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How Does Vodafone Early Upgrade Work?

Vodafone early upgrade is an excellent service offered by the United Kingdom’s leading telecommunications company. As we further advance into the modern world, we aim for functionality and practicality all at an affordable price.

As a result, businesses have been competing with each other to make their deals more appealing.

“Due to the onset of these plans, we know how challenging it is to choose which ones are worth their price”.

We will look at the terms and conditions of Vodafone’s early upgrade system. We will also show you the possible ways to check your upgrade eligibility.

Can You Get an Early Upgrade with Vodafone?

early upgrade vodafone

Fortunately, Vodafone lets its customers get an early upgrade for their devices so long as they meet the requirements. You can enjoy a bunch of discounts.

With this excellent service, you can make the most out of your stay with this telecommunications provider.

Vodafone Early Upgrade : Flexi Deal

The Vodafone Flexi upgrade allows you to take advantage of an endless variety of devices.

It gives you the option to swap your old smartphone with any of their new handsets after the first six months of your contract. Thus, you would not need to wait until the termination date of your mobile plan.

This new and exciting service works through Vodafone’s unique billing system, which charges you separately for your handset and sim plan monthly costs.

Because of this, your Flexi upgrade will not in any way affect your current sim plan.

Flexi Plan Terms

flexi plan terms

Subscribing to the Flexi plan would mean your agreement to Vodafone’s terms and conditions. The essential aspects of this contract are as follows:

  1. You cannot downgrade your handset. Instead, you can only upgrade to a smartphone with an equal or higher monthly cost.
  2. You would not have to pay an early termination charge. However, you would need to cash out for their Flexi-fee at any time within the first six months of your contract to 30 days before its end date.
  3. It would be best if you were debt-free before you can swap your handset. Pay any remaining fees with Vodafone as soon as possible.
  4. You are not eligible for the Flexi deal if you got your mobile plan from the Carphone Warehouse.

Every individual would need to pay a variable Flexi-fee.

You can compute for your Vodafone early upgrade fee by multiplying your current smartphone’s monthly cost and the remaining months on your minimum contract term.

Quick Fact

We suggest you upgrade your handset nearer to the deadline as the fees tend to decrease over time.

Sim Only Flexible Deal

flexi deal

You get a 12-month minimum contract term if you opt for Vodafone’s Sim Only plan. If so, you are eligible for their Flexible deal.

But as similar as it may sound to the Vodafone Flexi deal, these two are significantly different.

The Sim Only Flexible deal follows the Vodafone upgrade 3 months early rule. This principle merely allows you to change your monthly sim plan three months after you have activated your Sim Only Flexible updates.

They also give you the option to switch to their Pay Monthly Sim Plan after only three months of your contract’s initial minimum term.

Sim Only Flexible Plan Terms

deals terms

Compared to their Flexi deal, the terms and conditions for the Sim Only Flexible deal are as follows:

  1. You would not need to pay an upgrade fee for the Sim Only Flexible plan. However, you would need to settle all outstanding payments before getting a new deal.
  2. Unlike the restrictions applied to the Flexi agreement, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your Sim Only Flexible plan no matter the price.
  3. Vodafone will terminate your previous 12-month minimum contract term and enrol you on a new one.

Sim Only Flexible Plan Deals

If you have decided to upgrade your Sim Only Flexible plan, you are eligible for two of their sub deals – the Vodafone Essentials and the Vodafone Red Extra or Red Entertainment.

You can pair your phones with any of these excellent mobile plans. Both of them provide you with unlimited calls and texts.

However, the primary difference between the two is the amount of mobile data they offer.

If you subscribe to their Essentials deal, you can get unlimited mobile data anywhere you are.

Meanwhile, Red plans allow you to choose from various data packages. But one fascinating feature of this subscription is that you can also move to their Flexi plan.

How to Upgrade Vodafone EARLY?

how to upgrade vodafone early

If you are wondering whether you are eligible for a smartphone upgrade, check your status when you sign in to your account through their mobile app or website.

Below are a step-by-step tutorial of the two methods.

Through the App

upgrade through app

You can follow the steps below if you want to check your eligibility status using their mobile app:

  1. Sign in to your account using your smartphone.
  2. Click the Menu tab on the main screen. This option is the icon with three horizontal lines on the top right of your screen.
  3. Go to the My Products and Services option.
  4. Select the Upgrade or Change Plan tab.

You will see an on-screen message saying whether you are eligible for a Vodafone Flexi upgrade.

Also included in this message is your variable Flexi fee. If you want to purchase a deal, press the confirm button on your chosen product.

Through the Web

upgrade through web

However, if you do not have the app installed on your phone, you can still check your eligibility status online by:

  1. Visit their website 
  2. Select the profile icon located at the top-right corner of your screen. Sign into your account and click the Upgrade or Change plan option.

You will receive an on-screen notification saying whether you are eligible for an upgrade. Just select “Find out more” to get your variable Flexi fee and all the available deals.

If you do not have access to the internet or their mobile app for whatever reason, you can dial 191 on your Vodafone smartphone to select and purchase their deals.

You can also reach their customer service team at 03333040191 on any other phone.

Cancellation of Flexi & Sim Only Plans

upgrade cancellation

If you want to cancel your Flexi or Sim Only plans, you need to return your handset, including all its accessories and promotional products, back to the company.

However, you must ensure that it is still fully functional and undamaged.

You can return your smartphone in two ways. The first method is by visiting the nearest Vodafone store with your contract, receipt, and handset.

But if there is no available store in your area, you can call their customer service hotline to inform them of your cancellation intention.

However, you would need to chip in an £8.50 administration fee to return your handset through mail.

More Than Just Flexibility

The Vodafone early upgrade service allows you to move over a new and better plan for your handset without needing to wait for the end of your minimum contract term.

It offers you massive flexibility compared to other telecommunications company deals.

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