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How to Change Sky WiFi Password in Easy Steps

It’s important to know how to change Sky WiFi Password immediately after you have purchased it. Newly bought modems come with the company’s default security details.

However, things may get a bit out of hand if you fail to change them.

“Also, you may sometimes forget your password and as a result this can create frustrations when Internet is not working for you.

Today, we will take a closer glance at how to change Sky WiFi password and the possible risks that it entails if you do not change it.

If you want a fool proof guide on changing Sky WiFi password, this guide is for you!

Why Change Sky Broadband WiFi Password?

why change sky wifi password

When you purchase a new Sky router, you will find the default Sky admin password and username at the back of your modem.

People who struggle with remembering their security network keys may enjoy having these easy to read and remember details written on their routers.

But there is one downside to this.

Most modems come with well-known same security details, so if you do not change them immediately, you may put your network and devices at risk.

Cyber-criminals can easily share your information online, making your WiFi easily hackable.

Among the possible issues that you may encounter from these hackers include potential changes to your settings and the eventual lockout from your network.

How to Change WiFi Password Sky (To New)

how to change wifi password sky

So, if you have stumbled upon the question, “How to change my Sky WiFi password?” this section is perfect for your wandering thoughts.

You do not need to worry because updating your security details is incredibly straightforward.

Below is a step-by-step guide to change your Sky broadband security details.


Step 1 – Connect to Your Sky Broadband

Connect to your Sky broadband router on any device that you have and open a new tab on your preferred web browser.

Step 2 – Enter the Default Gateway

Type into the address bar of your browser and press Enter.

default ip

Step 3 – Choose Change Wireless Password Menu

Select Change Wireless Password in the Useful Settings box located on the right side of your screen.

Step 4 – Enter Your Security Details

Once you an authentication box pops up on the webpage, enter your username and security network key.

sky authetication

If you had not changed your home network security details before, enter the following information:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: sky

Quick Fact

You can find these two pieces of information at the back of your router. However, newer Sky Hubs have a random string of characters for passwords, lowering their chances of getting hacked.

Step 5 – Update Your Security Details

Scroll through the webpage until you reach the section called “WPA2-PSK Security Encryption.”

new password

In this menu, you can change your previous security network key with a new one as long as it is between 8 and 63 characters long.

Make it memorable and combine symbols, upper and lowercase letters, and numbers for added security.

Step 6 – Apply Changes

Select the Apply button to save your new network settings.

Step 7 – Reconnect Devices

Reconnect all your gadgets, including your smart home devices, by choosing your network from your WiFi settings menu and entering your new security details.

Quick Fact

Once you have completed all the steps above, all your devices will get disconnected from your hub.

Consequently, you would need to enter your new security details again for every gadget you have.

Changing Your Sky Hub Log in Security Details

change hub log in

Aside from this, any modified hub settings, such as your log in details, will also get reset.

You can do the following steps below to change the security details that you use to sign in.

# Connect to Your Sky Broadband

Connect to your Sky broadband and enter on your browser, similar to the previous section.

#  Enter the Default Security Details

Since changing your WiFi also resets your hub security details, you would need to log in to your account using the default username and security network key below:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: sky

#  Access the Maintenance Settings Menu

Go to the Maintenance settings menu and set your new security network key.

#  Update Your Password

Enter the default password into the Old Password field and enter a new one into both the New Password and Repeat New Password boxes.

#  Apply Changes

Select the Apply button to save your new network settings and reconnect all your devices.

Keeping Your Network Safe from Hackers

remove hackers

For additional security, we recommend you change your home network security details periodically.

You can change the security network key of your router every 30 to 90 days. Planning it out and setting a monthly schedule can also help you keep this habit.

You can also secure your passwords by combining symbols, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols.

If you are having a challenging time remembering your new security details, you can use a password manager like NordPass and LastPass to track it.

How To Change Sky WiFi Password (To Default)

default sky wifi password

But what happens if you find yourself clueless about your original security details?

Luckily, Sky has anticipated this possible issue and developed a function on your router, which you can depend on when things get out of hand.

Follow the steps below to change your Sky broadband router password if you have forgotten it.


Step 1 – Press the Reset Button

Find the Reset button at the back of your Sky broadband router. Press and hold it for at least five seconds.

reset sky wifi router

Step 2 – Enter the Default Security Details

Wait for a few minutes and enter the default network name and password found at the back of your router.

Step 3 – Reconnect Devices

Reconnect all your devices to your new WiFi settings.

Changing Your Sky Router Password At A Glance!

Hopefully, this post answers all your questions concerning how to change Sky WiFi password at home.

Remember, updating your home network security details every 30 to 90 days is an excellent way to keep yourself away from possible hackers.

Now, you do not need to worry about getting locked out from your very own network.

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