Sky Refer a Friend : Guide to Earn Fast Cash

sky refer a friend

But did you know the Company can let you introduce their package and plans to your families and friends so you can earn cash? You got this right.

While you enjoy the services this provider offers, you can even benefit more with this feature by using Sky refer a friend option. Read on to find out more.

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How to Refer a Friend Sky 

The Sky refer a friend feature is among the most exciting offerings of the service provider to many of its valued customers.

If you want to earn extra cash, you can act as the company’s referral agent and go right into your inner circles to try the various products.

The Company joins other businesses such as banks, broadband providers, energy providers, mobile phone firms, and digital TV companies with their Sky recommend a friend scheme. 

Quick Fact. Once someone signs up for their service, the person who referred, you, shall get cash gifts anywhere between £25 to £25.

The media and telecommunications company headquartered in the United Kingdom has prepared several benefits not just for you, for your friend who signs up for the subscription.

These are in the form of vouchers. To be eligible for these, your friend, who will be known as the new customer, should subscribe to any package of the Company.

Step-by-Step Guide - Sky Refer a Friend

Want to know how to refer your friends a product? Here’s a step-by-step guide on referring someone to the Company:


First and foremost, follow the link on the page for existing customers.

  • Sign in to My Sky, placing your friends’ email addresses. You can input three email addresses at a time, but you should know you can refer as many friends from your group.
  • 3.

    Once done, the Company contacts this friend or relative of yours via their email to share details about the offer.


    Once they purchase, you will receive an email on how to claim your cash reward. Remember that the reward should be approved.

    benefits of sky refer a friend

    Benefits of Referring

    If you refer a friend on Sky, there are countless benefits that both you and your friend can get.

    The vouchers aren’t only available for the Company TV customers who recommend a friend, but also upon your friend who signs up for the service.

    #  Get £100 Prepaid MasterCard®

    Both you and the friends you refer get a £100 Prepaid MasterCard® should they sign up for Sky TV products. Credit cardholders are the top beneficiaries of this reward because the friend referral system has no limit.

    The more friends you invite and get to sign up, the more of these rewards you receive.

    #  Get £60 cashback

    Aside from the £100 Prepaid MasterCard® which you can use in purchases of different other products when you shop, you also get a £60 cashback and the person you invite receives £125 reward they choose, according to the article on TopCashback.

    These are helpful especially in saving up on the costs of your expenditures, right when you recommend a friend to the Company.

    #  Receive rewards from well-known consumer brands

    The friend who receives the £125 reward may then select from also earning a voucher from Marks and Spencer, a gift card from Tesco, or the Prepaid MasterCard.

    Once they head out for shopping, they can spend these rewards the way they want, with their family and loved ones

    #  Receive sports-related rewards

    You can also get discounts when you add new features to your TV subscription packages, such as the broadband or Sports. 

    Subscribers to the Company in the reference deal may watch sports events on television, including the Heineken Cup Final, the Monaco Grand Prix, the BMX PGA Championship, the Ultimate Weekend of Sport, and more.

    #  Enjoy many of Sky products’ features and benefits

    The real advantage of the reference system is when they realize how great the products are from the Company. Once they sign up, whether this is for TV, broadband or mobile, they get all the things that are in the bundle. 

    The Company's broadband offers super fast Internet, enhanced service, VoIP enabled features, and more for both personal and office uses.

    The Company's TV, meanwhile, takes your viewing up a notch with HD views, the best channels, Netflix, and many more.

    sky claim reward

    How to Claim my Sky Reward

    For as long as the new subscriber uses the unique code coming from you, and goes through the order procedure, you will receive your cash reward.

    You can expect the reward within 15 days after your friend goes active, and right after the Company services are installed.

    If you are in your first few weeks with the Company, just went through the installation process, and have been active for 30 days, you will also receive an email on claiming these rewards.

    Once you’ve claimed it, expect the reward to be with you within 15 days or around two weeks.

    Quick Fact.  There is a 90-day grace period to claim the rewards before the expiration date. 

    Remember though, it may take up to 45 days from the payment of the first subscription for your reward voucher to be delivered.

    The company has a support team ready to take calls and inquiries if the voucher hasn’t arrived on time. Be ready to supply them your account number with the Company and the offer you subscribed with. This is basically how referring works. 

    Next up, you will learn about the packages and products that you can refer.

    sky products to refer

    Products & Package that you can Refer

    The Sky refer a friend offers, and many of the products and packages from the company are within Sky Group Limited. It is a UK-based media and telecommunications conglomerate under Comcast.

    They are headquartered in the UK capital, London. It operates in the country, and abroad in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

    The Sky recommend a friend feature is part of its great deals, but there are a whole lot more you can enjoy.

    These are their latest offers, and many of these are included in the refer option.

    # TV & Broadband

    TV + Superfast Broadband. One of the best-priced products from the company, this bundle provides unlimited entertainment in one place, with new and exclusive originals, and you can have 59Mb/s average download speeds.

    Superfast Broadband. Meanwhile, this affordable subscription plan offers speed connectivity, very reliable, and unlimited features all the time. It also provides 59Mb/s average download speeds.

    TV + Broadband + BT Sport + Sky Sports. With this incredible bundle, you can watch the sports you love with fast and reliable fibre broadband alongside the package. It lets you access all 11 Sky Sports channels in high-definition. It also includes Sports Cricket, Premier League, and F1®.

    Ultimate TV + Superfast Broadband + Cinema. Get the most of Sky TV with Netflix, including fast and reliable broadband, and Cinema. It also comprises of BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and more than 1,000 movies on demand.

    #  TV Package

  • Ultimate TV. Get access to the most popular Netflix series live and on-demand. This bundle lets you watch full seasons of Sky TV and the streaming platform.

  • Ultimate TV & Cinema. Movie fans might want to try having this bundle with more than 1,000 movies on demand and in high-definition, exclusive films, and the best shows on Netflix.

  • TV + BT Sport + Sky Sports. Sports fans, unite. This subscription plan provides 11 Sky Sports channels in high-definition, with BT Sport 1, 2, 3, and BT Sport ESPN in high-definition as well. You also get unlimited entertainment right on Sky TV.

  • TV & Sports F1. Watch the entire 2020 Formula 1® season all in high-definition, with unparalleled coverage, and expert commentary. It will also include practice races, qualifying matches, and live races.
  • # Mobile Package

    The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. This is only a few of the many products and services of the Company on mobile.

    As a latest offer, this package lets you pre-order and save £180 and have 10GB of data, and claim your wireless Galaxy Buds pair. With this, you can store and keep unused data for three years.

    Save £60 on our 10GB plan. For only £10 on the monthly bill, this Sky bundle offers endless streaming on Sky apps, with up to three years for your unused data.

    Final Words

    If you are the type of person who loves watching your favourite programs on TV, the recommend a friend promo from Sky will have you earn extra cash from the things you like doing.

    You don’t just refer a friend to sign up with Sky, but you can also invite more friends and even your relatives to enjoy the same perks and privileges you are currently being given. Never miss out of these deals.

    Connect with the Sky team right now to find out how you can get started.

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