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Utility Warehouse Mobile Review

Utility Warehouse mobile are in trend these days. The trend is obvious since these days, having a mobile plan is a must. Using your phone isn’t just limited to texts or calls anymore.

The internet has become a huge addition to our devices.

It’s our tool to connect with our loved ones, be updated with the latest news and trends, and keep a hold of school or work.

However, some bundles and phone contracts shock us with expensive charges that are outside our contracts.

Bill Shocks Anymore?

We are kept in the dark until the bill arrives and we are forced to just pay everything. This unfortunate situation happens to a lot of people.

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Luckily, you have Utility Warehouse that promises fast mobile connection, good mobile plans, and no hidden charges.

These sound awesome to our ears, but do they uphold everything they say?

Here’s a look into Utility Warehouse Mobile.

What is Utility Warehouse?

utility warehouse

Utility Warehouse is the trusted supplier of 600,000 Britain households. They count the homes instead of individual patrons.

This is because they pride themselves for being a single supplier for all these families’ utilities.

They offer energy, home phone, broadband, and mobile services. Clients can bundle all of these together or just pick one to subscribe to.

But if you combine them all, costs are kept lower; thus the self-proclaimed title of “Discount Club.”

Why Utility Warehouse Mobile

Here are the things that keep this company and its service different from other providers:

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High Quality Network at No Extra Cost

The Company claims to have the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network. So, you can expect an amazing experience in connecting online.

No Unexpected Charges

An edge to to their service is that every client has a complete hold of their bills.

You won’t have additional costs to your price plan unless you choose to add a top-up. This is exclusive to any Utility Warehouse mobile tariffs.

No Price Rise During Contract

Other major suppliers are criticized for crazy increases in monthly costs. Fortunately, Utility Warehouse mobile guarantees that this wouldn’t happen during your contract.

No Payment for your Handset Forever

You might not know this, but some people keep wasting their money for plan-included devices after they have fulfilled the payment for them.

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The Company’s mobile phones are the opposite. 

The company automatically stops charging for your phone when you’re done paying for it. When your contract expires, your bill can be reduced up to 80%.

Change your Plan Whenever You Want

Another customer benefit for Utility Warehouse mobile is that you’re able to switch your tariffs at any time. You can even do it in the middle of your contract!

Cheaper Charges if you Exceed Plan Usage

Going out of your bundle or plan can be such a hassle. Other suppliers charge you a lot for it.

That’s not the case for the Company, though. You can be asked to pay for 70% less.

Also, if you add Home Phone and Broadband to your subscription, you’ll get extra perks like free mobile phone protection, a certain amount of money to aid switching, and 10% discount on your Home Phone and Broadband.

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Utility Mobile Plans and Prices

mobile plan

They have a wide variety of plans and bundles to save you few bucks. It offers customers to choose one that works best for them.

Generally, you can choose to only acquire a sim or add a phone to your plan.

Sim-only Tariffs

All Mobile tariffs are available as sim-only. You can have one without the long contract, too.

sim only

The monthly prices range from £10 to £25. You can refer to the table below for the detailed comparison of plans.

Monthly Cost

Data Allowance




1 GB


450 Minutes


2.5 GB


900 minutes


5 GB


1800 minutes


10 GB


3000 minutes

£25.00 (Best Value)

40 GB



Every plan seems to provide great service and features for customers to use. Unlimited texts are offered throughout all plans.

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The lowest one offers a huge number of minutes for calls, too.

Quick Fact

What would catch anyone’s eye is the £25 plan that offers unlimited calls and texts while providing 40 GB data.

This is a big leap from the 10 GB data the £20 tariff offers.

And for travel junkies, everything in your plan can be used for roaming across Europe without any additional cost.

However, if the plan includes data over 10 GB, some restrictions apply.

Handset Plans

handset plans

Anyone with a mobile can add Utility services to their phones. Just the phones needs to be unlocked and compatible.

Further, they also offer handsets of all brands and prices for you to choose one. Within this wide and amazing range of devices, you’ll definitely find the right  mobile phone for you.

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Cheapest Plan. Their Cheapest phone, the Alcatel 1066G, costs only £1 per month. 

Mid Range Phones. You can also have mid-range smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A50 for £12 monthly.

High Range. They also offer the latest models such as iPhone 11 Pro Max (64 GB) for £49 every month.

Customer Service

If you’re thinking about their connection to customers, there’s no need to worry. The Company believes that customer experience is the heart of their success.

The company has an award-winning UK call centre that users can reach for questions and help for managing their accounts.

So, when it comes to customer care, the company scores heavy marks.

Pros and Cons

Let’s keep it simple and present the positive and negative things about their mobile and its services.

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  • Fast 4G mobile network
  • Lower costs than major suppliers
  • Keeps you in control of your plan or bundle
  • Can also work for those who prefer sim-only tariffs
  • Lets you switch plans smoothly
  • Saves you a lot of money (less excessive charges, bundle perks, cashback program)


  • Not the biggest provider so there’s less information about it
  • Bills can get so confusing in bundles
  • Less choices for the latest phones

Final Verdict

A great mobile plan sounds like a gift from the gods, and that’s exactly what you get from Utility Warehouse mobile phones. The supplier offers lots of customer perks as a company. 

But with mobile, the most notable benefits include fast 4G connection, cheaper costs, customer-controlled plans, and lots of handsets to choose from.

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Quick Fact

Despite some cons, this review finds that the Company’s mobile’s great features and customer perks & benefits outweigh any mishaps.

So if you’re looking for a better mobile plan that satisfies your needs without the huge hidden charges, Utility Warehouse might just be the answer.

Hence, considering all these factors we give 4.5 out of 5 star.

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