how to check if tv aerial is working

How to Check If TV Aerial Is Working Or Not?

How to check if TV aerial is working ? If this question has crossed your mind, don’t fret because you are not alone.

Many homeowners across the United Kingdom use these devices to access thousands of channels at home.

But when these devices malfunction, we tend to miss out on our most awaited programs.

Well, if you are among the many people wondering how they can go about this problem, then you have found the perfect place!

Here, we will look at why your aerial does not have any signal and the possible techniques to check for this issue.

No TV Signal from Aerial

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in front of your television screens, only to see a “No signal” message instead of your most awaited show.

For binge-watchers and those waiting for the next episode of their favourite program this leads to frustrations.

When this occurs, you may have the urge to shout and throw things to release your frustration.

But to troubleshoot this issue correctly, you need to identify the root cause of no TV signal from aerial.

Below is a list of the usual reasons for this problem:

#1 Extreme Weather Conditions

First on our list are extreme weather conditions.

Since we place aerials on top of our roofs, they may get damaged when a typhoon passes.

Strong winds can also move this device in the wrong position.

#2 Faulty Aerials

Even though there are no storms or strong winds, you may still have damaged TV aerial on your roofs due to problems during installation.

Light downpours may also cause water damage to your device.

But besides these two reasons, a worn-out aerial may also be the root cause of your dilemma.

#3 Damaged Aerial Cable

Aside from damaged aerials, you may also receive a no signal error on your television screen because of a faulty or loose aerial cable.

#4 Wrong Television Settings

If you do not have any signal, it may be because you have pressed a button on your remote, causing several changes in your input settings.

But if you recently moved into a new home, you need to tune your television appropriately.

How to Check if TV Aerial is Working?

Now that you know the typical reasons why your device may not be getting any signal, it will be a lot easier on your part to troubleshoot this issue. Follow the steps one by one to check if your aerial is working or not.

Here is how to check if your TV antenna is working:

Step 1 – Make Sure Power Supply and Amplifier Are On

Modern televisions usually have their very own power supply and amplifier.

When one of them is off, then you might not get any signal on your screen.

That said, always check the connection and condition of these two devices.

Step 2 – Secure Your Aerial Cable Connection

Another easy technique to check whether your TV antenna is working is to check if you have loose aerial cable connections.

If not, plug the cord tightly and securely into your television port and power outlet.

This step may seem obvious and straightforward, but it has proven effective in resolving this issue.

Step 3 – Check If the Issue Is with Your TV Or Cable

To check your issue’s root cause, you need to identify if your problem is with your aerial cable or television.

The first thing you should do is to plug your cord into another TV. If you get a signal, then your issue may be with your other TV set.

Aside from the technique above, you can also rule out whether your issue is with your cable or television by connecting another working aerial cable into your television port.

If you get a signal, then your problem is with your cord. In such cases, you need to replace it with a new and functional cable.

Step 4 – Connect Other Devices into Your Television

You can also determine whether your TV antenna is at fault by connecting other devices like a DVD player or game console into your television.

If you experience issues with this, you have a massive chance that you have a faulty antenna.

Step 5 – Check Input Source

If you previously changed your television’s input source settings, you may experience getting no signal from your TV aerial.

To check whether you have the wrong settings, press the Source or Input button on your television and enable your TV or DTV settings.

Step 6 – Tune Your Television

You may have a difficult time accessing your previous channels after moving to a new area.

In such instances, you would need to tune your television again. You also need to purchase a new transmitter because different locations have varying television frequencies.

Step 7 – Test Your Aerial Signal Strength

Another technique to check if you have a faulty antenna is by checking its signal strength.

For this method, you need to use an aerial tester, which usually comes with your TV antenna.

But if you do not have one at home, you can purchase this at your local mall or on Amazon.

This affordable tool has a set of LED lights that show you the signal strength coming through your aerial cable.

You can easily manage this device without any form of training, but you would need an F-plug connector to conduct this test.

Step 8 – Check Your TV Antenna

When checking whether you have a faulty TV antenna, your last resort should be climbing to your roof to examine its condition and position.

But in some cases, you may observe apparent changes with your device from the ground.

If you see damages or corrosion on your TV antenna, then you should purchase a new one as soon as possible.

Get the Best Signal Reception

Watching your favourite channels on your television screen is one of the most relaxing activities you can do at home.

But getting pixelated shows and even a no signal message can get frustrating.

We hope this article guides you on how to check if TV aerial is working or not.

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