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How To Fix Centurylink WiFi Not Working

Centurylink WiFi not working remedies are all over the internet. But which of those are the most uncomplicated and straightforward solutions to do on your own at home?

As technology pushes its boundaries, one of the challenges of maximizing your internet’s efficiency is its technical side.

The most common scenario is that users do not know how to fix their WiFi signals. Here is a quick guide on how you can quickly diagnose and resolve your wireless connectivity issues:

Why Is My CenturyLink WiFi Not Working?

why is my centurylink wifi not working

There can be several reasons why your WiFi is not connecting to your devices or not receiving any signal.

But before delving into their possible solutions, you must first pinpoint the specific problem you are dealing with.

It would help if you also remember that there are several complications your WiFi might experience.

These include slow internet speed, disconnected modem, issues when connecting, and many more.

Some of the most typical problems your WiFi could encounter include:

Slow Internet Speed

If you are experiencing video buffering when you are streaming, you might have a slow internet speed.

Aside from this issue, you can also notice pages that are not loading even when there is WiFi and a low signal level indicator on your digital devices.

Network Outage

In most cases of sudden WiFi not working is a network outage. This outage may happen due to many reasons. This includes bad weather, cable cut, or sudden error at Centurylink.

Unstable Connection

An unstable Internet connection is an issue that you should consider since it disrupts your efficiency whenever you are using the internet.

Unable To Connect

If you cannot connect to the WiFi, you would receive error messages. You might also experience difficulties when searching and connecting to your wireless internet source.

Here are some factors that might be messing up with your connection:

  • Wrong internet connection
  • Power settings distance
  • Condition of the modem

Troubleshooting CenturyLink WiFi 

centurylink wifi troubleshooting

If you do not get a good download speed, you may face many issues using your devices.

Before doing the troubleshooting, the best method is to cross-check the issue with your neighbour.

Check from your near friends if they are facing the same issue. Then you can be sure if the issue is general in type or only specific to you.

Next, if you find the issue is in general in your area, proceed to Centurylink and raise a complaint. Then you need to wait till the company fixes the issue.

If you feel you are only facing the issue, do not worry. The next troubleshooting methods are just for you. Let’s dive in!

How to Fix Centurylink WiFi 

how to fix centurylink wifi

So, what can you do if your Centurylink WiFi is not working? The simple answer is to try the following techniques if you are experiencing any of the previously discussed problems.

1. Slow Internet Speed

centurylink wifi slow speed

To troubleshoot your slow speed, here are some of the easiest ways that you can do to fix this issue:

Check Internet Speed

Always check the internet speed of your wired connection before going into the troubleshooting phase. There are a lot of meters online that offer this service for free.

Move Your Modem

You can try moving your modem closer to your main computer or device.

Remember, the distance between the router and your device can give rise to problems. Also, put your modem in a place where there is proper air ventilation.

Avoid putting it near objects that produce heat.

The position of your modem can also affect your WiFi signal. Ensure that you have it in a higher place or in a central location to cover a bigger space.

Lastly, you can also purchase a WiFi range extender to widen the reach of your internet connection.

Remove Physical Obstructions

Remove any physical obstructions that could block your router’s signal to your devices.

Also, do not put your modem inside any closed box or compartment.

2. Century Internet Keeps Disconnecting 

century internet keeps disconnecting

If you are experiencing problems with stable internet or your Centurylink Internet keeps disconnecting, you might want to consider the following points:

Wired Connection

To strengthen your broadband connection, try getting a wired one since it is less prone to outside factors. You can get an Ethernet cable to connect your PC/TV.

Reboot And Have The Latest Firmware

Reboot your modem to refresh its settings. You should also ensure that your router and modem has the latest firmware version installed. If not, update them immediately.

Remove Devices That Emit EM Interference

Sometimes, devices emit electromagnetic (EM) interference that could block your signal. These devices include the following:

  • Cell phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • TVs
  • Lights
  • Copy machines
  • Treadmills
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Speakers
  • Motion detector lights
  • Automatic garage doors

Instead, you can put these devices at a safe distance from your router to prevent this issue later on.

Extend Reach

If you face low signal issues or unstable signal issues at some part of your house, you can get an extender.

An extender or booster can amplify the existing range of your WiFi to the much-needed areas.

Also, you want a permanent solution you can go for a wireless advanced mesh network solution for your house.

It’s a one-time investment and can remove all the WiFi woes of your house permanently.

3. Unable To Connect

unable to connect

Is your CenturyLink WiFi not working? Or you cannot connect to your internet? Below, let us look at a few ways to troubleshoot it:

  • Remove the device from the DHCP reservation list.
  • Open a 2nd WiFi SSID with a WEP security type for the devices having trouble.
  • Make sure that you are connecting to the right network.
  • Try changing your device’s power setting to “Always On” or “High Performance.”

Quick Note 

If your problem is due to an unreadable passcode or key, try removing the saved WiFi network on your computer and reconnect to it again.

Take note that there are different instructions on removing systems based on the windows that you have.

Still Not Working?

Is your CenturyLink WiFi not working after doing all of the steps above? Then it might be time to reset your modem to its factory settings.

Remember, this step is one of the last resorts that you could make to troubleshoot your issues.


Before doing a full-on reset, try rebooting your modem first. Clicking the reset button will automatically set your modem to its factory settings.

But doing so will allow your device to forget all of its customized settings, static IP address setup, DNS, password, and many more.

So, make sure you have noted all these data before you press the reset button.

To operate the reset modem, you should use the password and details found on its box when you purchased it.

How to Reset Centurylink Modem

how to reset centurylink modem

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods, and still your internet is not working, its time now to reset your device. The process is simple and takes few minutes.

Follow these steps one by one:

  • Press and hold the modem’s reset button for around 15 seconds.
  • The power lights should be flickering orange/red by now.
  • Wait for a maximum of five minutes before the light turns amber.
  • Run through the modem activation process.
  • The indicator that you can already access the internet is the power light turning to green.
  • Connect your old devices to the WiFi as if it is a new one.

Replace Your Modem

If none of these solutions work, your wireless network might be the issue.

Thus, a new Centurylink’s modem can provide you with better service.

You can refer to our article – when should you replace a modem for more details.

Say Goodbye To CenturyLink Internet Issues

These are simple troubleshooting methods that you should not be afraid to try out because familiarity is vital.

We hope that with this newfound information, you will be able to fix your Centurylink WiFi when it is not working.

You can also contact customer support if you need more help.

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