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Plusnet Call Protect : All You Need to Know

Plusnet Call protect is a good addition to your phone privacy and many a time it comes handy. This feature from Plusnet can assure you peaceful time at your home.

Getting too many unwanted calls is a trend these days. Be it telemarketing calls or from unknown persons, these calls can waste your precious time.

If you are a user of Plusnet and facing this excessive unknown call issue, it is better to activate this feature immediately.

Let us learn the instructions on how we can activate this feature.

What is Plusnet Call Protect

what is plusnet call protect

Plusnet Call Protect is a special feature from the company that helps you to block unwanted calls from your landline. When some marketers of persons are disturbing you too much you can activate this feature to block all their calls.

This great addition to your privacy helps in many ways, like:

  • Blocking Telemarketing calls
  • Spam Calls
  • Block fraud
  • Detect and block Unknown numbers

The best part of this protection is that the company blocks spam callers by itself from its lists of nuisance callers.

Pros and Cons 

Every feature whether in telecom or any field comes with some certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are given below.

The main pros and cons of this call protections system are as follows:


Auto Blocking. This privacy system automatically blocks all know spam callers. This way you can be assured not to receive known junk calls.

Your List. The good part of this feature is that you can add 100 numbers into your list. You just need the junk number to add it to the list.

Auto Voicemail Junk. It also helps to divert the call to voicemail junk for spam calls for unknown numbers, international etc


No pre-activated. Yes, this feature is not pre-activated by default. So, you need to activate yourself.

Addition of number. Sometimes the addition of a number can take lots of time and the phone call to 1572 may not connect easily.

Block List. The amount of numbers that you can add to your block list is very limited. The company sets it as 100 to be precise.

How to use Plusnet Call Protect

how to use plusnet call protect

To use Plusnet Call protect feature, you must do some setup first. To make things easy for you, we have presented the must know information for you.


To activate this feature, you need to login into your Plusnet members area. Locate ‘Plusnet call protection’ and ‘activate’ the product.

That’s it and you are good to go! But before activation makes sure you have checked its serviceability in your area from support staff.

How to add a number

So, now you have activated your calling protection feature. Now it’s time to add a number to your allotted list of 100 numbers. To add any spam number to your block list do the following:

  • Dial 1572 form your phone from your landline.
  • When connected, get access to junk mailbox and settings
  • Follow the on call instructions and add the number
  • Congrats! You have added the number to your block list.

After the addition of a number to your personal blacklist, that number can leave a voicemail which you can hear by dialing 1572 if you want.

Activation Fees

This call protection feature from Plusnet comes free of charge with your landline connection. Also calling to 1572 is totally free from your landline.

So, you won’t be charged to add any number to your blacklist when you call.

But you need to activate this feature from your personal login as this is not pre-activated by default.

Fix Plusnet Call Protect not Working

plusnet call protect not working

Sometimes the privacy feature may not work for you. This happens mainly due to improper setup on the users’ part.

If your Plusnet call protect feature is not working for you it can lead to frustrations especially from junk calls. To fix this issue do the following:

1. Check Activation. First, check if you have activated the privacy option or not. Login to your member portal and figure it out.

2. Support Staff. If you have activated it but still not working, it is the time of call support staff. Just provide your landline number & raise a ticket.

3. Reset. Further, you can deactivate the “call protection” feature and again add the privacy feature. This works for many. Try it!

4. Check. To check if the protection is working, add one number to check its functionality. If not, contact support staff to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

What to do if Call Protect list is full?

Since Plusnet only allows you to add 100 numbers in your protect list, you cannot add more. If you want to add more number, you need to reset the call protection feature.

To reset, remove the protection option and add it again. But remember this will delete your old blacklist and hence use this option carefully.

Is Call protection Feature free?

Yes, the call protection feature form Plusnet is totally free and you do not need to pay a single pound for it.

Can you block international calls?

Yes, this privacy feature allows you to block international numbers also. The process remains the same as mentioned above.


This call protect feature form Plusnet is a good addition to the company’s features kitty and surely help landline users to have a peaceful time.

Just make sure you have activated it properly. After that when some spam callers disturb you, you know now what to do!

However, if you receive life threatening calls it is better to report it to police and not blocking it. This is because blocking is not the solution to such calls.

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