Vodafone Keep My Number : Detailed Guide

vodafone keep my number

As we shift into a technologically-collaborative society today, our mobile phone is something we all highly depend on.

One of the biggest struggles about mobile phones is changing your number and having to memorize a new one all over again.

With the Company, you can avoid all of this trouble in just a few easy steps!

Vodafone Keep My Number

vodafone keep number

With Vodafone Keep My Number, you don't have to go through the hassle of getting a new number even when you want to change your network provider.

The Vodafone Co UK Keep My Number feature allows users to keep their original number just by using a PAC code.

PAC or Porting Authorization Codes take less than a day to transfer your network to another network. It doesn't cost you anything, so there’s no need to worry about it.

It is usually used to avoid missing out on a call or a message which was delivered under your original number.

Using this Company service, there are various ways for you to retain your number.

You can choose whether you are planning to leave Vodafone and transfer to the network form a different network.

Or be it upgrading your existing Voda sim into a better plan or promo you can use Vodafone Keep Number service.

How to Keep Number 


Online - Company Official WEBSITE 

vodafone website

You can transfer from a different network to Vodafone through an online process. This allows users to get a better customer experience because it's easy, fast, and free.

To keep your number, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Log on to the the Company website, i.e., vodafone.co.uk.
  • Create an account by logging in to your account which can be found on the upper right corner of the website.
  • Once logged in, hover your mouse to “Why Vodafone” and click the “Switch to us” option under the “Our Best Network” heading.
  • The website will redirect you to a new page, which will get you a PAC to change your phone without altering your number.

Doing it online is a hassle-free way to get things on your control. While it's easy, it's also very convenient because it only takes a short while, then you're good to go.


By Using SMS Service

vodafone keep my number by sms

Similar to the Vodafone Keep Number online, you can also get to switch your network provider but still keep the same mobile number via SMS.

This is an alternative if you do not have internet access because you can easily do it on your mobile phones’ messaging feature.

Through this, you can get your own Porting Authorization Code (PAC), too, in a few minutes. 

For the step-by-step process, here’s how you should do it. If you wish to keep your mobile number upon switching to Vodafone, these are the necessary steps:

  • Open the messaging application on your phone and be ready to “compose a new message.”
  • On the keyboard, type “PAC” and send the text message to 65075.
  • After doing this, you are bound to receive a text message from Vodafone.co.uk Keep My Number Feature, containing the PAC code assigned to you.

But again, since Vodafone is flexible to their customers’ needs, there is also a different option to try if you want to get a mobile number from the Company.

Here is the step-by-step process to it:

  • Open the messaging application on your phone and be ready to “compose a new message.”
  • On the keyboard, type “STAC” and send the text message to 75075.
  • After doing this, you are bound to receive a text message from Vodafone, containing the PAC code assigned to you.

Once you receive it, you can smoothly proceed with the next steps, as indicated in your mobile device.


By Calling Support Staff

vodafone keep my number by call support

Last but not the least, you can avail as well of the Vodafone Keep Number option by doing it through the phone’s call option.

To get your assigned Portal Authorization Code (PAC), you can follow these easy steps:

  • You can dial the numbers “191” and give it a call using your mobile phone.
  • While doing this, make sure that you use your very own Vodafone handset.
  • In case the number faces an error, or it does not respond appropriately, an alternative option to this would be dialing 03333 040 191 from a different phone.
  • It is crucial to follow Vodafone’s schedule when calling so that you can get accommodated.
  • The best time to call would be Mondays to Sundays from 8 am to 9 pm.
  • Once the customer representative answers your call, make sure to inform him or her about your query, whether you plan to go for Keep My Number Vodafone or change to a different network provider.

I Have A PAC Code, What's Next?

pac code

After receiving a Portal Authorization Code (PAC) from any of the available options, you can now proceed to inform your new network provider with it if you plan to shift to a different one.

But for those planning to change into Vodafone, you would have to authorize it through the application mandated on your phone.

Once all of this is finished, you can follow these steps to authorize your new code:

  • Use Code Finder. You can use the Portal Authorization Code (PAC) Code Finder, in which it will allow you to see a dropdown button containing all of the other network providers available for transfer.
  • Transfer. Once you select your current network provider, a blue button saying "Transfer Your Phone Number" will show up directly below the dropdown button.
  • Verify. Upon selecting, make sure that you verify it, and once you click on the button, you just have to wait for the results after a few minutes.

Waiting For Your Vodafone

When you transfer or try to upgrade into Vodafone Company, you will have to wait for a package for a few days.

This package will contain either your new phone from Vodafone or a new sim card from their unique feature of Vodafone Keep Your Number.

Unlike other network providers, this is a very excellent way to shove away from systems and processes that can cause owners a big-time hassle.

Double Checking Your New Vodafone

It's essential to check any receipts or any minor issues from your sim or phone.

Once everything is alright, turn your Vodafone on and assess it if every part is working just fine.

For minor problems or errors, it's best to contact the website to be able to file a complaint regarding your phone or sim.

Validate your SIM or Device

vodafone sim validate

If in the case it is working just fine, your Portal Authorization Code (PAC) can be submitted in Vodafone.co.uk 's online form.

This online form will show a series of more detailed steps, helping you go through the whole process of validating your new device or sim.

Quick Fact. Once you’ve successfully confirmed your PAC code, your new phone will be in sync with your original number in less than 24 hours.


I hope after reading this article, you have gathered enough information to use Vodafone keep my number feature and continue using the same.

After the transfer process is completed, you will be free to use your phone without any problem.

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