How to Buy Additional Sky Q Mini Box : Fool Proof Guide

how to buy additional sky q mini box

How to Buy Additional Sky Q Mini Box – is the question that remains still unanswered from Sky! Yes, you hear it correctly. The Company does not seem to make things clear before subscribers fearing revenue loss if all customers avail additional boxes.

But what if you want an additional Box for your home? Or should you buy the box from E-bay or Amazon UK?

Well, do not worry! Read this article to learn how to buy additional Sky Q Box and learn all the important terms in buying.

Buy Additional Box - Cheapest Way

cheap way

When you plan to buy an additional Sky Q Mini Box, it is obvious for us to go for the cheapest possible route.

Quick Fact. The cheapest way to buy additional box is to “buy the product and install” it yourself.

By self install you can avoid additional charges of the Engineer visit. So, if you feel confident about installing the box, go for self-installation.

Additional Box Limit

As per rules of the Company, you can purchase only four mini boxes for your Q device. So, buying the fifth device is not permitted. The main reason to limit the number of device buying is for better usability and user experience.

Also, you can use two boxes simultaneously and turning on another box can cause errors. So, we recommend turning off the unused boxes if not in use. This way you can enjoy uninterrupted Sky services.

Now let us learn how you can get additional Sky Q Box. There are two ways through which you can get one mini device for your use. These are as follows.

How to Buy Additional Sky Q Box

steps to buy additional sky q mini box

Buying Online

The first method is to go online on the Sky Website and buy it. The procedure is mentioned below:

  • Login to Sky website
  • Go to the “Products & Packages”
  • Scroll down and go right and select “Sky Q Experience”
  • Click “Found out more” option at the bottom.
  • A screen opens with Box Offerings
  • Click “Add a Mini Box”
  • Check the Amount & Place order.

Calling Support Staff

If the online option is down or unavailable, you can go through the traditional method. Contact Sky support staff and ask for an additional Mini device.

Make sure you mention that the mode of installation i.e. through Engineer or Self Install.

The best part of getting the mini device through this method is that you can get it at a much-discounted rate. So, go offline and get a deal!

Whatever method you choose, the company will ship the box immediately. You can expect the box to reach within 2-4 days.

Buying from Other Sources

buying from thirdparty website

In this world of E-Commerce, you can see the mini box on other third party websites also. Moreover, the deal you may get there may be quite lucrative.

But the question is – Should you buy from a third party website?

We do not recommend you to buy any box from third party websites like Amazon, E-bay, etc. This is because many users report that these devices brought from the mentioned sites do not work properly.

Sky is a legal company, and hence any Q box sold otherwise is termed “illegal” as chances are there that these devices are stolen devices sold online. If Sky notices this, they will block the device immediately.

So, avoid buying any mini box from a third-party website or you may waste your money.

Ownership after Purchase

So, you have made an order for your Sky Q mini box. You may have paid the amount and think you have brought the device. But remember, the box is the sole property of Sky and you have no right to claim its ownership.

The price (usually £69) is the administration and one-time activation fees. It is not the price of the device. Hence, when you need to terminate your Sky service, you are bound to return the mini box.

As per Sky terms of use, the device that you may receive is on loan and you need to return upon cancellation of service. Below is the list of all devices that you need to return to Sky at the end of subscription:

  • Sky Q 1TB box
  • Sky Q 2TB box
  • Sky Q Mini box
  • Sky Q remote(s), Cables & Accessories
  • Sky Q Hub
  • Sky Broadband Booster

Box Price & Monthly Fees

price additional sky q mini box

Price & Monthly Fees

The price of the mini box depends on the mode of installation. You can save a few extra bucks if you know the installation process. The pricing details are as follows:

Engineer Installation. If you go for regular pricing the Mini box is priced at around £69. So, adding the Engineer visit, the amount goes to £99.

Self Installation. If you decide to do the Sky box self-installation, you can get the device without the Engineer visit fees. The prices fluctuate from time to time. But on an average, you can expect to get the device at £69 + Postage is £6 so £75 all in.

Monthly Fees

Since you are already paying the £13 for the Sky Q Experience/multiscreen there is no need to pay additional monthly fees for all the additional mini boxes.


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We hope you have got enough idea on how to buy additional Sky Q Mini Box. We at Xtrium, recommend our readers to go for Sky box by calling customer support. Though the process can take time and patience, it is fruitful as you can get a good discount from the support staff!

Also, after installing the mini-box if you get any additional bill immediately contact the Company. It’s true that the Company does not want to reveal the product to every customer but still you can get it!

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