Sky Q Remote Not Working : FIX & Repair Method

Sky Q remote not working

This may prompt some hit and trial investigation and if no indications of progress, you may turn off the TV. 

The handheld propelled TV controlling gadget from Sky is loaded with incredible highlights.If it does not work properly, it can lead to frustrations.

If you are facing any issue related to Sky remote, this guide is for you!

So, let us start the article.

Why is Sky Q Remote Not Working?

why is sky q remote not working

Sky Q Remote not working issue can have many reasons, either from user end or manufacturing end. In any case, here and there, you may find that the gadget isn't working great. 

Sky Q Remote not working can be fixed by this preliminary checks:

  1. Check if Remote is properly paired to TV.
  2. Check Battery & replace if needed.
  3. Find if any Keys are pressed on device.
  4. Reduce the distance between TV and handheld device.
  5. Use the exact TV code when pairing TV.

Right now, we will examine the main shortcomings or issues that clients face while utilizing the remote.

However, toward the end of the article, we will investigate all the best troubleshooting techniques that you can use to fix your handheld gadget yourself. 

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Sky Box Types

Sky has contributed a huge investment for giving its users the best innovation and their Box and remote don't fall behind.

At the point when you take a new connection, you will be given a Box, remote and recipient. Regularly, there are two significant kinds of box that the organization gives to its supporters. 

They are as per the following:

Sky+ Box. This is the old fashioned big size box that the company provides. This is the trademark product and the company gained enough subscriber through this product.

However, with the due passage of time, the product lost its shine. These days people look for new innovations and in this case people are going with the "Q" version. But it must be noted that this is by far the cheapest among all.

Sky Q Box. This box is nothing but an ungraded version of the old box. It comes with attractive features. It use modern technology to give the best user experience when it comes to watching TV. 

Along with other features, this box has support for 4K videos. So, if you need to watch 4K content you can take this box.

Types of Sky Remotes

sky q remotes

Both the versions of box are provided with different remotes. Sky + is economical while our "Q" version will cost you more. With the increase in price you can expect a better and stylish remote for your TV.

Sky + Box : This handheld pointing device provided with this version of the box is less powerful. The version of the device ranges from Ver 4 to Ver 109.

Sky Q Box : With this box you can expect the best remotes that the company has to offer. This equipment is not only beautiful but powerful also.

The various version of this remote includes:

  • Accessibility Remote.
  • Sky Q Remote
  • Touch Version
  • Remote with voice control
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Sky Q Remote Not Working - Problems

The device provided to you is quite efficient and powerful. However, this also gives some issues while using.

And sometimes the problem becomes such that you can even operate the remote. Hence, we must agree with people who complains about the device issues.

Let us now go in depth and learn the faults of this device. First let us know what people complains during the last one year data.

  • Volume Keys not working.
  • Buttons not Responding.
  • Touchpad issues.
  • Touchpad too sensitive.
  • Can’t control the Box.
  • Voice Control Malfunction.

Though there may be other reasons for non working of remote, these reasons mentioned above remains the major ones.

Four Points Q Remote Check 

sky remote fix method

If you are reading this article, it is high chance that your Q remote is not working properly. But do not worry. You are in the right article. 

Let us learn how you can fix the pointing device at your home easily. But before going to the fix methods let us check visually for the following issues first.

1. Pairing. Pairing is an important step to check that you cannot skip. As you know, without pairing your cannot operate your TV box.

So, ensure that you have properly paired your remote with the box and have followed the onscreen guide on TV.

2. Check Battery. We tend to overlook this issue. But this can also lead to your pointing device malfunctioning. So, make sure that the batteries are perfect and inserted properly too.

3. Is Any Key Pressed?  Next check if any of the remote keys are pressed or not. This is manual inspection and no technical no-how required.

4. Restart the Box. Then it's time to restart your Skybox. For restarting switch off the device first for 2-3 minutes and then start it again.  Then find out if your issue is resolved or not.

Now, chance are there that these four steps may fix your remote. If not, follow the troubleshooting guide as follows:


The troubleshooting methods will be as per the problems or errors that the pointing device shows.

Yes, it is frustrating to use a bad or malfunctioned device, but it does not mean it cannot be fixed.

Sometimes, it is the users part, who mishandling can cause error to the device. Also in many case, the device itself under performs.

So, let us start the fix guide!

1. Sky Remote Volume Not Working

Sometimes, the Sky Remote volume keys may not work for you. This is indeed a big problem as without this function you can't have a better viewing experience.

When your volume key is not serviceable,  do the following

  • First make a Visual Inspection
  • Check if there are some Pressed Keys.If you find, release them carefully.
  • Next, it is time to Repair your remote to TV again.

 For reset and repairing you can check out the later part of this article.

2. Buttons Not Working

Buttons may not work for you sometimes, while the other functionality remains good. If this happens, you will find it hard to operate TV and change channels.

To fix the issue, do the following

  • First look at the remote keys for any physical damage. 
  • Next, try "hard reset" of the remote. 
  • Reconnect it to TV.

3. Touchpad Issue 

The touch pad issue is related to devices that supports touch features. As you can imagine, if the touch pad gives issues, it can be quite frustrating.

