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How to Turn Vodafone Voicemail Off in Easy Steps

Looking for Vodafone Voicemail Off fool proof procedure? Hate receiving voice messages. Hate sending messages. This is the guide you need.

Yes, though voicemail service can be helpful sometimes it can cause disturbances.

Luckily, the Company has come up with an option to turn off the feature in case you do not want to use this service and give it a break.

Also, the frequent charges increase may force you to keep this feature out of your phone

Let us now learn how turn off voicemail vodafone in easy steps.

By following these steps, you can easily stop this voicemail service from this UK leading telecom company

Why Turn Vodafone Voicemail Off?

vodafone turn off voicemail

Nowadays, the voice mail feature is what every operator offers to their subscribers apart from other discounts.

This service lets you record your message to send to someone or store your message received to access them remotely.

This is normally free but Vodafone charges you if you are a Pay as you go customer.

Quick Note

That being said, this feature is horrible in most cases. With the advance of modern technology of Instant messaging and all, why would one leave a voice message?

Moreover, you are not sure that the person you are sending is connected to you in real-time or not.

There are many reasons which account to rarely use of this feature. Though for many it is helpful, for a vast category of people this is not so useful.

The major reason for turning off Voicemail from the UK Company are as follows:

  • Unwanted disturbances
  • Much complicated system
  • Can be costly at times
  • It is Impersonal
  • Development in modern mobile apps.

How to Turn Off Vodafone Voicemail

how to turn off vodafone voicemail

It is said that texting is faster than sending a voice mail. This is due to all the processes involved in calling and recording the message.

So, if you have decided not to use this service on your phone at all, you have every right to discontinue this service.

However, the process is not as easy as a click of a mouse.

Method – I

step 1

If you are getting this service as a freebie, you can expect to get it deactivated immediately at your request. Also, in some mobiles, you can go to:

Settings > Phone & turn off the Voicemail

But if its paid, you need to make sure, you followed the exact procedure to deactivate the feature.

Method – II

To turn off Vodafone voicemail off, follow these steps if the first method did not worked for you:

step 2

1.  Call 1210 from your Vodafone Mobile (tollfree)

2.  Or Call 121 and wait for the call to connect

3. Now choose option 4, then 4 and followed by option 3

4. Done! You have sent deactivation request

Remember, when you deactivate your voice mail, it does not mean that your mailbox will be deleted.

For this, you need to contact Vodafone and request to reset your mailbox.

Recheck Deactivation

After you have deactivated the service from your device, it will be a good idea to ensure it is properly turned off.

Take another phone or ask any of your friends to call you. Next do not receive the phone to test the deactivation.

Now, ask your friend if the call prompted to leave a message. If this is what your friend confirms, then the deactivation was not successfully set. 

You need to contact the support staff and tell them that the service is still running on your phone.

Wait for a few days, and again test it to reconfirm.

What if You Need to Reactivate Again?


Voice mail services can be useful many times. For a businessman, this feature can help a lot.

Turning it off can lead to loss of important communications and messages.

Hence, make an informed decision before you decide to deactivate the service.

If you deactivated it by mistake you can again reactivate it. The reactivation process is quite simple.

  • Call 1211 from your Mobile
  • Wait for the call to Connect
  • Follow the instructions and reactivate

Vodafone Voicemail off iPhone

The process to turn off voice mail services from the UK provider from your iPhone is the same as mentioned above.

Just make sure you follow the steps.

Need More Help?

If you are stuck while turning off or reactivating the voice mail feature, you can always reach out to Vodafone support staff.

Explain to them the issue you are facing exactly. But do not forget to note the complaint reference for further use.


We hope you got enough information on how to turn off Vodafone voicemail. The process is easy but may be time-consuming.

Also, it is a good option to verify if the deactivation is done or not to avoid further billings.

Also, if required you can activate the service once again without any worry or monetary loss.

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