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Vodafone Student Discount : All You Need to Know

Vodafone Student Discount is a great initiative by the UK company. For students in this era of Internet and Wi-Fi, getting a good internet connection can be a great boon for success.

For making things easy, Vodafone has rolled out its student’s discounts offer to help university students in studies. This is indeed a piece of good news for students who require a constant high-quality Internet connection to manage study load.

So, if you are interested to know what this discount is and how you can apply, you cannot miss the information provided here.

So, without any delay let us start!

Do Vodafone Offer Student Discount now? 

Yes! You have heard it correct. The company is still running this offer for eligible students. Under this offer, you can get a 10% direct discount on the selected plans of the company.

The following plans are eligible under this offer:

  • Pay monthly Tablets
  • SIM-only plans
  • Smartphone Plans

If you are unsure with the plan, we recommend contacting support staff before making the purchase. Buying any other plan will devoid you of extra discounted rates.



Since this discount is only for University students, there are various eligibility criteria associated with the offer. The eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill are as follows:

1. You must be a student of the Approved Universities.

2. Have a valid Student Number.

3. Should possess .co.uk email address.

4. The name should match with University records

5. After taking the plan, you should fill up an online form.

Quick Fact

As per company rules you should fill up the online form for a discount within 60 days of taking the connection. Also, before applying make sure your University falls in the list of the approved list given below.

Discounts Available 

discounts available

When you fulfill the above-mentioned eligibility, you can avail the student benefits. The discounts available under Vodafone Student Discount offer are:

Handset Offer

Under this offer, you can get a discount of 10% on pay monthly plans. This is for 12,18 and 24-month phone plans.

iPad and Tablet Offer

In this offer, you can get a discount of 10% on the monthly tablet and iPad plans.

Quick Fact

You can enjoy the discounts until you change or upgrade the plan. If you do change or upgrade, you should notify the Company immediately for availing the discount again.

How to Claim Vodafone Student Discount 

claim vodafone student discount

The claim process is very straight forward. If you have purchased any plan or going to purchase one, the next part of the article is for you. So, let us learn how to claim the discount from Vodafone.


1. Check Edibility

As mentioned above, check if you are eligible for the offer or not. Find out if your University is in the approved list or not. Then proceed to buy the plan that you need.

2. Purchase Plan

Choose the plan that suits your requirement. However, keep in mind the plans which are only eligible for the offer or else you will not get the discount. Refer the list of plans mentioned above.

3. Apply for Discount

Next, you need to fill up an “online form” to apply for the discounted rate. Remember to do this within 60 days after the plan purchase date.

4. Enjoy the discount

After you have filled up the form, you will get a confirmation from Vodafone regarding the approval. If you do not get any notification, contact support staff after a few days.

Vodafone Student Discount Form 

vodafone student discount form

This form is nothing but a normal form that you need to fill on the Vodafone website. Filling up this form is mandatory for availing the discounted rate.

The steps to fill-up the form are as follows:

1. Go to this page first. You can find the online form now.

2. First, fill up your name and student ID number. But remember the first and last name should match with the ID card.

3. Then select your university from the drop-down list.

4. Next, fill up your email address (.co.uk). Do not enter your normal Gmail, yahoo email address as these are likely to get rejected.

5. Enter the Phone Number to get the offer.

6. Next, fill up from where you purchased the plan along with the date.

7. Accept the terms and conditions and hit the apply button. That’s it!

What’ Next?

After you have filled up the online form, check your email for confirmation. If you do not get any confirmation, contact support staff and ask the status of your application.

Remember you need to track till it is confirmed if you are serious to avail the extra discount.

Important Terms

important terms

There are certainly other important terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind while you apply for this offer. For easy reference, the list is given below:

Clubbing of Offer

The offer cannot be clubbed with another one. So, make sure you have not availed any other offer.

Purchase Options

Valid only on plans that are purchased from an online shop, customer care or retail shops.


The offer is applied to the rental fee only. Any additional charges like roaming fees, recurring fees other than rental are not covered in the offer.

Credit Check

A credit check is also associated with these discounted plans. So, being a student does not bypass the Company Credit rules.

Upgrade or Change

If you upgrade or change any plan, you need to apply again. It is your responsibility, failing which you will be denied of any further discounted price.


Vodafone Student discount is gaining popularity among students. Hence, we recommend our users to avail the offer if you fulfil the eligibility. Vodafone is a foremost company in the world of Internet and Mobile.

And with these additional offers, the company has acquired new loyal customers in the form of students. This is a win-win situation for both student and the Company.

We hope after reading this article, you have gathered enough information and you can avail the great offer from Vodafone!

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