what is a good download speed

What Is A Good Download Speed to Consider?

What is a good download speed nowadays? The internet is the most relied upon platform that students, professionals, and entrepreneurs use.

As technology advances, we must broaden our knowledge about the complexities of the internet.

This process will help us maximize its capabilities to boost efficiency in the workplace.

So, the speed of your computer or device is what you should be familiar with nowadays.

If you unsure what is the best downloading rate this article can be of help for you. Let’s start.

Download Speed Facts

good download speed

Downloading rate refers to a computer’s or device’s ability to pull data from the server.

It is measured using the megabits of data per second to calibrate how much information you can download.

Most of the interactions of users revolve around the transmission of data. In this essence, capturing data online is vital in accomplishing tasks and goals.

Are you aware that most of your online activities are backed up by this speed feature and its pace?

Things such as loading the web pages, listening to your Spotify music, downloading files, and streaming videos are the examples.

You will need to use your computer’s speed in whatever profession you are.

That in mind, we now know that your downloading rate plays a significant role in maximizing the internet as your platform. It applies to all walks of life.

What is a Good Download Speed

The Internet speed of your computer or device is reliant and flexible, depending on the nature of your usage. Here are some of the classifications that you can check out:

For Gaming 

good download speed for gaming

What is a good download speed for gaming? Internet downloading rate will make the most significant difference, especially in competitive gaming.

If you want to have smooth and flawless gameplay, you might want to have 6 megabytes per second.

It will allow your gamers to play the popular League of Legends or Call of Duty without the worrying whether your computer or device will lag.

Meanwhile, other sources say that the minimum speed would be 3 megabytes per second to experience a decent run.

This suggestion will mostly work for games that are not that heavy in graphics and system demand.

But in the end, if you want a high-speed gaming experience, the higher the megabytes per second, the better.

Gaming Experience

Required Mbps


Min  3 to 6


Min  20


Min 50 or higher

For WiFi

good download speed for wifi

If you are planning to get WiFi installed for personal use, this section will answer your question, ‘What is a good downloading rate for WiFi?’

According to recent research, you should have at least 25 megabytes per second to have a great online experience.

This speed will support some of the primary activities like HD streaming, online gaming, downloading music or movies, and web browsing.

Families are now dependent on the internet for their homework and personal leisure, so you must look for a suitable rate for this setup.

But if you are looking for an Internet speed that can support multiple devices, 100 megabytes per second or higher is advised.

WiFi Experience

Required Mbps


Min 12


Min 25

GoodMin 50


Min 100 or higher

For Streaming

good download speed for streaming

There are a couple of ways you can use your internet, and one of these is streaming.

But you might be curious about the internet speed needed if you want to watch videos. So, what is a good downloading rate for streaming?

The Internet speed would depend on the quality of the videos you are expecting. For regular streaming, you will need at least 3 megabytes per second to watch without the hassle.

If you prefer streaming your videos with ultra HD qualities, you will need at least 25 megabytes per second.

While other streaming services demand a higher downloading rate, it will be dependent on your preference.

Gaming Experience

Required Mbps


Min 3 (SD content)


Min 25 (Ultra HD content)

GoodMin 40 (4k content)


Min 200 or higher(4k content)

For People Working From Home

What is a good download speed for work from home? With the modern trend, many people are now turning into the option of working from home.

People in business and entrepreneurs who work from the comfort of their homes should also receive the proper internet speed to boost their work efficiency.

Data shows that you can work with 25 megabytes per second but note that internet speed is cumulative.

Factors like other family members using their devices can slow the rate of your internet.

But this download rate is safe if you want to accomplish office work tasks.

If you are streaming a lot of videos and using multiple devices, it will not hurt if you upgrade to faster internet.

Gaming Experience

Required Mbps


Min 25


Min 50

GoodMin 100


Min 150 or higher

For Broadband

good download speed for broadband

If you are thinking of installing broadband to your house or workplace, you might have asked yourself, ‘What is a good downloading rate for broadband?’

For regular ones, you might want to take 11 megabytes per second bandwidth.

It will ensure that you can do some internet activities, but it will not assure you that multiple people can use it simultaneously with ease.

This downloading rate is perfect if you are living alone or with someone who does not use it too often.

Another option would be getting a 50 to 100 megabytes per second broadband. It is more of the heavy-duty side of broadbands.

This option will allow you to surf without ease, even if there are other competitor devices. In the end, you must assess your needs first before choosing the perfect broadband for you.

Gaming Experience

Required Mbps


Min 11


Min 25

GoodMin 50


Min 100 or higher

For PS4

good download speed for ps4

Lastly, what is a good download speed for PS4? Most gaming consoles will only require you a download rate of 3 megabytes per second.

This downloading rate is slow compared to the standards all over the world, but it should do it.

If you want a better gaming console experience, it is safe that you upgrade your download speed.

A useful tip that you can use is that it might be better to use a wired connection to prevent internet disruptions.

Gaming Experience

Required Mbps


Min 3


Min 10

GoodMin 20


Min 30 or higher

Getting The Best Download Speed

Because the internet is among the most powerful tools in today’s world, you must be aware of the appropriate downloading rate based on your activities’ nature.

It will help you work and play efficiently because your internet speed is suitable for whatever you are doing.

Remember, your personal preference will still be the most significant factor in choosing the right download speed for you.

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