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Unlock EE Phone Free or Professionally?

To unlock EE phone free of charge is beneficial for anyone looking to save a few bucks before switching to a new mobile network provider.

For instance, frequent travelers may want to have their devices unlocked to take advantage of more affordable mobile plans.

Switching to a cheaper SIM card can allow you to save thousands of bucks from your usual international phone rates.

However, getting your EE Phone unlock Code from EE is not easy and you may need professional support. 

So, let us discuss if you should look to unlock an EE phone for free or you should go with Professional Unlocking service.

So, let’s start!

Guide Outline
  • How to Unlock EE Phone
  • Professional Unlocking
  • Free Method (Contacting EE)
  • Switching Carrier
  • Free vs Professional Unlocking
  • Which one to Choose?

Can you Unlock EE Phone Free?

Yes! You can unlock EE phone for free. But For this to be fruitful you must meet the pre-set conditions and go through a lengthy process.

Moreover your phone must complete atleast 6 months in the contract period.

To unlock EE Phone free, any of these conditions needs to fulfilled:

  1. Minimum 6 months completed in the contract
  2. iPhone & iPad unlocks after 18 months
  3. Google Pixel after 721 days of sell
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Why Unlock EE Phone?

Unlocking an EE Phone can give you many benefits. The main benefits that you will get are as follows:

Avoid Costly Roaming Charges

One of the main benefits of using an unlocked EE Phone is that you can skip the costly roaming charges.

why unlock ee phone

You will have more freedom to use any prepaid SIM card and save the expensive charges.

Selling your Phone

It is a well-known fact that an unlocked device gets more value.

Hence, if you can unlock any EE phone you can expect to sell it for a much higher price.

Switch Carriers

You can switch any Network carrier of your choice and hence you will not be forced to use the high price EE Plan.

 As a result, you can get any Cheaper plan you want from any operator.

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unlock ee phone

How to Unlock EE Phone?

To unlock EE Phone there are three legitimate ways that you can use. These are industry accepted methods and hence you should not worry about any legal issues.

So, if you have decided to unlock your EE device, you can apply any of these valid methods:

  1. Professional Unlocking ( Best Option)
  2. Contacting EE (Free but Slow)
  3. Contacting another Carrier (Not Always Possible)
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Method 1. Professional Unlocking (Recommended)

While it is indeed possible to unlock your EE device for free(as mentioned below), the process for doing this can be quite confusing and time-consuming. 

The best way to unlock your EE Phone is by taking the help of an EE professional unlocking service.

Every year many users of the United Kingdom are availing these services without any issue.

Considering the complexity and hassle involved in the process, it is always better to leave this unlocking service in the hands of experts.

The unlocking industry has grown many folds in the last few years and many good companies are providing expert work. 

The benefits of Professional unlocking include the following:

Main Benefits

  • Allows you to Bypass EE
  • Uses Certified Methods prescribed by Apple and other Carriers 
  • Phone is unlocked within 24 – 48 hours. In most cases within 6 hours
  • 100% Legal Methods used
  • Cheaper than before & Value for Money
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Our report shows that many companies are providing unlocking services in the United Kingdom.

Among them, DirectUnlocks stands among the rest with a great customer satisfaction level. They offer a hassle-free and painless way to unlock EE phones.

We have received negative feedbacks from EE customers saying that the process of unlocking using the free methods (as mentioned below) can take up to 30 days or even more.

But waiting for this time-consuming process is not everyone’s cup of tea!

With EE Professional Unlocking you can be assured that they will unlock your device legally and very fast.

Even they can unlock newly launched models of EE, which the company won’t do directly.

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Method 2. Unlock EE Phone Free (Slowest)

Because of its high reputation, you will find most of EE handheld phones automatically locked, making it a challenge to switch other mobile network providers.

Fortunately, you can unlock EE phone for free, depending on your mobile, your chosen mobile plan, and whether you are still in contract with the Company.

However, this is a slow process and can take up to 30 days. Also the probability to unlock your device remains the less.

You need patience to complete it. So, if you are in hurry or confused, it’s a better option to go with professional unlocking.

How to Unlock EE Phone Free

can i unlock my ee phone for free

To get your mobile free from any company restrictions is what all want.

Now, let us learn some cases to remove the lock of phone free of charge.

1. After A Certain Period

Some devices bought from an official EE store automatically unlock for free.

For instance, any iPhone sold on or beyond the 1st of September 2015 automatically opens after 18 months.

To check your iPhone’s unlocking status, you can send

UNLOCK” to 150.

You would typically receive a notification to confirm whether your mobile has automatically unlocked.

2. Phone Out Of Contract 

Aside from iPhones and Google Pixel phones, other devices bought from an official store also automatically unlock for free once your contract terminates.

But it usually takes years! All Pay Monthly and Small Business devices removes the restriction of your phone for free when out of your deal.

3. Depending On Plan

If you are a current customer of EE’s Pay As You Go or Flex plan, you can get your mobile unlocked for free if you bought it directly from an official store.

Unlike its Pay Monthly plan, you can request this at any time. Otherwise, you would need to pay a fixed fee.

If you bought an old mobile locked to the Company, you would not be able to removes the restriction of your mobile for free.

Instead, you would need to pay their customer service fee which is usually high.

All other handheld phones would also need an exclusive unlock code from EE’s customer service.

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Method 3. Contacting Another Carrier (Not Recommended)

You can also contact any other Network carrier to unlock your EE phone.

They will help you with the unlocking process.

But that said, they may charge a fee for the same which normally exceeds your expectations.

How Long The Unlocking Process Take?

# Free Method

Apple customers on some Pay Monthly plan can get their phones unlocked instantly.

But in normal cases, the Free Method can take more time and is a very complicated method (especially if you are a non-techy person).

For many devices, the Unlocking Process in free method may take up to 30 days for completion.

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# Professional Method

In Professional Unlocking it takes hardly 24 hours to complete the process. Even you can get it done within 6 hours or less! Moreover, most services offer a money-back guarantee unlocking and hence you should not worry about it.

Free or Professional EE Unlocking? Final Verdict

If you are a techy guy you can contact EE and find out the free option if available. But for others, considering the hassle and rigorous process involved, it is always a safe and better option to opt for a professional service for unlocking.

Most of them will unlock your device within a matter of 1-24 hours only.

Whether you are using a Samsung device or iPhone or any other models, you can take the help of professional service to unlock your EE phone. Time is money and you don’t want to follow the process for long.

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Instead, you can go for any Genuine EE Professional Unlocking services like DirectUnlocks for a worry-free and fast unlocking at the comfort of your home.

EE Unlock Phone Quick Links

How to Unlock EE Phone under Pay Monthly Plan?

If you are on existing pay monthly plan, you can get your phone unlocked by visiting the EE Website. Fill up the information and follow the onscreen instructions. If you meet the required conditions, your device will be unlocked.

How to Unlock EE Pay as You Go Phones?

Pay as you go customers can get their mobile phones unlocked at the time of purchasing from EE Store. To get your mobile unlocked you can Dial 150 from your device. Register your device first. When complete, go to Device Unlocking Guide and follow the onscreen Instructions.

How to Unlock Second Hand EE Phone?

If you have got a second hand phone from eBay or any other online store, you need to dial 150 to check if the device is available for unlocking. Else if you want a quick unlocking, you can use any professional unlocking service.

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