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Sky Cooling Off Period : All You Need to Know

Sky Cooling Off Period is often the most enquired question when a subscriber takes a new Broadband, TV or Mobile connection from the Company.

It is a headache when you need to pay a hefty cancellation fee or Early Termination fee in case of a disconnection of Internet connection before you contract terms.

 But Companies in United Kingdom like Sky has come up with this cooling-off feature, where users are given the option to cancel the connection or contract in the initial days of the subscription.

“This 5 Minutes read will help you avoid sudden bill shock in case you want to Cancel Connection”.

If you have taken a new Sky connection or plan to do so, we believe you must have in-depth information on the Company’s cooling off period.

So, without any delay, let’s get started.

What is Sky Cooling off Period

what is sky cooling off period

Cooling Period is the time that a Company allows its Broadband, TV & Mobile subscribers to cancel any agreement without giving any reason. Also, if cancellation is done during this period, there will be no penalty or Termination fee.

To give extra confidence to take up new Subscription, Sky UK has come up with an enhanced period of cooling time to its customers. Now, as per Company’s new statement, the period of no question asked return is 31 days instead of 14 days.

During these 31 days, you have the right to terminate your subscription or device that you have purchased without giving any reason.

When Does It Start?

The cooling off period of your Broadband, Mobile or TV connection normally starts upon the installation of your connection. In a broader sense, the period starts from the date of

  • Installation
  • The delivery date of the device
  • Writing Confirmation (Contract Sign Date)

So, note down the date which is earlier for your subscription and calculate the next 31 days as your cooling period.

How Long is Sky Cooling Period

how long is sky cooling off period

The length of the Cooling off period depends on company to company. In the case of Sky UK, the period is 31 days instead of the minimum prescribed 14 days.

However, the company may increase or decrease this time period as part of the promotion strategy. But rest assured, you will a minimum of 14 days to terminate your connection.

Sky Broadband

The Cooling off period for Sky broadband starts from the date (whichever is earlier) as mentioned below:

  • Wireless Router Delivery Date
  • Contract Sign Date
  • Activation of connection

Sky Mobile

Sky mobile Cooling off period is the same i.e., 31 days from the date of connection. The dates (whichever is earlier) start from the date as mentioned below:

  • Delivery of Device
  • Contact Agreement Sign Date

Quick Fact

Make sure you have checked your contract papers to find out your ‘Cooling off Period”. You can contact the support staff also to find it out.

Cancellation During This Period

cancellation after cooling off

During this period, you have every right to terminate a subscription without giving any notice. Also, you won’t be charged any early termination fees.  But just make sure you have raised the cancellation request within the 31 days.

We recommend not to wait till 31st day but to act early in case you have made up your mind to do the cancellation.

This is because the cancellation process is not straight forward as you may think. Also, many evidences are there where companies try to lure users to continue with their product or services.

Hence, whatever subscription you have taken from the company, ensure you know the correct cooling period. This will help you go through the cancellation with confidence.

What After Cancellation



As mentioned, when you make any cancellation of your Broadband, TV or Mobile subscription during the cooling period, you will be entitled to a full refund. However, if you have activated any services you may need to pay for the part of the service used.

For example, if you have activated Sky mobile, you need to pay the call fees that you may have incurred by placing calls.

Also, the activation fees or setup fees will not be refunded to you as per the company’s terms and conditions.

The refund amount will be credited in your original mode of payment within 14 days of cancellation request.

Return of Equipment

equipment return

When you raise a return request and are approved, you must return the equipment or device to the company.

Use only the prescribed rules of the company while returning and do not make a delay in returning. This may affect your refund.

You must keep the delivery proof with you in case of further complications or refund.

Find Alternative

find alternatives

Since you have made the cancellation request, you must now find an alternative service provider to fulfil your Internet and Entertainment needs.

This is because, on receipt of cancellation request, you won’t be able to use their service anymore.

Hence, it is a good idea, to apply for the alternative connection when you have made up your mind to cancel Sky subscription. This will help you to get uninterrupted Internet and Entertainment.

Cancellation Outside Cooling Off Period

after cooling off

However, if you need to cancel the service after the cooling off period, the rules will change. You will need to pay Early Termination fees as decided in your Contract terms.

The company’s payment terms are that you have to pay one month in advance for your subscription. Hence you may be billed for the next month as well when you cancel in addition to the early termination fees.


Getting a Broadband, TV or Mobile connection is very easy these days. All companies try to give out their best offers to attract new subscribers. Having said that, the cancellation terms are stricter for all companies.

Hence, the Sky cooling off period is a boon for new subscribers who want to try out the services of the Company.

This guarantees no question asked refund and without incurring any fees. But we recommend users to ensure the timeline as mentioned above to avoid any penalty.

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