how to get catch up tv on freeview

How to Get Catch Up TV On Freeview – Fool Proof Guide

How to get Catch Up TV on Freeview? There is nothing more frustrating than missing the broadcast of one of your favourite shows.

Fortunately, the rise of Catch Up TV provides you with the means to keep track of your most awaited programmes despite your busy schedule.

But with its increasing popularity and convenience, is it possible to get Catch Up TV on your device?

Today, we will walk you through everything you should know about this in-demand feature, as well as how to get Catch Up TV on Freeview.

Freeview Catch Up TV Service

Missing your favourite shows is no longer a huge issue here in the United Kingdom because most television broadcasters come with their very own Catch Up TV service.

But what makes this feature more exciting is that you can get these programmes for free!

What is Catchup TV

catch tv on freeview

So what should you know about this television service? Catch Up TV allows you to revisit past shows on your devices, be it on your television screen, smartphone, laptop, or game console.

As a matter of fact, the latest set-top boxes and smart television sets come with this service for free. However, the availability of these shows may vary from one brand to another.

The UK’s leading digital television service provider, otherwise known as Freeview, incorporates these programmes on its extensive channel list for free.

Thus, all you need to access these shows is a working television aerial and a stable internet connection.

What Shows Have This Service?

Subscribing to this entertainment service allows you to watch over 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels of the country’s most-awaited and major broadcasts, all for free.

But aside from this thrilling number, you also get access to the following television services:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • CBS
  • Channel 4 and E4
  • Channel 5
  • ITV Hub
  • NOW TV
  • UKTV Play

These entertainment platforms allow you to watch various award-winning films, comedies, dramas, and documentaries at your own pace for at most 30 days.

You can also download these episodes on your devices and take them with you on your vacation.

How To Get Catch Up TV on Freeview

how to get freeview catch up

Do the benefits of Freeview, coupled with this excellent Catch Up TV service, interest you?

Then, let us now move on to how you can get this amazing feature on your devices.

There are three easy options to get Catch Up TV on Freeview. The first two involve purchasing a new television set or one of this entertainment platform’s set-top boxes.

Meanwhile, the third option allows you to catch up on your missed favourite programmes on your smartphone, tablet, or game console.

1. Television Set with Freeview Play

If you recently bought a smart TV in the past three years, then there is a massive chance that you already have the Freeview Play app installed on your television.

But if not, you can purchase from their list of television models here.

freeview with tv

A fair amount of television brands have teamed up with this digital television service to provide you access to their on-demand shows.

Some of these models come from popular names like LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Hisense Roku.

However, Freeview Play is also evolving to support Android television operating systems in several Sony, TCL, and Philips models.

2. Freeview Play Set-Top Boxes

However, we know that not everyone has the luxury to buy a new television set.

Fortunately, Freeview also offers a wide range of set-top and recording boxes. These products come from highly sought after brands such as Manhattan, Humax, and Panasonic.

set top box

You also have the option to choose between a regular set-top box or a more advanced one that allows you to record your favourite episodes with its 500GB to 1TB storage.

The latter, of course, will be cheaper than the former.

3. Freeview Application

Recently, Freeview launched its mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. Aside from these two, you can also get it on your tablet or Chromecast.

It gives you over 25 free-to-air programmes and highly functional features similar to its television counterpart.

app freeeview

You can browse through your channel list, create reminders for your awaited shows, and catch up on your missed programmes.

Just visit and download this application from the Google Playstore or App Store.

Afterward, choose the region you are currently in, then catch up on your favourite shows.

How to Access Catch Up TV on Freeview

how to access catch up tv on freeview

Once you have downloaded the mobile application or installed your new television set or set-top box, you can now easily access a wide range of Catch Up TV programmes in just a few clicks.

Below are quick and easy steps to help you make the most out of the benefits of this service:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Tools

setup tools

The first step you would need to take is to check whether you have a working TV aerial and a stable internet connection.

If one of these is not functioning properly, you may experience issues later on.

Step 2 – Browse Your Extensive Channel List

browse channels

Once all your tools are good to go, push the green button on your remote to access your extensive list of channels.

You can go to either your Explore TV section to see a personalized screen of your favourite programmes or make use of the Browse and Search feature to find a particular show.

Catch Up On Your Missed Shows Anytime

Freeview offers an extensive list of free-to-air channels on your devices.

But aside from its standard and high definition programmes, you also get access to its Catch Up TV services, which allow you to keep track of your favourite shows, despite your busy schedule.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to access the Freeview Catch Up TV services on your old Freeview devices at home.

So, you would need to either buy a new television set or set-top box or install the application on your device.

Hopefully, this article guides you on your journey to catching up on your favourite programmes anytime.

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