV service. So, some users may avoid continuing their service.

Found better Alternative

Many users find other streaming providers better than this so they skip the idea of continuing with the service.

Other Reasons

Other reasons include, just to test the service with no plan to extend the subscription in the future.

How to Cancel Free Trail

You can certainly cancel the subscription during free tryout offer. So, if you have made up your mind to drop the trial subscription you can do it.

Now lets us discuss how you terminate the subscription without any problem. The steps of easy cancellation on your desktop or laptop are as follows:

1. Log on to your Account

First and foremost, you need to log in to your Youtube account. From the home screen locate your account “Settings”.

Make sure you log in with the same account with which you subscribed to the trial offer.

2. Membership Settings

Now click on the membership settings that appear on the right-hand side of your account.

When you click the option, it will show all your memberships that you have subscribed to now.

youtube tv membership

3. Find TV Subscription

Under membership options, you will see all your subscriptions. On the top, you will find your TV subscription details.

4. Deactivate

Now as you can see below, there is a ‘Deactivate membership” option as shown below. Click on the deactivate option.

how to deactivate youtube tv

5. Cancel or Pause

When you click on the deactivate option, it will pop out an option either to ‘Cancel” or ‘Pause’ membership.

If you want to pause, you can tap “pause membership” option as shown below.

But here we will need to click on the ‘Cancel Membership” option. Congrats it is done! You have nailed how to cancel YouTube TV free trial.

youtube tv cancel or pause

6. Confirmation

It is a better option to check your mail to find out the mail sent by the company regarding the cancellation.

In this way, you can be assured of cancellation and avoid any bill shock.

Cancellation of Trial on Mobile

The cancellation procedure of the test subscription on mobile is simple and is almost similar to the desktop version that we described above.

To cancel YouTube TV free trial on android do the following:

1. Log on to your App

The first step always involves logging on to your account and in this case, we need to log in to the TV app.

Make sure you log in to the TV app, not the normal application.

2. Go to Account Details

Now go to your account details by tapping on the right corner button on the app. There tap on the “settings’ option.

youtube tv mobile settings

3. Membership

Under the settings, you will see the “membership’ option. Tap on the membership option and you will see all of your current membership in place

tap membership

4. Locate & Deactivate membership

Now locate your TV membership and normally it is placed at the top. Tap on the “deactivate membership’ option.

Here also you will get a pop up to select either “Cancel” or “Pause” membership option. Select the “cancel membership” and that is what you need to do. Your membership will be terminated.

cancel youtube tv membership on android

5. Confirm

The last step as we mentioned above also is to check your mail to confirm the cancellation confirmation.

Cancellation of trail on iPhone

To cancel YouTube TV free trail on iPhone or any apple device, the best method that we will suggest you is to contact apple support. Ask them to drop the trial for you.

However, you can also drop from your apple device too. For this go to “subscriptions” options of your device under “account settings” and drop the subscription.

If you are unable to find it out, you can take the help of apple support for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drop the Trail offer Online?

Yes, and to be precise, the cancellation process is wholly online, and you can do it in a matter of a few minutes.

Just make sure you select the right Gmail account to log in to the account. However, if you get any error while doing it online you can ask the customer support to do it for you.

How can I be sure that the trial subscription is canceled?

When you drop your TV subscription from the company website, you will see that it will show your subscription as canceled.

To make sure, you can check your email to see the confirmation message. You can also contact customer support to confirm the same too.

Can you Cancel Youtube TV during free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription during free trail period. In fact, if you do not intend to continue with the subscription, it is recommended to cancel during the free trail.

This will ensure no extra billing from the streaming company.

For doing the cancellation during the trail period, you can use the methods described above.

Do not wait for the last day for cancellation, act fast and do it at least 2-3 days before trail ends.

What if I do not cancel the Trial Subscription

If you do not drop the test or tryout subscription, chances are that you will get a bill shock at the end of the month.

So, if you do not intend the use the service, it is recommended to terminate it as soon as possible.


YouTube is no doubt created a revolution in the field of online streaming and live TV through their TV streaming service. However, it does not mean that everybody should go for it.

Every individual has his or her own set of preferences when it comes to selecting entertainment needs.

Also, the price point that the company introduced, is why many avoid taking new membership. Many competitors also offer the same service at much-reduced costs.

Considering all these factors, if you plan to drop the TV trail you should go for it. For cancellation, you can refer this step by step guide for any doubts on how to cancel YouTube TV free trial.

Further, if you get any error while canceling the trial offer, do not wait but contact customer support to do it for you.

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