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Xfinity Move Service – Guide

Xfinity move service is one of the best service that Xfinity has to offer. If you are looking to shift you service then this article is for you!

Xfinity is a known name in the field of Digital TV and the Internet. They offer various service which includes high-speed Internet, Wireless Internet, TV and streaming, home phone and home security gadgets.

To move Xfinity Service :

  1. Log -in to your Account.
  2. Fill details where you want to move service
  3. Check new plans of the area & Confirm.
  4. Review your Application.
  5. Pay outstanding bill, if any.
  6. After submission of request, return Equipment.

Using the best possible use of technology, Xfinity provides high-end services to its every user. Users can enjoy everything in the comfort of their homes.

Why Move Xfinity Service

But sometimes you may require shifting your home to a new address. In that case, you may find it confusing what to do with your Internet provider as well. In this article, you will learn how to move your Xfinity Service to your new home in some easy steps

Move Xfinity Service to New Address

If you are looking to transfer your Xfinity services to a new address, then you do not have to stress about anything because it can is easy to do it online.

Make sure you follow these few simple steps, and then you are good to go.

So, make sure you stay tuned to this article and read all the essential details related to the Xfinity move service.

Without any further to do, let us get into these steps.

Steps for Xfinity Move Service

1. Sign -In

You will have to sign in to ‘My Account‘. Log in to the official website and then get started with the steps. 

xifinity move service  my account

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My Account

Another way of finding this page is by clicking on the Move or Transfer which is located under the Common Solutions section of My Account.

2. Enter Details

Then you will have to put in the date when you would like to terminate your current service at your recent address.

Then add your authentic details, which will include your reachable phone number along with your new address. Then click on Keep Moving.

3. Plan Change if Required

If you feel you need to make some changes in your plan, then you can do that after you have made your choice. Then continue with the process.

Also some new areas may require compulsory plan change. Check with customer support or on website to find the new plan and approve it.

4. Installation Options

Next, you will see the options for installation. So, based on your equipment and plan you might be asked to choose between professional installation and self-installation.

Then based on your type of installation process, you will have to fill in other details for further process.

5. Settle Any Due Payment

After all, this has been done, you will see a full review of your move information.

Which will include both your addresses, change in your plan, dues in the payment and equipment?

Then at the end of the page, you will find all the terms and conditions accept them and then go ahead.

Click on Submit which will complete the process of your order.

6. Confirmation

Once you have clicked on submit, you will receive a confirmation message then you will get a summary which is essential for your moving process.

7. Bring Equipment

When you have filled details and made the move Xfinity request to your new address you are all done. 

Just carry the equipment or device with you with all its accessories. In your new address, the Xfinity support will guide you to again install the equipment and restore your service.

Moving Outside of the Xfinity Service Area

So, if the new address you have is outside the area of the Company  provide, then you can just cancel out the service. So, for that, you will have to click on Get Started.

Confirm the date

Then you need to confirm the date from where the services need to be stopped and then continue with the process.

Review your Cancellation

Make sure you have reviewed your cancellation information well and then click on Confirm Move. 

Final Bill

After this, you will get a page with details which include how much you need to pay to settle your bill.

Return Equipment

After final bill settlement, it is time to return your equipment. Ask customer support how and when you need to return your equipment.

Specialist Option

Apart from these things, you also have another option of moving where a specialist over the phone will assist you.This service is helpful when your order cannot be reached directly to their official website.You can submit a request to an agent, and he will guide you throughout the entire process. Also, if there is an urgency, everything will be settled for you within a short period.

Benefits of Xfinity Move Service

Well, out there, you will come across so many moving companies, but what makes this one stands out from the rest?

Curious to know? Read the points mentioned below for better details.

1. They offer the best friend’s program

One benefit of using the Xfinity move service that if you refer their Company to your friends and family and they use their move service the company will send you an Amazon gift card.

Also, referring to friends is pretty easy and there is no limit to the number of gift cards you can avail.

The moving coordinator that deals with you will make sure that you get all the details concerning this reward program.

2. Price plus promise

If you do internet research on various other moving companies, then in the reviews, you will come across that hidden fees are an issue that could even go up to a thousand dollars.

But with Xfinity, the scene is different. They pledge with their Price Plus Promise, where they claim to be transparent in all the aspects possible to their customers out there.They also ensure the following things which include:

  • You will get a clear explanation of all the options and costs that are involved in your moving process.
  • Members of the team will make sure that they answer your questions so that you are satisfied and stress-free about the service we offer to you.
  • All the mover, as well as packers who will be dealing with your belongings, will be disclosed to you. So, in case you have any special requests, you can let them know way before they start with the moving process.

3. Get the best price

Moving from one place to another is such a hectic and stressful process. When you opt for Xfinity move serviceyou do not have to go about stressing about moving companies.

This one handles everything for you with ease.

Do not worry. You can trust them with your belongings and that they will offer you the best price, which perfectly suits your budget.

3. Personal Coordinator for your Moving Needs

Every business and household has unique needs and requirements. That is why this company will send a personal coordinator who will deal with you so that your needs can be taken good care of.Also, before the packaging starts, you will be provided with an estimate.

They look at the weight and size of your home or office inventory, deadlines, pick-up, and other special considerations that the company needs to make.

Moreover, you do not have to stress about the coordinator. He will be available at your service throughout the week, including the weekends.

This makes your moving process easy and smooth, assuring you with quality satisfaction for the price you pay!

Final Verdict

In short, if we describe the Xfinity move service, it can be done in a easy five step methods. The steps are very simple and anyone can do it at ease.

xfinity move service steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xfinity charge for Moving?

Yes. The company charge a nominal installation fees when you plan to move Xfinity Service. However, there is no charge for moving the service.
The company will only charge you for the installation part only. If you do the installation of the device, you can skip this fee.

How long does Xfinity take to Moving Service?

To move service, it does not take long.  You can book your move date 30 days in advance. On the date you opted, the company will do the necessary shifting. So, it  does not take so much time in shifting a Xfinity service.

Will my Plan Remain same on Move?

The plan depends on the area. So, before moving, check with customer support, what plans are available in your new address, and asked them to set it for you.

What to do with the Old Equipment?

You should take the old equipment along with you, unless you need new equipment.
On reaching new location, you can contact support staff for installation. They will guide to install the equipment again to restore your service.


Whatever may be the reason, shifting is a very hard work and requires adequate planning.

But if you are using Xfinity, consider yourself lucky. The company has made the process very simple for its users.

All you need to do is inform them about your move decision and they will react quickly.

They will make your shifting process more comfortable. Just contact them, and Xfinity will do the Xfinity move service task at ease.

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