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Sky Moving Home : A Fool-Proof Guide

Sky moving home is often neglected by subscribers when they shift their home to new address.

Moving house requires lots of planning and is indeed very stressful.

Now that you’ve packed the basic things for move — the furnishing, valuables, appliances, and more.

But while you plan to move to another location have you must have asked yourself:

  • What about my TV?
  • How to Shift my broadband
  • How to ensure move of your mobile?
  • Any fees to pay while moving out?

Know that it is not as simple as boxing the television set and your devices to make them fully functional upon arrival to your new home.

When you avail of Sky moving home also has guidelines to follow.

Let us learn how to move your connection in a smooth way.

Sky Moving Home information

Aside from notifying the company about the move, and settling all the fees, there are a couple more things that you have to keep in mind.

It will greatly help if you download the My Sky app, and sign up for VIP service to avail of the following features:

  • Home Move feature without the costs.
  • Exclusive rewards from the Company.
  • Latest broadband rewards.

To initiate the move you just need to call the support staff with your move date and your new address.

When they confirm be available on the date of moving. The company also allows you to track the latest happening of your move in order tracking page. 

Giving Notice

It is good ideas to give the Company a few weeks or months notice time.

The move also depends upon the subscription plan you have. At least two weeks’ notice is required for the Talk, TV and Broadband move.

For Broadband and/or Talk subscribers, the date of ending the services at the current address should be submitted.

If you have only the Mobile service, the team will just be needing your new address.

Then, you can sign in to your account, and update your mobile address.

Now the Procedure!

These procedures and costs are categorized below are based on the product and subscription plan.

Sky Moving Home Procedure

Sky Q Move Home

The product that offers multi-room viewing, multi-device viewing, and records various channels can be brought to your new home upon your move.

sky q moving home

Remember your moving date, new address, and postcode since Sky will be needing this information.

And don’t forget to clear any outstanding balance that you need to give to the Company. Remember that your TV may not work properly upon setup at your new home.

In that scenario, it is better to take the help of Engineer of the Company.

Quick Fact

The fee for Sky TV installation is  £35 on weekday installation and the rate is £50 on weekend.

Before moving to a new flat make sure you are aware of the rules of the building and the locality.

Activate the broadband before having the Sky Q installed in your new home.

If you miss the appointment or replacing the schedule on the day or the day before the appointment, you will be charged £25 upon your next bill.

Sky+ or Sky+HD move home

Get the Sky+ or +HD experience into your new homes by following the guidelines set for moving.

Similar to the previous product, you can’t have this running even if you have the dish and cables installed at your new house. 

sky+ HD moving home

There are two options for this:

  • Self setup 
  • Engineer visit.

There are particular information you will need to prepare, including the address of the new residence with the postal code, if you opt for the self setup.

But we advise you to make the installation done by the right specialists to have a peace of mind.

Further, the installation by company comes with a 90 days warranty.

They are the specialist and they know their dish, cables better than you.

So, if something goes wrong, expect them to replace or fix it without any additional charges.

Sky Broadband Moving Home

Before Moving 

For shifting Sky broadband home you need to provide the company with these details

  1. Your new address
  2. zipcode.
  3. Moving date.

Also make sure to clear any outstanding payments that needs to be paid to the company before move.

sky broadband moving home

Upon learning about your new address, the team from the Company will check the availability of Sky Broadband products.

Furthermore, they will also advise whether you will need an engineer to visit and handle the installation of new sockets and phone lines.

You also will have to stay alert of questions when you would want to activate the services. 

They will then organize changes in the package, giving you a new phone number when needed. Everything will reflect on your web account.The letter saying that you are leaving the company for their services is just for formality, and all else will run smoothly.

Billing during the Move

It is also a protocol for the provider to stop your Broadband and Talk services in your former address, and completely find you a new one in your new location. 

There will be no extra charges at this point.

If you are a Mobile subscriber of the Company, the service will continue and will not stop even if you move house.

The Contract

The terms and conditions in the contract will still apply.

But if you decide to add any additional services Sky TV, mobile or Fibre, you may need to pay extra.

Sky Mobile only

Many subscribers only use the Mobile-only plan. To initiate and complete the move, the process remains the same.

You just need to provide the company with your move date, new address with postcode. 

Remember, the mobile service comes under the category of continuous service and hence it will work even you move to new address.

Moreover, you will also need to clear and settle any outstanding balance on your account.

Sky Moving Home Terms

To ensure hassle-free move, we have presented below the most important terms and conditions of the Company that you need to keep in mind.

sky moving terms and conditions

Free Home Move

Only VIP customers of the Company are eligible for free move home from the Company.

Customers of the Company’s Broadband, which is another service, will have to take a new Broadband contract for 18 months.

Sky Q

This is available to current TV customers with their Sky+HD box, and their Q 1TB box along with their new contract for 18 months.

This is assuming there are no changes to the television subscription. Get the Sky Q kit in terms of a loan with no cost. In turn, you must return this at the end of the subscription period.


This will specifically require a working smartphone, My Sky app, and broadband/3G/4G. This app is also compatible with both Android and Apple devices

Broadband & Fees

Subject to survey, this plan is available at the Company’s network areas only.

You will need to provide them with the activation fee to set up the broadband in your new location.

The fees required for shifting the broadband services are:

  • Broadband Essential – £20
  • Broadband Superfast – £50
  • Broadband Ultrafast – £100

General Terms

Remember, prices may increase during the contract period. Use your HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

Consent from your landlord may be required if you are moving to a flat.

This is for UK Channel Islands and Isle of Man residential customers only. Terms and conditions apply.


The Company offers a wider range of services than many of its competitors.

But as alert subscriber, you must keep in mind the rules and regulations of the company in mind.

This also applies when it comes to initiate and complete a Sky moving home request to a new residence with their services.

With the options available for move, we believe it won’t be difficult to place a move request.

We hope you have got enough information to plan your moving home along with service of the Company.

If you still need more information, feel free to the Company representative or  comment below.

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