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Talktalk Moving Home : The Ultimate Guide

Talktalk moving home is often considered one of the hassle free shifting in this Internet Industry.

Often shifting connection can be hard. But Talktalk gives due importance to help fulfill subscribers’ requirements. When it comes to shifting house, this company ensures hassle-free moving.

You just need to follow the Company guidelines to get the shifting done easily.

In brief, to initiate Talktalk moving house request, you need to

  1. Contact customer support
  2. Ask for a move request
  3. Carry equipment to your new house
  4. Be present on the day of the shifting
  5. Complete the move.

However, if you are unaware of how to move talktalk or don’t have enough time to research all the details, this article is for you.

Here you will learn all the guidelines and instructions on how to initiate your shifting.

Let’s move on.

Talk Talk Moving Home

When you shift your home or buy a new home, you also want your broadband connection to be intact from the first day itself.

You do not want to get bored in your new home, miss your favourite show or match.

Here, comes the talk talk shifting service.

Talktalk Moving

Talk talk moving home service is an initiative to ensure swift movement of connection in case of shifting.

But for that to be fruitful, you need to inform them in advance.

There is a charge for moving the service, but it is worth it for the service that TalkTalk provides.

Before you decide to request talk talk moving home request, make sure you checked these initial points:

Confirm the Moving Date

First, confirm the moving date before calling the support staff. This will enable the company to fix an appointment for technical support required for shifting.


Check if Talktalk is available in your new area or home. If not, you can request to cancel the service and choose another Internet provider.

Delay in Activation

Keep in mind that there can be a delay in some shifting. This happens where the company needs to set up additional wiring to initiate the connection for you. So, make the delay factor in mind and do not for the last day to initiate the move request.

How to Raise Talktalk Moving Home Request

Talktalk has ensured customer satisfaction its priority.

So, do not get confused when you need a shifting of your connection. All you need to do is to raise a move request.

To raise a Talk talk move home request, do the following:

1. Contact Talktalk 

First contact customer support of the company. For this, you can log in to your account and use the chat service. Else, you can contact them on their helpline number.talktalk move login

2. Move Request

When the support staff speaks to you, ask them that you want to move your Talktalk service to a new address.

In case you are using the website, raise the request by clicking the “Start moving home”  button as shown below.

talktalk account page

3. Provide Information

Now, provide your new home address where you want the connection to be shifted.
Also, provide the exact date, when you want the shifting to be done.

4. Note the Reference Number

When your shifting request is approved, note down the request number for any future queries with the company.

Also, remember the “go live’ date given to you.

5. Pack Equipment

Before you go to your new house, ensure that you have packed all the equipment provided by the Internet provider.

The list of items that you need to carry with you are:

  • Router (provided to you)
  • Talktalk TV box (if you have any)
  • Micro filters
  • All Accessories and Cables.

6. Final Shifting

Now on the given day of move or “go-live date”, be available at your house to ensure hassle-free shifting of your connection.
Check the connection before you give a confirmation report.

Talktalk Moving Home Fee & Timelines

While making talk talk moving home request, ensure that you follow the timelines of the company.

Else your move will be delayed, and you cannot complain about that.


To ensure a timely move, you need to inform the provider of your request at least 14 days in advance.

It is better if you inform before 14 days also. Do not wait for the last few days.


The company charges a fee of £60 for completing a move request. So, keep in mind when you get your next bill.

Moreover, Talktalk give technical support in person up to 10 days since the day of move completion. Beyond that date, you will need to pay extra to get any technical help.

How to Know Move Request Status

When you make a request to shift your connection to new home, you will get updates from the company.

The company will send you text message and e-mail you with the latest update related to your move request.

Moreover, you can know the request status by logging in to your Talktalk account.

Under your account details you can find the recent updates related to your shifting.

After Installation Support

After the setup of your Talktalk connection, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet and TV.

But sometimes things can go wrong, and you may face difficulty or errors while using.

If this happens to you, do not worry. To make things easy for you, the company provides enough support to deal with after installation problems.

talktalk support

Online Support

In case of faults while setting up the connection you can contact the support staff from your TalkTalk number. 

Explain to them the exact fault or error that you are facing. 

Talktalk moving home telephone number: 0345 172 0088

Book Engineer Visit

If your problem cannot be solved telephonically, you can ask for an engineer visit to your home.

Make sure you do this within 10 days on installation completion. Otherwise, you may need to pay extra fees for this support.

FAQ (That you may ask)

1. Will my Number be Changed on move?

If you make a connection shifting request within the same telephone exchange area, you can keep your number.

However, if you move to a different exchange area, your number will be changed. To confirm this, you can ask the support staff during your request.

2. Is moving requires a new Contract?

If you have used the Fixed Plan of the company, you do not need to change the contract.

You can continue will the old one. However, if you are on legacy packages, you need to contact support staff for a new contract.

3. Is the Internet not working after move home?

Sometimes your Internet may not work after the move. If this happens do not worry.

Just contact customer support and inform them about the issue. The company will send a service engineer to solve the issue.

4. Can I change the move date?

Did you accidentally or wrongly place a move request with the wrong date?

If this happens, just contact the support staff online or through call immediately and inform the new date. However, if you do this in the last hours, it will depend on the company.

5. My move request is not completed on the given date?

Normally, the company completes the move request withing the timeframe issued to you.

However, there may be a reason beyond the company’s control that lead to delay.

For example, if you move to a new building, they needs to take permission from authorities before the wiring work.

Tips for Smooth Shifting

Living without the Internet can be impossible these days.

Hence, we know you don’t want the same in your new house. For this, quick and timely action can help you shift your connection in time.

To make the move request smoothly and shift your connection to your new home, we have some tips for you.

  • Check serviceability in the new home before making the request.
  • Do not wait for the last few days to initiate the move.
  • Make sure to pack all the equipment and accessories.
  • Be available at the move day.
  • In case of after moving faults, contact the company immediately.


When it comes to shifting home to a new address or new home it is always a tedious task.

Including all the items you also need to shift your Internet connection.

If the move process is not initiated within the prescribed time, you may be deprived of the Internet at your new home.

Talktalk moving home is quite easy if you know the rules. We hope after reading this article you have got enough idea to initiate the shift request. 

So, go ahead and make the request. But remember to follow the timelines and fees in mind. Also do not delay in case you face any problem after the move.

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