Virgin Media Moving Home Guide

virgin media moving home

It comes handy while you need to shift home with active connections.

In this article you will learn are the steps that you should keep in mind while placing shifting your connection to a new house.

Some of the queries that customers have while moving Virgin are:

  • How to initiate a move request?
  • Company timelines?
  • Fees Involved?
  • If new equipment is required on shifting?

Right before the issues take place, it is important to know important information for a stress-free transfer.

Virgin Media Moving House

In UK, there are many companies that provides phone, TV, and Internet services, for example, Virgin Media in the United Kingdom.

These services cater to households and are enjoyed by several homeowners around the country. But sometimes you may need to shift your connection in case you move house.

virgin media moving house

If you are a subscriber of the company, moving homes can happen anytime.

It can be a challenge to organize your TV, phone, and broadband right when you are planning to move.

Virgin Media moving home process involves these steps,

  1. Check the before moving Steps
  2. Call Customer support and inform the move.
  3. Check serviceability in new area.
  4. Do the formalities during the move
  5. After move Requirements, if any.

Without much further delay, let us study the steps so that you can shift your connection hassle-free.

Before Moving

Value for your money is a important aspect point to consider, more so if you are thinking that your Virgin Media services might get auto renewed once you move houses.

These important guidelines will help you save the costs to retain the service of the company.


Moving to a New Area

You can bring these in the new area you will be residing into. But this will surely depend on the service availability of the Company in your new area.

To know the presence, you should go to the official website of the company and enter the postcode.

Once the website shows the services are available in your new move-in location, connect with their customer care representatives, and discuss the move.


Renting a House

There are times the new move-in involves residential spaces rented, such as flats or condominiums.

The confirmation from the postal code search may not match the actual guidelines in these spaces, so it is recommended to contact your landlord for installation requirements.


Moving outside the UK

These local services do not cover homes outside the UK. If you are moving to international locations, first, make sure that you cancel your subscription in the country.

It will be a good idea, if you to provide the company a month’s notice before the move, and call them at 0345-141-0111.

How to Initiate Virgin Media Moving Home

Therefore, when you have decided the move date, it is time for you to start the move request to your new address.

This step is quite simple and to initiate it just contact Virgin Media with your move requirements.

virgin customer support moving

Contact Customer Support. For shifting your connection to new house, just contact the customer support at 0345 141 0111.

Inform them about your move and give them the following details:

  • New house address
  • Date of move

In the event you be unable to give the 30-days’ notice, there are additional fees.

Moreover, if the account is still within the contracted period, there will be early disconnection fees.

After arranging the account closing and equipment collection, you can then leave the equipment to a relative, friend, or your neighbour.

Do not forget to forward the details to the service provider upon the request for cancellation. They should also be of the legal age to receive the equipment, TVs, phones, etc.

During the move 

The work does not end at the steps outlined above. To ensure the shifting be done efficiently, there are many information that you need to know. These are as follows.


Phone Number

You can use the same mobile number if your new home address supports the number. However, if there is a different dialing code, this won’t be possible.



Recordings will be on the TV box provided, except for the condition that you have purchased a new box for the move. You won’t be able to retrieve recordings in the old box.

If during your move, your subscription downgrades to a lower-tier package, you can no longer access these recordings. Upgrading to higher-tier subscription will keep your recordings intact.



No changes request for the Virgin Media services during the move mean there will be no need to change equipment.

However, the provider will send details and the cables needed for the setup in the new space. This includes upgrading the subscription kit.

If the requested upgrade requires new equipment, you’ll have this in your new house from the company technicians. You must carry the TV box and the hub from your old house.

You will also have to return the old equipment once the new ones arrive.



The main reason for you to coordinate this step is because you never know when the connection disconnects.

Also, remember to deposit the TV box and the hub to the Company before disconnection.

And if you have made any change to your move date, inform the support staff immediately. This will help you avoid disconnection and other issues.

You may still access your favorite TV programs on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phones with the TV Go app, provided you have Internet connection running.

You can also access these in WiFi-connected bars, shopping malls, and restaurants.

After Move-In

Once you have moved in, it takes time to get adjusted to the new location. This includes the telephone, broadband Internet, and TV services provided to you.

after move support

New Cable Requirements

If you require more cable or new cable points you can contact at 0345 141 0111 to get it done quickly. You will have to settle a £20 fee to have these installed. 


Be ready to receive the specialists in your new property for installation. Obviously, this will happen when the inform the move and coordinate the various requirements.

Worry not, because the company will be in touch with their customers prior to installation to confirm addresses, and whether there are people in the property during the work.

The entire installation lasts about two hours. However, if you want it to be quick, add QuickStart packs by yourself. This requires eligibility, such as availing other services from the company and their partners.

New Billing

A very important concern in many services, not just with these types, you will receive a final bill after Virgin Media gets disconnected at your old residential unit.

Quick Fact. 

The bill will include package costs, usage charges from the last month up to the date of disconnection, and £20 account transfer fees to cover installation costs, among others

Once you get to your new residential unit, the first bill will have pricing, service descriptions, and details for the next month presented in advanced.

For the first month the bill will be higher and from the new months it will come back to normal.

Terms & Conditions

Now let us learn the must know terms and conditions that you may need, when you plan to transfer your connection to new house.


Changing Package

After changing the package before the move, you will also be entitled to new deals that all customers are getting.

However, to make these changes possible, you will need to sign a new minimum term contracts.


30 Day Notice

It is best to give them 30-days notice or more to ensure that no issues or problems will happen during the move and transfer of services.


Costs and Corresponding Fees

During moving, customers will pay £20 movers’ fee for moving these services to the new area.

The early disconnection fee if the move happens within the contracted period, will apply. The website also presents information about early disconnection fees.

If there are no changes to the Company's services upon the move, the contract shall keep on going normally. New terms and agreements cover the changes upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

virgin move faqs

Can I Change Move Home date?

If you need to change the move date, you should connect to the Company and inform them for necessary changes in the appointment date.

Notify the Company to avoid confusion about the schedule changes.

How much time does it take to Complete a Move request?

The company will acts quickly to complete your move request. However, in rare cases, it may require some time to finish the move request.

Some move request can take up to fourteen days to complete.

Moving to a no Service Area?

If you are moving to a no service area, it is better to cancel the connection and take new service provider available in that area.

Call support staff and ask for cancellation. Pay any outstanding bills if any and close the account.


In conclusion, subscribers of Virgin Media who are moving homes will also take responsibility for these things, aside from the technicians themselves.

In other words, it becomes a coordinated partnership between the company and the customer.

Getting connected to a phone, smart TV, and high speed Internet services are practical nowadays.

This is because it is here where you hear about news, converse with your friends and family members, and a medium for the family to gather together to foster better relationships.

We believe, after reading this guide, you have learned in depth on how to initiate and further complete Virgin Media moving home request.

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