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Is Suddenlink Down and How to Report

Why is Suddenlink Down? – This Question is not good for Suddenlink as well as for Users. This is, infact, not a question but frustration for both ends.

Imagine the situation you are watching your favorite show with your family, and the internet suddenly goes down.

It is a terrible situation for all of us. The same applies when our call gets disconnection many times.

About Company

Suddenlink is one of the largest companies in the USA. It provides many services with unmatched quality in each of them. The quality that they provide is imposing.

Their service includes high-speed internet, television, Wi-Fi, Phone, and internet security system.

But this company has deteriorated its quality over the years; users have reported thousands of failures in televisions, telephones, Wi-Fi, internet, or even by a total blackout of the services.

These problems have generated controversy and annoyance among customers. Many of these have even completely suspended the services.


These problems happen mainly because of the downtime of your service provider.

The downtime of any Service can cause massive loss of time, money, and, most importantly, peace of mind.These errors can happen all of a sudden on which the service provider has no control over it.

Many users have questions in their mind like 

  • What are the reasons for the service downtime
  • How long will the the downtime will last
  • How to report a downtime
  • Is suddenlink down in my area

Let us discuss why the service is down and how we can check if Suddenlink is down in your area.

Most Reported Failures

suddenlink most reported failures

As per independent research, in 2019-20, Suddenlink had the highest numbers of Downtime failures. This company’s services have deteriorated a bit.

This is the reason why it has lost 20% of its users.

The user loss is imminent, and the main reasons behind it are frequent failures of Suddenlink and its high price.

While analyzing the data, it came out that the failures that users reported to the company are mainly for Internet Failures. Let us have a look at the main failures of this company.

Some of the most reported failures of the provider are as follows:

  • Internet Outage or Internet Downtime
  • Phone failures took
  • Wi-Fi failures
  • Cable television not working
  • Email failures

If we take in consideration, as per the data analysis, users of these states reports more of these failures

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix
  • Kansas City
  • Detroit
  • Greensburg
  • Cabot
  • Austin, among others.

Although the amount of complaints by users vary from state to state, the provider has lost a bit of its high credibility among its users to a certain extent.

The provider states that it provides a service with 1% of failures in the United States. These manifestations lack credibility for those large affected areas just mentioned.

In summary, one could say that this Company needs to reorganize its service and maintain each one of them to attract more customers.

Internet Failure

suddenlink internet failure

As mentioned above, there are many problems that users report to Suddenlink. But the major failure that the service provider receives from its users is “Internet failure or Internet Downtime.”

Quick Fact. Internet Downtime amounts to 67% of all complains that the company receives from its users.

Downtime can happen anytime and at any location. This can affect your daily work and routine and can frustrate you.

The downtime of the network is painful for both users and the provider.  It affects speed and quality on Internet. Though Suddenlink internet service is very efficient and safe for many users, this does not mean that the Company escapes from failures.

Why is Suddenlink Down

reasons suddenlink down

Suddenlink Internet service is very efficient and preferred one for many users. But the Company also faces the heat of downtime failures. These failures create a lot of frustration among its users.

It is worth mentioning that all major companies face this downtime issues.

Service downtime can cause substantial financial loss to any service provider. Also, dealing with frustrated users can be a headache for them.

But the most users ask “why is Suddenlink down? Reasons for Suddenlink downtime?”

Let us now understand the reasons for the downtime.

  • Fibre Cable cut. 
  • Network Congestion
  • Power Outage
  • Company hardware failure
  • Hacking of company system
  • Unseen Natural disasters.

These are in brief some of the major reason why you may face OUTAGE issue with Suddenlink.

How to check if Suddenlink is Down 

check suddenlink failure in your area

Usually, Suddenlink failure depends on the locality where you are residing. In the United States, the shortcomings of the services by the company can be seen mostly in hilly areas.

However, many times other areas also face the problem.It is effortless to know if service is down due to failures on the part of the service provider.

There are various methods to know if suddenlink is down in your are and they are as follows:

Suddenlink Website

First, check the type of failure from the Suddenlink website. Here, you will know if the problem is for the Internet, television, Wi-Fi, or any other services that the company provides.

Also, you will know the approximate time when your problem will be fixed. Usually, these service failures can be from minutes to hours or a day.

The provider will try to solve them as quickly as possible so that you can keep enjoying their service without any interruptions.

Customer Service

You can call customer support to know if Suddenlink is down in your area. They will promptly let you know the exact reason for failure and when you can expect to get your service restored.

Also, they will let you know if the problem that you are facing are due to some connection or wiring problems.

This way, you can be sure of the exact reason for your failure.

Check Neighbor

Check with your friends in your area if they are facing the same problem.If you find that their service has no errors, maybe your connection has some other issues like wiring malfunctioning, etc.

In that case, call technical support and rectify your problem.

How do I report a Suddenlink Failure

report a suddenlink failure

The company keeps its networks active to report failures or an event while you use its service. It has efficient technical assistance which will solve the fault you are facing. But for this, you must first report a failure.

The way to report failure varies. It depends on how severe your problem is and if the problem exists with your connection only or in a particular area.

The easy ways to report a Failure are as follows

1. Customer Service

The best way to report to the company is through your customer service. They will certainly answer all your questions and make note of the problems that you complained.

For Suddenlink Technical support: 877-794-2724

2. Company Website

You can visit the company’s website and raise a complaint. You can log in to your account and raise a complaint.You can also take the help of the online chat service of the service provider to report your issue.

3. Social Media

The power of Social Media is beyond our imagination. For reporting an issue, you can utilize this platform. The company can also be contacted through social networks such as Twitter.They have it very active, and you can expect a quick reply to your doubts or complaint.

Before you complain, make sure you extract the service in which you are facing the problem, i.e., internet, television, or Phone.

In one way or another, you can report your failures with telephony, the internet, or some other service that the company manages.

What Users Say

The service provider has maintained its service for many years, and it is not easy to give error-free service all the time.

There is no doubt that users face problems in all aspects of connectivity, but they always solve it as soon as possible.

Only better control and maintenance are needed to sustain the effectiveness of the service, and lower customer complains.

Quick Fact. Although the company has failures, many of its customers say that the service is excellent now.


Currently and despite reports like downtime, this company has brought the fastest and most stable internet over the competition.

Its attention has been very well directed to this specific aspect, making his clients forget those constant failures that it presents.People expect the company to  improve its system and ensures unmatched stability for its users.

Undoubtedly and despite everything, Suddenlink is and will continue to be one of the best companies on the Internet and television.

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