To fix this, you need to check the "touch control"  settings on your  television settings. To activate it, follow these steps:

sky q remote touchpad issue
  • 1
    Take remote and press “Home
  • 2
    Find Settings
  • 3
    Go to setup and find “Remote control
  • 4
    Now turn “Touch control” on.

4. Touchpad too sensitive 

Touchpad sensitivity problems is quite horrible. You will simply have no control on your device either to change volumes or may result in too much clicks on TV.

However, the company has no solution to this. Their device has no option to decease or increase the touch. They recommend you to turn off the "touch" and use the remote normally.

For deactivation of the touch, do the following,

  • 1
    First, press “Home
  • 2
    Find Settings
  • 3
    Go to setup and then “Remote control
  • 4
    Now turn “Touch control off”.

5. Can’t control the Sky Box  

Have you seen, your device unable to control the Sky Box? If this happens , there must be some issues that may interfere to pass the signal to box.

In this case, do the following:

  • 1
    First, replace the batteries and restart the box.
  • 2
    Next, find for  hard-pressed keys or buttons and release them
  • 3
    Now, press the “?” key & check if the LED light flashes
  • 4
    If no light flashes, the remote needs replacement.

6. Voice Control Not Working

It may happen that your voice control may stop working. Then you will not be able to send voice instruction to the box. To fix this issue, follow the steps as given below:

  • 1
    First, press “Home
  • 2
    Check if you have  paired the device correctly to the TV.
  • 3
    Make sure the Box is connected to Wi-Fi. To check the connection, go to “Status” under settings menu.
  • 4
    Then go to “Network Connection’’ and check if these two lines are ticked- “Connection to the broadband router” & “Connection to the Internet” as shown above.
  • 5
    If any of the two options are unticked or both, you need to reconfigure the network connection to TV.
  • 6
    If problem not solved, you need to reset Sky Q remote and repair it to TV.

7. Remote Not Working No Red Light

Is your Sky Q Remote not working and no red light is flashing? If you are facing this problem, we recommend going though the 4 point check mentioned above.

If still the problem exists after applying the 4 point checks, you can do this troubleshooting method :

  • 1
    Check if any physical damage is there in battery panel.
  • 2
    Next Reboot the Box.
  • 3
    Check if you have  paired the device correctly to the TV.
  • 4
    If not sure, try to re-pair the remote to TV again.
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Reset & Pair Sky Q Remote to TV

We mentioned in our troubleshooting steps to reset the remote and repair Sky Q Remote to TV. But, you may want to know the exact method to do it.

The process is simple, and let learn how to do it.

There are two steps to pair Sky Q deice to TV. First is "reset" and next is "repair". To repair you need to do the following:

To Repair mini device with TV, follow these steps.


Step 1 - Turn on your TV

The first step involves to press the TV button of your remote control. But ensure that you have turned on the TV and Box before starting this repair method.


Step 2 - Reset Sky Q Remote.

Now you need to “reset” your pointing device to recover it back to its original settings. For resetting, do the steps:

  • Press & hold keys No 7 & 9.
  • Check if the light of remote flashes four times.
  • If it flashes the remote is reset
  • If not, repeat the process again.


Step 3 - Re-Pair the Device to TV

When you are done with the reset step, next is to repair it back to your TV. To repair follow these steps:

repair sky q remote to tv

  • Press “Home” button on your pointing device.
  • Next, tap “Settings” & proceed to "Remote Control”.
  • Under this option, select the version of your remote.
  • Now, select “Control your TV”. If you know the code of TV select the option “I know it” or if you don't know select "find it for me".
  • Now press  keys 1 & 3 for few seconds (02 seconds to be precise).
  • Next enter TV code immediately. 
  • Now, your remote should have repaired. To check, use the volume keys & change the volume.
  •  If the volume key is not work, you can use ‘Try another code” and check it till you repair the device.

Quick Fact.

While pairing again to TV, if you know the code  select “I know it”. In case you can't find your TV code, you can press the option "find it for me” on TV screen. 

Sky Remote TV Codes

During the repairing method, you will require the TV code. Check out the manual of your TV to find it as it differs form TV to TV.

Now, let us look at some of the codes of major used television models. 

  • Samsung : 0060
  • Sony : 0000
  • Amstrad : 0063
  • Bang&Olufsen : 0118
  • Panasonic : 0051
  • Hitachi : 0145
  • Nokia : 0536
  • LG : 0206, 1206, 1293, 0851, 0857
  • Phillips : 0081
  • Daewoo : 0992

Still Not Working?

Your Sky Remote still now working? Check out if your are eligible for free replacement. If not and the remote is showing continuous problems you should consider buying a new one. 

If even after applying the fix methods as mentioned above, the remote is not working properly or is dead, it is better to go a new one.

We have added a few tested Sky Remotes from Amazon UK to help you save your time.

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We believe, this article has given you enough troubleshooting information in case your Sky Q remote is not working for you.  

Follow the methods exactly, and you can surely fix any problem.

However, if you issue is not resolved, it will be better to think of resetting the device and pair it again to TV.

Many people like to do follow this step, when something issues arises or when Sky remote is not working fine for them.

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