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TalkTalk Cancel Contract – The Ultimate Guide

TalkTalk cancel contract depends on whether you are switching to a new provider, moving to a new address, or for another reason such as weak internet speed.

But whatever it may be, we will walk you through all the essential steps needed when terminating your TalkTalk broadband service.

 We will also guide you with their exit fees and additional charges.

TalkTalk Cooling Off Period

talktalk cooling off period

According to the Office of Communications, otherwise known as Ofcom, every broadband and telecommunications provider here in the UK must provide its customers with a cooling-off period.

Some providers offer you a minimum of 7 days, while the rest may take as long as 30 days.

No matter how long your cooling-off period is, you must use this timeframe to check whether you are satisfied with your broadband provider’s services.

If not, you can contact their technical support team and request to cancel your existing subscription for free.

For TalkTalk users, you are eligible for a 20-day cooling-off period upon purchase of your order.

You must also return your broadband equipment within 21 days, or they will charge you not less than £75.

TalkTalk Cancel Contract Steps

talktalk cancellation steps

Whether you are switching to a new broadband provider or experiencing issues with your internet connection, there are a couple of ways to cancel your existing TalkTalk broadband subscription.

But no matter what your reason is, you must first do these two essential steps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free cancellation procedure:

Step 1 – Check Your Contract

Before cancelling your broadband subscription, you need to check whether your existing contract is up to date.

You can do this by calling TalkTalk’s customer service hotline at 0345 172 0088 or by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your broadband account
  • Choose the My Account page and select the My Package option
  • Look for the Package Overview section
  • Check the end date of your existing subscription

TalkTalk’s broadband packages typically have lengths of 12 or 18 months.

Knowing whether you are still within or out of your contract term is vital because there are additional measures for cancelling your subscription in the middle of your contract period.

Step 2 – Look for A Better Broadband Deal

If you are not completely satisfied with TalkTalk’s services, you can look for better broadband deals from other service providers.

Doing this step before cancelling your existing network subscription allows you to weigh in all the pros and cons of every broadband package.

Cancelling TalkTalk Contract

how to cancel talktalk

After checking your contract and looking for new broadband deals, let us now examine how to cancel TalkTalk contract with these quick and easy methods.

We will also walk you through some reminders for every possible cancellation reason you might have on your mind:

Method 1: Calling TalkTalk

Calling TalkTalk’s technical support team hotline at 0345 172 0046 is the easiest and quickest way to cancel your existing broadband plan.

Just make sure to have your account details ready. This information includes your number, payment card, and some personal data to verify your identity.

It would also be best if you are firm with your decision because they will try to convince you to stay with them by offering new deals.

Method 2: Writing A Letter

Aside from calling their technical support team hotline, you can also write to them at TalkTalk Correspondence Dept PO Box 675 Salford M5 0NL regarding your request.

Ensure that your cancellation letter is brief and concise and include your full name, number, and signature.

We also recommend putting an alternative address and contact number if possible.

Aside from these details, you must also put your account number, the 3rd and 6th characters of your password, and the last four digits of your payment card.

Quick Note

These two ways are the primary cancellation methods you can do if you choose to terminate your TalkTalk broadband plan.

But there are some reminders that you must remember for every possible cancellation reason you may have in mind. 

Below are the typical reasons why customers choose to cancel their existing contracts.

If You Are Switching to A New Broadband Provider

switch providers

The easiest way for TalkTalk cancel contract is by switching to a new Openreach network whose ISP is delivered over BT’s standard landline.

Examples of such providers include EE, BT, and Sky.

Cancellation procedures become more manageable in this method because they will inform and handle everything with TalkTalk once you choose and sign up for one of their existing broadband deals.

However, if you are thinking of switching to Three Broadband, Virgin Media, or full-fibre broadband service, you would need to terminate your contract on your own by calling their technical support team or writing to their office.

Once you have contacted your new broadband provider, the switch usually takes up to 14 days to finish.

Aside from this, you can also choose to transfer your current number by informing your new network provider of your request upon signing up.

If You Are Moving Home

talktalk move house

When moving to a new address, there is a massive chance that your internet speed would not be the same.

If this is the case, we recommend cancelling your contract and switching to a new broadband provider.

You can cancel by calling their technical support team or writing to their office.

However, if your network package is available at your new address, you can choose to book an appointment with TalkTalk’s home move service.

Their moving team will assist you and transfer all your existing services to your future home.

But make sure to inform them at least 14 days before your move.

When Service Does Not Meet Existing Plan’s Expectations

There are instances in which your existing broadband plan does not meet its expected services.

During these cases, customers can terminate their contracts without any penalties or charges.

Since TalkTalk is part of Ofcom’s broadband speed code of practice, you have the right to cancel your network package if your issues are no longer repairable by their technical support team.

Aside from this, TalkTalk also has a Great Connection Guarantee for its Fibre connection customers.

This protocol states that you are free to terminate your existing plan within 30 days of your initial use.

If You Are Out of Contract

Another easy yet time-consuming way of terminating your TalkTalk network contract is by waiting until your plan’s end date.

If you choose to finish your package’s term, then you will be eligible for a free termination procedure without any additional catch.

You only need to call their technical support team or write to their office.

If You Are Still in Contract

If you are still in the middle of your contract, you can also do the same methods as stated above.

However, you would need to pay an early exit fee depending on your plan and your contract’s remaining months.

This protocol also applies if you are moving to a new address mid-contract.

You can see TalkTalk’s standard rates on their available deals on the table below:


Charge Per Month

Fast Broadband




Ultra Fibre Optic


Faster Fibre


Let us say you have a remaining of 5 months on your Fibre broadband plan; then you must pay an exit fee of at least £51 to cancel your existing contract.

However, this cost may vary as TalkTalk’s rates may change over time.

Hence, we suggest checking with their customer service if you plan to terminate your existing package in the middle of your contract.

What to Do After Cancelling TalkTalk Contract

after talktalk cancellation

Once you have contacted and provided your account details to TalkTalk’s technical support team, they will begin your cancellation process.

This procedure may take a few days but once cancelled, you will no longer have access to their TV service, as well as YouView TV.

You will also lose several exclusive offers to their mobile plans.

Additionally, you would need to return your broadband and TV equipment to their office within 21 days.

Otherwise, they will charge you a fee not less than £50.

For Ultra Fibre Optic customers, you only need to unplug your devices and leave them as is.

You also do not need to remove the HomePort on your equipment to make reconnection easier for new tenants in the future.

Hassle-Free Contract Termination with TalkTalk

TalkTalk offers us excellent and affordable internet services and deals.

However, there may be several cases where you would prefer to terminate your existing plan with them.

Whether you are switching to a better and more affordable deal, moving to a new address, or simply unsatisfied with their services, you can try out the TalkTalk cancel contract methods we discussed above for a hassle- and stress-free cancellation.

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