How to Get a Sky WiFi Booster : Detailed Guide

how to get a sky wifi booster
How to Get a Sky WiFi Booster

How to get a Sky WiFi booster is what Sky users always wonder. This is because of unreliable connection in your home or office? Even with the best brands in the business, you cannot expect a full range of your existing router in every part of your house or office. This is because every router has its limitations.

Hence, to make the most out of your Internet plan, it is essential to enhance your current Wi-Fi network’ capacity. With a Sky WiFi booster or extender, you can certainly avoid this hassle and maximize the existing internet connection.

“This device can enhance your current Wi-Fi network to all corner in your home, office, and even to multiple floors of a building”.

So, let us learn how to get a Sky Wi-Fi booster, in case you are facing fluctuations with your Wi-Fi connection range and want to boost the signal strength of your Internet.

What is a Sky WiFi Booster?

sky wifi booster

Sky WiFi booster is an Internet signal amplifier device that you can install as a device to boost the network. This device can help the Wifi signal reach all parts of your house, even the hard-to-reach areas of your home.

By installing a extender can enhance the existing network coverage in your home or house and give it a boost. The device can help WiFi signal reach even the remote part of your house.

It works using the connection from the router and your wireless devices (laptops, phones) and captures the transmission pushed into your device before the router even receives it.

Once the router has received the information, it forwards it to the web servers. This process ensures that all locations within reach are covered with even internet speed.

How does a WiFi Booster Works

how wifi booster works

So, you may want to know how a booster can help you to strengthen your network reach. A extender acts as a bridge between your device and the router when the signal is outside the range of the router.

The booster mainly does the following:

  • Connects to a Network. The extender first connects to an existing network of your house.  Then it acts as a Network Client.
  • Access Point for Other Devices. The booster then acts as an access point so that you can connect other devices easily.
  • Boost the Range.  The extender increases the signal range or boosts it so that the network power remains the same in all areas.

Sky Q and Sky Broadband Booster

Sky Q Wi-Fi Booster

If your Sky Q Wi-Fi Hub is not working well in parts, a booster can definitely help you improve the network reach and reliability.

Entertainment at the comfort of your own home shouldn’t be interrupted. A booster can improve signal quality between your Sky Q Hub and the Sky Q Box.

This extender is used for the Sky Q Satellite Box so you can stream movies and shows at enhanced quality and without buffering. It boosts the signal for Sky by improving the Wi-Fi signal and creating new access points for transmission.

Sky Broadband Booster

Is your broadband not reaching all corners of your house? Similar to Sky Q, you can also take the help of a extender if you want.

There is no restriction from the company in case you want to purchase it from a third-party store. Just make sure the extender is compatible with the Sky Broadband modem and router.

This extra instrument can secure that there is a strong signal in every corner. If your broadband connection is not giving, you’re the minimum speed as per your contract, you should ask the Company for a Wi-Fi booster.

In case, you have chosen Wi-Fi Guarantee form the Company, you can ask the company for a free booster. This broadband exteder can certainly help you fix the network reach issues that you may be facing.

How to Get a Sky WiFi Booster

how to get wifi booster from sky

It’s quite easy to get your hands on the Sky WiFi Booster. You can get a booster either from Sky or from third-party e-commerce website.  Let us learn the conditions.


Free Wifi Booster from Sky

To get a free booster for your Wifi, you need to fulfil some prelaid conditions to be eligible. They are as follows:

1. You should be subscribed to Wi-Fi Boost Package.

2. The speed is below 23 Mbps in every room

3. The Engineer cannot fix the problem.

If your connection meets these conditions, you will be provided with a extender from Sky and that too free of cost.

However, the company may also provide the booster to other customers. To know your eligibility contact support staff to get details if you are eligible.


Purchase from Ecommerce Website.

If you can’t get a free booster from Sky don’t get worried. In this era of e-commerce, you can buy a better version of a extender from another e-com website. 

The good part is that it won't charge your pocket too much. Below you will find some of our recommended extenders that you can use for your connection.

WiFi Booster for Sky Users

Here are some of the well-loved and best-reviewed WiFi Boosters that you can use instead in case you are not eligible for a free one.

amazon eero pro

Amazon eero PRO extender

This is a Quality Booster that you can rely. It uses Amazon intelligence to avoid any congestion, loss of connection and buffering.

By investing in this product, you can be assured of good Wi-Fi range in your home.

  • Suitable for 1750 Sq Ft
  • Very Easy to Set Up
  • Dual Band
  • Works with Alexa & Bluetooth
  • Speed 1 Gbps
netgear mesh wifi booster

NETGEAR Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender

Another Netgear product that you can choose. This is also good for everyday use and has the following properties.

  • Coverage up to 2000 Sq. ft
  • Triband Signal Extender
  • Connects up to 40 devices
  • Get upto 2200 Mbps
linksys wifi booster
  • Linksys Velop Tri-Band Wi-Fi System

  • This is a high-end booster, that you can rely on. This device is hugely power-packed and we recommend using it.

    This one-time investment can give you a better Internet experience.

    • Coverage up to 6000 Sq. ft
    • Seamless Coverage
    • Good for 4K streaming
    • Compatible with Alexa
    • Parental Controls
    • Has 03 sets included.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying

    things to follow

    While making any purchase for a extender or booster from third party website, make sure you follow the undermentioned rules.

    Quality. While making a purchase for an booster, always remember to go for quality products. You can get these product for a cheaper rate from 30-50 pounds. But we cannot assure of its durability and reliability. Hence, investing in quality products is recommended.

    Compatibility. Make sure the extender is compatible with your Sky Q or Sky broadband router. If you are unsure about the compatibility it is recommended to contact support staff before making any purchase.

    Coverage. Check the coverage limit of the booster you want to buy. Normally, the available boosters connect up to 1000 -1500 sq ft while some give more coverage. Choose the one according to your needs.

    Frequency. Make sure the extender you are buying is having 2.4GHz frequency. This is required for Sky devices and routers to function properly.

    Connected Device Limit. Make sure the device you are buying will support the required number of connections you want to make.

    Supported Speed.  It is also recommended to check the maximum speed that the booster can give to connected devices. Check the maximum speed of your Broadband plan and choose accordingly.


    It is indeed a matter of frustration when you cannot get the proper signal strength at all parts of your home or office.

    This is because after you invest in the Broadband plan of a good company like Sky, you expect at good speed throughout your place.

    But due to restrictions of routers and disturbances in between it is bound to get coverage issues in all parts of any building.

    In this scenario, a Wi-Fi booster comes handy. If you are facing any coverage issue from Sky, we recommend getting a Wi-Fi Booster to enjoy uninterrupted Internet.

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