how often should you replace your modem

How often Should you Replace your Modem

Wondering how often should you replace your modem ?

This article on modem change is for you. This article is written in a simple way to give you a better understanding and make your decision.

A Modem is the essential equipment when it comes to activating a new connection.

It is the hardware part that helps you to connect to the world of the Internet and help you to access all the entertainment in your house or office.

Your internet provider provides this device either on lease or purchase. If you do not want to pay the monthly fees, you can purchase your instrument either from the company or any marketplace.

Let us learn  in details why and how often should you replace your modem.

Importance of a High Performing Modem

These days, we all love high speed data. Right from streaming your favorite movie or show to high end gaming what we need is good internet.

A slow internet can cause many hindrances to your viewing and surfing experience. 

Gone are the days when we look for download manager to download a single mp3. Now, we do not bother to download ever a HD movie.

This is because of the reliance on speed of these modern companies.

modem age vs internet speed

A high performing modem is a must if you want to access the Internet at high speed.

A low quality, prefabricated of faulty instrument can cause hindrance in your internet access. 

In short, you will not be able to utilize the full potential of your Internet.

Modem major Issues

Some of the major issues that users face while using a faulty or old modern are

  • Low Internet Speed in uploading or downloading.
  • Frequent internal stoppage and fluctuations.
  • Buffering issues that can lead to bad streaming quality.
  • High ping rate which is considered bad by Gamers.

So to avoid these issues, make sure your equipment is of superior quality and without any fault. This way, you can prevent the loss of valuable time and money.

How long do Modem last

The life of a modem depends on the quality of manufacturing or build quality. Build quality differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, high-end equipment from prominent manufacturers have an age of 2-4 years. You can predict the life of a equipment by its warranty period also. 

Quick Fact.   A good modem have and age of 2-4 years.

However, this does not guarantee that the device will last for that period mentioned in the warranty. If may go unserviceable before that also.

Sometimes you may need to replace your equipment within one year or even few days after installing.

So, the question is – When should you replace a modem?

Modern replacement timelines

We did a detailed analysis of modems returned to internet providers for the last five years. 

During our study, the main observation that emerged out is that most of the time user returns a equipment when they feel that their internet speed has slowed down. 

Though there may be numerous reasons, this seems to be the main reason

So how often should you replace your modem

What if you faced no issues with your device for a more extended period?

We recommend you to upgrade your equipment  every two years. This applies to either an Ethernet or a wireless modem.

This is because with time, your equipment may become obsolete with the incorporation of new technologies.




Every Two Years


Every Two Years


Every Two Years

The two years’ timeline is our assumption, and it is based on our research.

Changing your device every two years can give you the best Internet experience, and you do not need to worry about faults in between.

Also, upgrading your equipment  can help you to stay in trend with the new advancement in technology in this field.

What if the Device is on warranty?

Sometimes you may want to replace your device which is under warranty period.

In this case, it is better if you opt for the product to be replaced by the company itself. Contact the company and ask how you can replace your equipment .

How to Know if you Should Replace your Modem

The above-mentioned modem change timeline applies to all devices after a certain period.

However, apart from these timelines, you may also need to change your equipment  quickly due to some other technical reasons.

Sometimes it may happen that your internet speed has got down and many of your friends suggested you change your equipment immediately.  

But how will you know if the internet problem is due to the device only?


To know if you need a instrument change, we have made a checklist for you to look into. If one of these problems applies to your device, your equipment needs immediate replacement.

modem replacement checklist
  • Speed Input and Output. Check the ratio of input-output your modern is providing. If the input and output data strength are below 80%, your equipment may have issues.
  • Type of Cable. Your equipment  may need change if you opt for a new service provider. Check this with your new provider.
  • The Internet gets Disconnected many times. Sometimes your Internet may connect and disconnect at will. If this happens, first check the cable. Otherwise, if no fault is found in the cable, your device may need change.
  • Low Speed. Check if you are getting low speed to be it downloading or uploading on a regular basis. If this is the case, you can change your device.

If you are facing any of these errors for a longer period, you can consider replacing your device. But do not replace your device immediately.  

We recommend you do a basic troubleshooting to reconfirm the device error.

So, how will you be sure that your device is faulty? To check this, follow our basic easy to do troubleshooting method given below.

How to Make Sure if your Modem has gone bad?

Doing basic troubleshooting can let you know if your modem has gone bad or not. But before you perform the test, make sure your cables are intact.

The basic troubleshooting you can do with your equipment  is as follows:

Unplug your device. The first step is to unplug your device from the power supply.

Cooling Time. Wait for at least 2 minutes after you unplugged.

Reconnect. Then reconnect the power cord and start your device as usual.

Settings. If required, make the necessary settings and connect to the Internet. In most cases, you do not need to make any settings.

Factory Reset. If this method fails do a factory reset. The factory reset button can be found at the back or bottom of mode.

Hit the button, after it restarts you will need to do some basic settings. If you do not know the settings, you can contact your service provider to help you out with the settings.

Troubleshooting did not Worked?

When you done the troubleshooting steps, check your Internet performance again. If the connection has not improved.  

Try your instrument on Neighbors connection. You can connect your device to any other connection of your Neighbor. Check if your device is working or still needs troubleshooting.

However, if you get the same problem again, after doing this basic troubleshooting, it is high time for you to change the device. Your instrument has gone bad.

How to Change Modem

Changing a modem does not involve too much work. The process to replace your device are as follows:

Lease or Hired Modem

If you have leased or hired your equipment  from the Internet provider, you can contact the customer support for a replacement.

You may have to pay some bills as per your terms of the contract that you agreed with the company while making the connection.

Purchased Modem

If you have purchased your instrument either from the company or any marketplace, you are free to make your decision.

Either you can buy from the provider itself or from online, you can do it.

Tips to Consider

We have some tips for you to consider while you make your decision to change the Modem. These are as follows:

  • When changing, go for a compatible device, not by the one you may like. For confirmation, you can contact customer support.
  • Do not wait for your instrument to become unserviceable. Better change it every two years.
  • As far as possible, do not go for a leased equipment. This way, you can avoid future problems with your service provider.
  • Before purchasing a new modem, check reviews online for the said product.
  • Do not go for Refabricated Devices. Spend a little more and go for a brand new one.


We hope you have got an idea why and how often should you replace your modem. Our advice is to do the basic troubleshooting before making the change request.

This will help you to take a confirmed return decision and not based on assumption.

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