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Vodafone Keep My Number : A Fool-Proof Formula

Vodafone keep my number is becoming a trend these days. Changing your number is sometimes quite exasperating.

Doing so leaves you with tasks of fixing your contacts to make sure you do not miss anything out or lose touch with anyone, whether it’s personal or business-related. Apart from that, you also must memorize a new set of numbers. It can be vexing!

Luckily, Vodafone lets you avoid such an inconvenience.

With their Vodafone UK Keep My Number, you can take your number anywhere with you. You do not have to weather setting up a new one. You just need to do a few tweaks and you can enjoy your old service as if nothing changed.

If you are planning to leave Vodafone, join from another network in United Kingdom, or do an upgrade, then this article is for you.

Here is an elaborate guide on how to explore the Keep My Number Vodafone feature:

vodafone keep my number conditions

How to Keep My Number Vodafone

Vodafone keep my number is great feature that you may need to utilise. There are three conditions when you need to use this Vodafone keep my number feature:

  • Leaving Vodafone to another network
  • Keep your old number while joining Vodafone
  • Keep number when upgrading

Let us learn all the three conditions step by step.

vodafone keep my number leaving for another network

1. When Leaving for Another Network

When you decide to cancel your Vodafone subscription and join another network for whatever reason, you would want to transfer your existing phone number.

Now, how can you do that? It is simple. You just need a PAC Code.

How to Get PAC Code from Vodafone

Vodafone PAC Code is a nine digit code required for any operator change. Getting a Porting Authorization Code (PAC) would solve your keep my number problem. There are four ways on how to do it. Choose what works for you best.

1. Through the Portal

The first method involves getting a PAC Code from Vodafone using their official portal. Let us learn how to do it.

  • To get the PAC, you would have to log in to your account on the My Vodafone website.
  • Once you are in the system, look for and go to the Account Settings tab.
  • Under the Account settings, click Mobile Switching.
  • When you are done with the steps, wait for your PAC.
  • As soon as you get your code, send it to your new provider to make the switching process happen.

2. Online

Using a web chat on the official website can help you receive the PAC Code from the Company.

  • Open and use webchat to ask the company for assistance.
  • Once you have raised your concern to the Customer Support online, wait for your PAC.
  • Send the code to your new provider to allow the switch.

3. Through A Phone Call

Yes, you heard it right! You can contact the support staff and ask for the code. The process is quite simple.

  • Of course, you can also get your PAC by calling the company for assistance. Contact them at 191 if you are using a Vodafone handset. Otherwise, call them on 03333 040 191.
  • When you reach customer support, waiting is the only thing left to do.
  • Once you get your PAC, send it to your new customer provider to start the switching process.

4. Through A Text Message (SMS)

This method is often considered to be the easiest and hassle-free. Just SMS the desired word to the company and get the code.

You would need a PIN before you can get your PAC when you choose to do this option. If you have already set up your PIN before, skip this step. Otherwise, go to Account Settings. After that, choose Login Details and then input your PIN.

Send your PIN to 65075 with the format: PAC PIN (ex. PAC 1548). Make sure you allow a space between PAC and PIN.

After you sent it, expect to receive your PAC. Send the code to your new network provider once you receive the code.

However, this option only works when you only have one Vodafone number. Otherwise, choose the three other options given above.

Charges of Receiving a PAC Code?

Receiving a PAC is your legal entitlement. It should be given with no charge. If you choose to get it either through the portal or via text message, you should receive it a minute after your request.

On the other hand, calling whether through phone or online might take you a little longer because negotiation is likely to happen.

The company would certainly persuade you to stay. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity to bargain for your deal.

vodafone keep my number joining

2. Joining from Another Network

The Keep My Number Vodafone feature works almost the same as leaving the network when you are joining the company from another provider.

However, it is only the reverse. PAC is still the key to switching but instead of getting it from the company, you should get it from your old network provider.

  1. Ordering your new phone or SIM card directly from the website is what you should do after you receive your PAC. Choose the Vodafone offer that fits your needs best.
steps keep number vodafone
  • Pay Monthly Phones is an installment plan.
  • SIM Only is a cheaper deal than Pay Monthly Phones. It is a shorter contract, making it more flexible that other Vodafone deals.
  • Pay As You Go SIM is a plan suited for customers who do not want to commit. It does not require credit checks. You may come and go as you wish.
  • An iPhone bought from Vodafone comes with unlimited data plans, two-year warranty, and customer care.
  • Samsung Galaxy is best bought in the company since it offers unlimited 5G data and an upgrade after 12 months of use.
  • Vodafone Business is recognized as an excellent network for roaming and comes with unlimited data.
steps keep my number

2. When you receive either your new phone or sim card, check for any flaws. Once you are satisfied with its performance, prepare for the transfer. Otherwise, fix issues before giving a go signal for switching.

3. Submit the PAC on an online form or give it to the company via phone call. Contact them at 191 using a Vodafone handset. Otherwise, call 03333 040 191.

Quick Fact

PAC is only good for 30 days. You can use it anytime within the time frame but in such a case that you failed to use it before its expiry date, you should request for a new one.

During the Transfer


The duration of the switching process depends on the time you submitted the online form.

Sending it before 5:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays is more ideal than sending it after 5:00 PM over the weekend.

The former allows the move to happen the next working day, while the latter promotes the transfer within two working days.

You should also remember that the company does not consider bank holidays as working days so transfer might run a little longer if you choose to send it over the weekend.

During the Transfer

During the transfer, you should expect network interruption. You might lose service, and it is completely normal.

What you can do to address this problem is to occasionally turn your phone on and off until you see the Vodafone mobile signal.

It indicates transfer completion. You can already use the network during this time.

vodafone keep my number while upgrading

3.When Doing an Upgrade

The Vodafone UK Keep My Number settings are less complicated than the previous two when you are only upgrading your phone or plan. You do not need a PAC to make the switching process possible.

You just have to visit the website and adjust everything from there. Before changing anything, make sure you have decided already what plan you would shift to.

If you plan to change deals, here are your other choices:

  • Pay Monthly Phones
  • SIM Only
  • Pay As You Go SIM
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Vodafone Business

To avoid any confusion when doing an upgrade, you may call the Customer Support for assistance. Contact them at 191 using a Vodafone handset. If you are using another phone, dial 03333 040 191 instead.


What is the validity of a PAC Code?

The validity of a PAC code generated by any method is 30 days. After this timeline it will become invalid and you need to generate it again.

How long does it take for Vodafone keep my number?

The switching time depends on what time and day you have raised the request.

If it is a holiday, the request will be considered on the next working day. But normally it happens within 48 hours.

Do I need to back up my old contacts?

Yes you need to backup your old contacts before you raise a request. You can either copy it to memory card or copy them to your phone memory.


The radical change in communication systems has greatly revolutionized people’s way of living. Digital devices such as mobile phones continue to be more pertinent since they are highly convenient and handy.

However, nuisances still exist even in what seems to be hassle-free media. You would, at some point, need to change your number.

Keeping your number might look rather inconvenient but it is technically less stressful than having to change it. More or less, you would be asked to undergo similar steps while also fixing your address book or contacts.

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