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Troubleshooting Plusnet WiFi Not Working in Easy Steps

plusnet wifi not working

But like any other network and telecommunications company, these problems are usual and occur with other services.

With the increasing need for a stable internet connection, we know how frustrating it would be for homeowners to experience network connection lapses.

Luckily, there are several quick and easy techniques you can do on your own before contacting Plusnet's support team.

  • Slow WiFi
  • Network disappearing
  • Won’t connect to WiFi

Let us learn how we can fix these issues!

Common Plusnet WiFi Not Working Reasons

reasons plusnet wifi not working

There are several reasons why your Plusnet WiFi is experiencing issues.

But the first step that you should always do before troubleshooting your device is to identify why it is not working.

Below are the common reasons why your internet connection is not performing at its peak condition:

1. Your Phone Line is Noisy

The most common reason why you have a poor internet connection is due to a noisy phone line.

When this occurs, you may observe Plusnet no internet light on your router.

2. You have Loose Wires

Aside from a noisy phone line, you may also have loose cables.

 Homeowners like you may tend to overlook this issue.

But as simple as it may seem, loose plugs may disrupt your WiFi signal from reaching your devices.

3. You are not using the Master Socket

Another reason you may overlook is the master socket.

To get the best network connection, you must plug your wires here because this is where your broadband signal is the strongest.

4. You do not have Microfilters

Microfilters separate your phone line and network connection.

Hence, not using microfilters may disrupt your internet and result in a noisy phone line.

Plusnet WiFi Quick Fix

restart device

The steps to restart the routers correctly are as follows:

  • Remove the power cable of router from mains
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes
  • Plug the device again
  • Wait for 5-6 minutes and try connecting again.

Plusnet WiFi Not Working Troubleshooting Methods

troubleshoot plusnet wifi not working

Although there are several reasons why your Plusnet WiFi may not be working, there are arguably many quick and easy methods to resolve these issues.

 Before sending a Plusnet fault reporting, make sure to try these techniques first to prevent shelling out a couple of pounds for an engineer visit in your home.

Method 1 - Report Noisy Phone Line

report noisy phone

You can do so by unplugging all the wires connected to your phone socket and then reconnecting them.

If this method does not resolve your problem, try securing your wired connections.

Method 2 - Secure Wire Connections

secured wire connection

Wired connections sometimes fix your network issues. However, you may tend to overlook loose and lousy cables.

So, if your dial tone is up and running, make sure to do the following reminders before moving on to the next method:

  • Check whether you plugged your cables into the right sockets. If you are connected using an Ethernet cable, make sure to secure its connection tightly into your LAN1 socket or Ethernet/WAN port.
  • Meanwhile, if you have the Technicolor 582n or the Plusnet 2704n at home, plug your Ethernet cable into the fourth port located at the back of your device.

Method 3 - Connect Router to Your Master Socket

connect master socket

Aside from checking if you have loose cables, make sure to connect your router to your master socket.

If you have seen a square white socket fixed on your wall, then there is a massive chance that this is where you should plug your device for minimal signal disruptions.

Below are the common areas where you can locate your master socket at home:

  • In your hallway
  • Neat your front door
  • Underneath or around your windows
  • In your attic or basement

There are instances where your house may have a double master socket installed on the wall.

If you do, then you would not need any microfilters anymore.

Method 4 - Replace Microfilters

replace microfilters

Not all houses have a double master socket installed on their walls.

If this is the case, then you would need to connect your router through a microfilter.

Do not worry because you can do this method without using an extension cord.

Method 5 - Reconnect to Your Router

reconnect router

If you are experiencing Plusnet no internet light issues even after trying out all the above methods, we suggest reconnecting to your router.

You can try out the following steps to guide you throughout the process:

Method 6 - Update the Router Firmware

update plusnet firmware

If your connection is still not fixed, you can update the router firmware.

Updating the router firmware automatically removes all known and unknown connection issues.

Normally, the company pushes automatic firmware update to your router.

However, if you feel, your router has not received any updates for a long time, you can check the current version of the firmware.

Then you need to contact the support staff.

To know the current version of the firmware, you can do the following:

  • Login into your router on IP address
  • Go to the Helpdesk option
  • Check the firmware version
  • If you see an older version, contact the support staff

Method 7 - Get a Mesh WiFi System

mesh wifi plusnet

A mesh wireless system extends the WiFi connection and ensures that every corner of your house gets the same signal strength.

 This little investment can go a long way to eradicate your frequent WiFi woes forever.

How to Do a Plusnet Fault Reporting

If you have tried all the five methods we discussed, you may need to wait within three days until your internet connection returns to its peak condition.

However, there may be instances where these issues do not go away.

When such a situation arises, you can reach out to Plusnet's technical support team.

plusnet fault reporting

Here is how you can report any issue with this feature:

1. Fill up their Broadband Fault Checker online. Make sure to put all the necessary and specific details.

2. After filling up the form, you would need to wait within 48 to 72 working hours.

3. During this timeframe, their support team will check the following details on your phone line:

  • Your connection rate
  • Your exchange equipment
  • Your past network connection information

4. Finally, their support team will provide you with a summary of your issue and some troubleshooting steps you can try out.


However, if there is a major outage or major issue with your connection, then you must contact the support team of the company.

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