can you use wifi on a deactivated phone

Can You Use WiFi On A Deactivated Phone? Quick Guide

Perhaps you may be wondering: can you use WiFi on a deactivated phone? You may have a phone with disconnected service, or a phone that is provider-blocked, but you cannot use it anymore. This guide is for you.

The short and simple answer is yes, you can still use Wi-Fi even if your phone line has been deactivated.

In this guide, you will know how to make use of your deactivated cellular device by using it for Wi-Fi and other purposes, as well as on how you can make other functions work even without service.

Here are the things you need to know about using Wi-Fi on a deactivated mobile device, and more.

Can you Use WiFi on a Deactivated Phone?

can you use a deactivated phone on wifi

Yes, you can use Wi-Fi even if your mobile phone is currently deactivated. You can even use Wi-Fi even if you do not have any SIM card inserted at all.

This is because Wi-Fi is a completely separate communication function and does not rely on a mobile network connection to work.

The way Wi-Fi and mobile networks work are different.

When you use your SIM card that is under a service provider, what your phone does is search for a signal of that particular network and connect to it.

Whatever you do on your phone that is based on a mobile network would require network connection.

On the other hand, a Wi-Fi connection only requires to be connected to a router with an active broadband or DSL connection.

This is why you can use your Wi-Fi even if your phone is on airplane mode, as it is not considered a mobile network.

What Does a “Deactivated Phone” Mean?

When you say that your phone is “deactivated,” it does not necessarily mean that you can no longer use your phone.

Rather, what it means is that your SIM card and the number associated with it is no longer usable.

Thus, when your phone is deactivated, it simply means that it can no longer perform usual phone functions such as phone calls, SMS messaging, and mobile data connection.

When your phone gets deactivated, your provider would cut off your connection to their network.

Usually, if the phone is part of your subscription, it would be locked to that provider, and can only be used after having it unlocked by someone who knows how to bypass the restrictions.

How to Use WiFi on a Deactivated Phone

How to Use WiFi on a Deactivated Phone

Now, if your phone has been deactivated for some reason and it is unusable for usual ISM functions, it can still be used for Wi-Fi.

However, there is one general step you first need to do, regardless of where you would connect your phone to.

Make sure that you put your phone to airplane mode first, and then proceed to open your Wi-Fi afterwards.

This prevents your phone from making the mistake of trying to find a network signal and end up interfering with your Wi-Fi reception.

Here are some methods and steps on how you can use your deactivated phone for Wi-Fi purposes.

Option 1 – Use your Home Wi-Fi

If your question is can you use a deactivated phone on Wi-Fi, then this is the easiest approach to doing it.

When you have your own broadband or fiber internet connection at home, your router would give a Wi-Fi signal that your deactivated phone can connect to.

Simply make sure that your home internet connection is broadcasting its SSID–meaning, it is not hidden–and open your phone’s Wi-Fi.

Then search for the Wi-Fi of your router and connect to it.

For your security, you should have a password, and that is what you would input on your phone. Once done, you are now connected to the internet.

Now, you can do the usual stuff–check your social media, watch videos, steam content, and basically anything you want to online.

Option 2 – Use it in Public Wi-Fi

Whenever you are out and there is a public Wi-Fi signal, you can still connect to it using even a phone without service or without a SIM card.

Simply find the public Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and follow the given instructions.

Usually, a special code would be given that can connect you to their network for a limited time, or a captcha on screen would activate your connection. Once all done, enjoy your Wi-Fi.

Be careful, however, with working on sensitive activities such as financial transactions and inputting passwords for your accounts.

This is because public Wi-Fi can be easily hacked and is not very secure.

Option 3 – Tether to Another Phone

Almost all Android phones and iPhones now have the function to open a mobile hotspot.

This enables a phone with a working mobile data connection to open a Wi-Fi signal straight from their phone and share their data connection to other nearby devices.

Just be careful using so much data on a phone connected via mobile tethering,

You wouldn’t want the person you are connected to getting a shock in their data allowance because you consumed too much!

Why use a Deactivated Phone for Wi-Fi?

Getting your phone deactivated can be a huge inconvenience.

It may be due to your contract expiring, due to your negligence towards your account and you end up getting disconnected, or anything at all.

Still, it is not a good thing for your phone.

Before smartphones, a mobile phone without a network connection is just as good as a torch light or a calculator.

Now, the functions of your phone do not end with what your network provider allows you to do.

With the capability of today’s smartphones to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, there are more uses to a phone other than SMS messaging, and the traditional mobile calls.

Can you Text or Call on a Deactivated Phone?

Can you use WiFi calling on a deactivated phone? Yes. Since Wi-Fi calling is not dependent on a mobile network connection, you can use it without service or even without a SIM card.

Wi-Fi calling can be done through any VoIP calling app out there, which gives you the ability to call and text without the need for a mobile network.

Some of these services are free, some offer a free trial period, and there are paid services that offer affordable plans.

Can you Reactivate your Old Phone?

Yes, you can reactivate your deactivated phone. Usually, reactivating a deactivated phone is as easy as making a call to your service provider and settling out whatever the reason you got disconnected in the first place.

You can also try opening the line of your device to be used with other networks and insert a new SIM to it.


There can be a lot of reasons why you may get your mobile phone service disconnected, and you end up with a deactivated phone.

Even when this happens, and you start to worry if can you use WiFi on a deactivated phone, don’t worry because you still can.

So, your phone is not limited to your network giving you service or signal. As long as you still have a Wi-Fi signal to connect to, it could still prove to be very useful.

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