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How to Turn Off O2 Voicemail in Easy Steps [ Working Methods]

Want to turn off O2 voicemail in quickly?

There can be several reasons why you would want to disable the voicemail feature on your phone. 

Whether you are avoiding additional charges from your network provider or avoiding people trying to contact you, there are many ways to go about it depending on your cellular provider and phone.

Luckily, O2 provides us with a quick and easy approach to manually disable your voicemail feature, which we will discuss in this article.

We will also discuss simple alternative techniques in case the first trick does not work.

All About O2 Voicemail Feature

o2 voicemail

Voicemail 901 is O2’s advanced answer-phone function that takes care of our incoming calls and texts.

It has a personalised greeting feature, which answers our missed calls, and a notification system that lets us know whether we have new messages.

This service involves calling 901 several times so Pay Monthly customers get to access all its features for free, while Pay As You Go users need to pay the standard tariff rate for every call.

Aside from this, the same rates apply when receiving and listening to messages abroad.

How to Set Up O2 Voicemail

how to setup o2 voicemail

This feature is readily available on all of O2’s new mobile phones.

But there are instances in which you would need to set it up on your smartphone manually. 

Luckily, you can do it on your own in less than a minute by calling 1750.

After a few minutes, you will experience a message saying that your voicemail service is up and ready to go. 

You can also try contacting your number using another phone to check whether you have successfully set it up.

Aside from turning on your O2 answer-phone service, you can also place a security PIN for added safety. You can do this by calling 901 for free.

You can even personalize your greetings and messages as follows:

  • Dial 901 and press * on your phone.
  • Choose the third option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete this step.

How to Turn off O2 Voicemail

how to turn off o2 voicemail

Since this service is readily available on all O2 mobile phones, knowing how to turn it off is essential, mostly if you are avoiding spam calls and messages.

Aside from O2’s quick and easy dial method, there are several alternative ways to go about it, depending on your phone model.

O2 Turn Off Voicemail: Quickest Method

The easiest and quickest O2 turn off voicemail feature method is calling 1760 on your mobile phone for free.

Once you have dialed this number, people trying to reach you will no longer be able to leave messages to you when you are away.

But to ensure that you have successfully disabled this service, we suggest calling your number using your friend’s phone.

Don’t worry because you can always reactivate this feature by calling 1750.

Alternative Method: Manually Disabling the Feature

Although calling 1760 is the easiest and quickest trick to turning off your O2 voicemail, there are instances in which this technique does not work.

Whether it is due to service outages from O2’s end, or software damage on your phone, let us look into the alternative methods on how to turn off O2 voicemail without calling 1760:

For iPhone Users

turn off o2 voicemail iphone

Android and iPhone smartphones have the function to deactivate this service through their settings menu.

If you are an Apple user, here is how you can do this:

  • Click on the Phone icon under your home screen. Make sure you are in the keypad section.
  • Enter #404 and press the green call button to turn off this service.
  • Check whether you have successfully disabled the feature on your smartphone.
  • You can do this step by calling your number using a different phone.
  • If your number prompts you to leave a message, try doing steps 1and 2 again.

For Android Users

turn off o2 voicemail android

Android users may have a different way of deactivating this service from iOS customers.

Here is how you can disable this feature on an Android smartphone:

  • Click on the Phone icon under your home screen.
  • Press Menu and then go to Settings.
  • Click on the Voicemail option and tap on Visual Voicemail.
  • Check whether you have successfully deactivated this feature.
  • If not, try doing steps 1 to 3 again.

If the method above does not work, you can still disable this service by following these steps:

  • Tap the Settings icon found on your home screen.
  • Select the Device option, and then press Apps.
  • Click on the Phone option and choose More Settings.
  • On this page, make sure to disable Forward When Unanswered, When Busy, and When Unreached.
  • Check whether you have successfully deactivated this feature. If not, try doing steps 1 to 4 again.

Switching to O2 Call Alert

Aside from calling 1760, you can also disable your current Voicemail 901 service if you switch to O2 Call Alert.

You can do this method by calling 1710 on your smartphone for free.

Compared to O2’s Voicemail 901 feature, this Call Alert service lets you know whether you have missed a call by sending you a message containing the caller’s number.

You can check out this link for more information regarding this feature.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Messages

O2 is among the top cellular providers here in the UK, and like any other company, it puts its customers’ peace of mind on top of their priorities.

Because of this, its Voicemail 901 service lets its customers know whether they have a missed call from their loved ones.

Although this feature is readily set up on their mobile phones, disabling it is as easy as pie.

Calling 1760 may be the easiest way to go about this ordeal, but there are other alternatives to turn off O2 voicemail that you can do on your own.

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