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Tesco Mobile Insurance : Detailed Review

Tesco Mobile insurance or Tesco phone insurance is a game-changer when it comes to mobile insurance. When we buy any mobile phone, we always want to keep it safe.

Either it is a high-end phone or a medium-range phone, its safety is what we care. Theft, loss, damages are a frequent problem that users face nowadays.

“So, getting mobile phone insurance can give you peace of mind while using the device whether on work, office or tour”

If you are curious to learn about “Phone Protect insurance Plan” from Tesco, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn in-depth about the insurance and come up with a decision.

Should You Trust Tesco Mobile Insurance?

Tesco Mobile Phone Insurance is a product of Tesco, an award-winning company with constant quality service to its customers. The company is Registered under the FCA, United Kingdom and hence you can be assured of its liability.

The Company offers various service right from Insurance to high-end devices. Its contract is flexible, and all the plans can be customized as per needs.

Quick Fact. Tesco Mobile uses O2’s network and hence you can be assured of 99% coverage all over the UK.

With its dedicated customer service, the company also serves Tesco Phone insurance which indeed is an add on that you should think to buy

Why Buy Tesco Mobile Insurance 

why buy tesco mobile insurance

Are you confused about whether you should go with a mobile insurance plan or not? Well, our advice will be you should buy any good mobile insurance. The benefits of buying Tesco Mobile Insurance are:

  • No fear of Accidental Damage, costly repair.
  • No fear of Theft or Loss in transit or tour.
  • Use “contract phone” without worrying.
  • You can be assured of a replacement device

Types of Tesco Mobile Insurance

For mobile users, Tesco has come up with two mobile insurance plans to suit different customers needs. They are as follows:

Damage Cover

As the name suggests, this plans include coverage of all accidental damages, cracked screen or any such damages. This coverage is for worldwide.

Full Cover

The full cover plan includes all the coverage of “Damage cover” plan. Plus, it also includes worldwide protection of the device from theft and loss.

Moreover, this expands the coverage even when the phone is used by other family members.

What does Tesco Phone Insurance Cover

what does tesco phone insurance covers

While buying any insurance coverage, it is a good idea to know all the coverage areas beforehand.

This will avoid any future complications while raising the claim with the company in case of device loss or damage. Knowing the rules and coverage terms can also give you an upper hand.

Damage Cover Plan

The main coverage that the Tesco Mobile Protect “Damage Cover Plan” provides are as follows:

  • Any accidental damage to the device
  • Malicious Attacks
  • Any damage caused by Pets
  • Breakdown of the device after the warranty

Full Cover Plan

The “Full Cover” Plan includes all the coverage of “Damage Plan” as shown above. Further, it also includes the following:

  • Loss of Device
  • In case of Theft

Note: Both the plan’s coverage includes protection all over the world. So, your device is under protection even you are outside the UK.

What it Does not Cover 

no coverage

Any insurance plan always shows you what they cover be it health insurance, house or mobile insurance.

So, you should also try to know what are the things that your phone insurance does not cover.

For easy reference we have presented some of the major issues that Tesco Mobile Protect does not cover:

  • Claim of theft or loss in “Damage Cover plan”
  • No coverage if premium not paid.
  • Claim for accessories only.
  • Cost of calls, text in case of the stolen phone.
  • Any damage caused by the alteration of the device.
  • Repair cost unless authorised by Tesco.
  • Any financial loss due to the loss or theft of the device.
  • Loss of Data or personal information.
  • No coverage if the device is confiscated by police.
  • More than two claims made within 12 months period.

How much Tesco Mobile Insurance Costs

The amount of fee that you need to pay varies from device to device. The price is decided on the value of the phone purchased and you need to show your welcome kit to prove it.

When your phone is accepted for the Tesco Mobile Protect Insurance, you will get notified of the premium to be paid.

This premium needs to be paid monthly. The plan only gets activated when you pay the first-month premium.

If you have more than one device, it is better to go for ‘Family Perks” to get some discounts.

How to Raise a Tesco Mobile Claim 

Tesco mobile protect claim

The most frustrating part of any insurance is the claim part. Let us know the steps to make a Tesco Mobile Protect insurance claim:

1.Try to Contact the Phone

Before making any complaint, you should try to search the device first. Try to call it or text it. Maybe your device is not lost but lying somewhere in your office or home.

You can contact the company by dialing the following numbers as per providers:

  • Tesco Mobile: 0345 301 4455
  • Vodafone :  0333 304 0191
  • EE: 07953 944 2502
  • 3: 0333 300 3333
  • O2: 0344 809 0202

For international, call at this number +44 345 030 3290 (use the location prefix before dialling)

2. Track the Device

Next step is to track the device. For iPhone, you can try iCloud Find my phone option.  For Android try the google device finder to track it.

3. File Police Complain

If nothing works and you are unable to find it, it is advisable to file complaints with the police. The criminal reference number is required during the claim settlement process.

4. Contact Company

When your device is lost or stolen, you should immediately call the company and inform the loss. Remember to do this step immediately or within 48 hours maximum.

5. Submit the Claim

Now go to Tesco insurance claim page and file the complaint either for damage, theft or loss. You will need to pay a small claim excess fee. If you can’t access the website you can call at 0345-030-3290 to submit the claim.

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Facts to Consider

Giving Correct Information

While making the claim try to give the correct information. Giving false information can lead to claim rejection. You may need to give them enough proof to prove the loss or theft or submit the crime reference number.


Also, submit the claim within 30 days of loss or damage of the device. After 30 days period, the equation will change, and it will depend on the Company’s terms.

Device Lock

When you apply for claim for any device, that device will be completely blocked by Tesco. So, keep this in mind. If you do not allow to block the device, your claim process will be stepped.

Tesco Phone Insurance – Replacement Device

replacement device


The Company sends the replacement device to your home the next day for an approved claim. Remember the replacement device may not be the same make, model or colour. Also, the company may send a refurbished product.

If there is a delay in sending you the replacement device the Company will pay a fine of £15 to you.

User Right

Remember, when Tesco receives your stolen device, it becomes the property of the Company and you have no right to claim it.

So, if you have availed the claim settlement you have no right to use your old device. Even if you recover it somewhere, you should return it to the company to avoid fine.

Cancel Tesco Phone Insurance 

cancel plan tesco

On purchase of Tesco phone Insurance, the plan gets activated for auto renewal for 59 months unless you cancel. The cancellation of the policy happens on three occasions and they are:

Auto Cancellation

The auto cancellation of Tesco Mobile Protect happens when you have availed the claim twice during a period of 12 months. In that case, the claim becomes auto-cancelled.

Cancellation within 28 Days

It may happen that days after purchasing you have changed the mood. In that case, you can cancel the plan within 28 days and you will get the refund.

To cancel within 28 days, contact the Company and ask them to cancel the plan for you.

Cancellation at Later Time

After 28 days, you can cancel the plan at any time but the fees will not be refunded. However, the plan will cease on the month the premium stops.

For cancellation also, you need to contact the support staff to cancel the insurance for you. Otherwise, the premium will get auto deducted.

Tips for Easy Claim Processing

  • Know the important terms and conditions.
  • Block the phone immediately in case of theft.
  • File claim within 30 days period
  • Return the damaged device to the company if any
  • Give correct information while filing


Tesco Mobile Insurance is a great protective option for your phone. You can use your device freely and live a worry-free life if your device is protected.

Hence, you can go for this mobo insurance. Before buying do check the plan details and keep in mind the basic rules in case you need to file a claim.

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