when does my sky contract end

When Does My Sky Contract End : All You Need to Know

When does My Sky Contract End and how to confirm? If this query is hitting your mind, you must be either thinking to change provider or want to extend the Sky contract.

In either case, if you are using Sky telecommunications services, knowing the exact date of agreement expiry date can be helpful.

This can avoid any unwanted bill shocks and frustrations.

In this article, you will learn all the various aspects of Sky Contract and also when does sky agreement expire.

Sky Telecommunications Agreement 

sky agreement

A Sky UK contract or agreement is a legal document that is issued by Sky to its United Kingdom users on taking a new connection.

The agreement varies from plans to plans. But the general rules and regulation remain the same for all.

When you purchase any Sky UK service like Sky Mobile, Sky Broadband, TV etc, you will be provided with the Sky agreement.

This legal document will mention the important rates that you need to pay and the general rules that you need to adhere to.

Some of the most important terms and conditions that are mentioned in the Sky contacts are as follows:

  • Plan Pricing
  • How long the Agreement will Last
  • Loan of Instruments Provided
  • Rights to Cancel
  • Price Increase Terms
  • Other Terms & Conditions

How Long is a Sky Contract 

how long is a sky q contract

When you take a new Sky TV, Multi-screen, Sky Mobile, Broadband and Talk (including the line rental) a minimum length applies.  

The Sky agreement varies from subscriber to subscriber. But generally, the contract lasts minimum 12 to 18 months on average.

Maximum Sky service has a minimum agreement term of 18 Months.

Some plans may have reduced length as agreed by the Company.

Before you take any plan, the Company will let you know the minimum term and you need to agree to it to take a new service.

Sky Early Termination of Agreement

During this contract period, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations.

You cannot cancel the agreement before the minimum time unless the Company agrees to it during the purchase.

If you cancel the sky contract before the minimum tenure and want to switch provider, you will be fined by the company.

This is also known as Early Termination Fees. So, make sure you keep a note of the length of the Sky contract.

Early Termination fees will depend on the following factors:

  • How much time is left
  • How many months you have been billed
  • The product and type of subscription

How Long Does a Contract Last

When you subscribe to any Sky product, it has a minimum term and the term usually starts on the day of activation.

The term length as well the minimum term is very important.

Every Sky subscriber should know the agreement length or when does the Sky contract will end.

Not knowing the timeline can lead to sudden bill shocks and frustrations.

Let us learn the normal contract length of common Sky products for your ready reference.


Minimum Length

Early Termination Fees


12 months


Sky Q Subscription

12-18 months



12-18 months



12-18 months


Apart from these, there are also plans and offers which the Company provides different or customised length.

It is a fact that most UK users do not even know their agreement length and hence are paying the full amount for the Sky service.

After the expiry of minimum length, you can ask for new offers. Thus, you can save some money.

How to Check when does my Sky Contract End?

how to check

Have you looked up everywhere and cannot find where the agreement exist?

As mentioned above, the length is pre-agreed by the user before committing into any plan or subscription.

But chances are there that you may have forgotten the exact length of the agreement.

To find the accurate length of your existing contract you can follow the undermentioned two methods.

Sky Website

The first method to find the agreement details is obviously is your Sky account. For this do the following:

website sky
  • Log in to your Sky account with your ID and password.
  • Proceed to Message Centre.
  • Click Inbox ‘View All”.
  • Find your Agreement.

Contact Support Staff

If you are unable to find the agreement terms in your account or facing any issue you can contact the support staff.

Ask them for the contract length. You may need to hold for a few minutes before the staff finds it for you.

What to Do When Sky Contract Ends 

what to do when sky contract ends

As per Company rules in place, after the minimum length of the agreement is expired the plan or subscription will continue unless you ask to end it.

So, what should you Do Next?

First, you need to ask yourself whether you want to continue with Sky or move to another provider or offers.

Let us learn it in more details:

Continue Existing

You can continue with the old agreement in place. For this, you do not need to do anything.

The contract will automatically renew itself. But remember, if you any pre-applied discounts, these may stop and hence the plan cost may increase significantly.

If you see any bill difference, then you should immediately contact the support staff.

You are likely to receive some alternative deals if you ask them before the contract comes to end or even after that.

Negotiate a New Agreement

If you are not happy with the existing contract you can ask the Company to offer you a new one.

For this, contact support staff and tell them that you want a re-contract. You will receive your new offer.

But make sure, you check all the details of re-contract before agreeing to it.

For re-contract of 18 months, the company provides good deals. Our advice is not to look just for individual offers on certain aspects.

But look at package offers like Sports, Q Experience, Ultimate on Demand etc. and the price point that you want to go.

Pro Tip

If you want a much better offer, give the Company a notice to cancel. While there is no assurance, but we saw users getting much better offers when compared to normal offers.

End Contract

The other step you may want is to end the agreement and move to other providers. For this, you must give the Company a notice before the expiry of the contract or after that.

The notice for cancellation should be given at least 30 days in advance.

But remember if you plan to end the contract before the minimum term you must pay the Company the Early Termination Charges.

This applies even if you have given notice for cancellation.


We hope after reading this article, you have now acquired enough information on when does your Sky contract will end.

Also, the steps that you need to follow after the expiry of the agreement minimum length.

Either you continue or move to another provider always keep in mind the existing Termination fees.

Keep track of offers and plans so that you can ask the Company in case you decide to continue with Sky.

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