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Virgin Media WiFi Booster Setup Guide

Virgin Media WiFi booster setup may get a bit tricky for some people, but it is uncomplicated at all.

Because of its increasing popularity, the Virgin Media WiFi Booster has become one of the most sought-after devices here in the United Kingdom.

If you are getting low upload speed or download speed, you will definitely need this device if you are a Virgin User.

But if you are wondering what exactly makes this equipment in demand, you have come to the right place.

We are here to tell you why you should consider getting one and how to setup Virgin Media WiFi booster on your own with these quick and simple steps.

Virgin Media WiFi Booster

setup virgin media wifi booster

Virgin Media provides us with two types of boosters, namely a wired and a wireless one.

But because of their practicality and convenience, the wireless ones have become more attractive to homeowners and business people than the wired devices.

With this equipment, you can easily resolve most of your connectivity issues.

They work by creating a connection between your smartphones, laptops, consoles, and your main Hub, even if they are in separate rooms.

Because of this, you may start receiving WiFi signals in hard-to-reach areas of your home or company.

You can also minimize signal blackspots and interruptions.

How To Setup Virgin Media WiFi Booster

A regular installation will only take up 20 minutes of your time. It may get a bit tricky for several users, but we are here to tell you that this procedure is not complicated at all.

We will guide you throughout the process with these essential yet easy Virgin Media WiFi booster setup steps:

Virgin Media WiFi Booster Setup Steps

Step 1 – Plug Your Smaller WiFi Booster

plug small booster

Upon purchase, a typical kit will contain two WiFi booster of varying sizes: a smaller and a much larger one.

So, the first step to setting up your device is to plug the smaller one directly into your main outlet.

Afterward, your equipment will automatically start. You will know if it is up and ready when your arrows start blinking red.

Aside from this, you should also the power light on your equipment turn white.

One quick tip for you in this step is to plug your device directly into your main outlet instead of a power strip, extension lead, or a surge protector.

Doing so will allow your device to work at its best condition and performance.

Step 2 – Connect to Your Hub

hub connect

Once you have plugged in your device, the next step is to connect it to your Hub. You can do this step using the provided Ethernet cable in your kit.

Step 3 – Plug Your Larger WiFi Booster

plug large booster

Next, plug in the larger device into your main socket and turn it on. Make sure that your two boosters are in the same area.

You will know that your equipment is up and running if you see the connection lights flash red for around two minutes. Afterward, this light will turn off, leaving you with only the white power light turned on.

Another quick tip is to leave your device turned on for at least 10 minutes.

Doing this step will allow possible software updates essential to your booster’s productivity to download and install.

Additionally, if your device does not automatically connect to you Hub, you can pair it manually by pressing the Sync button for at least three seconds.

Step 4 – Press the WPS Button on Booster

wps button on booster

After 10 minutes, locate the WPS button on your larger device and push it for at least 10 seconds. Once you release this button, your power and wireless light indicators will start blinking.

Step 5 – Press the WPS Button on Hub

wps on hub

Now that your booster is up and running, you would need to push the WPS button on your Hub for at least 10 seconds or until the indicator lights start flashing.

When done successfully, your device will copy essential information from your Hub.

Once the indicator lights stop flashing, this will indicate that the entire copying process has been completed. You will then see only the power light turned on.

Step 6 – Unplug Larger WiFi Booster

large booster unplug

Afterward, you can unplug your larger device and place it anywhere in your house or office.

You will know if it is ready for use if the connection lights flash red for around two minutes before turning off and leaving you with only the white power light turned on.

To maximize your device’s performance, here are several tips you should keep in mind:

  • Place your device in an open space with excellent ventilation. Refrain from putting it inside a cabinet.
  • Minimize possible obstructions to your device.

Setting Up an Additional Booster

set up additional virgin booster

If you want to install an additional WiFi booster at home or in your office, you can follow these quick and easy steps:

1.  Plug your new device into the main socket. Ensure that it is in the same room as the smaller one.

2. Once turned on, you should see the connection lights flash red, indicating that your device is ready.

3. Next, press the Sync button on your smaller device for at least three seconds until the connection lights blink quickly.

4. Immediately after, push the Sync button on your new device for at least three seconds.

5. You will know that both your devices have paired if the connection lights turn off.

6. Unplug your new device and place it anywhere in your office or home.

Boost Your Wireless Connection

The internet has become a robust tool in our daily lives. So, we know how frustrating it would be to experience signal interruptions and black spots in your area.

If you are interested in minimizing these connectivity issues, you can visit Virgin Media’s official website to order your own.

Hopefully, this Virgin Media WiFi Booster setup guide helps you minimize your connectivity issues.

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