is frontier internet good for gaming

Is Frontier Internet Good for Gaming

Is Frontier Internet good for gaming or not? 

This question comes in the mind of every Gamer who want to take a new Frontier Internet connection.

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of Frontier and help you make a decision whether to take a Frontier connection for you gaming needs.

Importance of good Internet Connection

Online gaming is so much popular among youngsters these days. For that, he needs good internet connectivity and speed has increased.

This is because no gamers want to suffer while playing by losing connectivity or slow speed.

Good connectivity is the most important key requirements while playing online games for Gamers.

Pro Tip

Good speed ensures buffer less gaming. Moreover, connectivity is important because the information which is sent online should be sent very fast and they also get revert timely.

Using of right Device and right internet connection is a major part so that gamers can enjoy lag-free gaming experience.

So, in short for a gamer a good Internet connection ensures the following:

  • Lag free gaming experience.
  • Gives the fastest reaction time
  • Commands can be sent quickly
  • It helps to experience the graphics.
components of frontier internet

Components of Internet that matters in Gaming

While gaming you share or transfer and receives a huge amount of data. Internet speed while gaming includes some components which are download , upload speed, ping or latency.

This is required for all types of gaming, particularly for existent- time or multi performer games.

Let’s check this out briefly –

1. Download speed

The speed which would be transferred from one user to the end-users through your computer or gaming soothe.

2. Upload speed 

The speed by which the data would be uploaded through the system or gaming soothes to the web. This parameter is most important for online gaming world.

3. Latency 

Low lagging or latency is best for gaming. This is measured in milliseconds, to get the data from the sender and revert back to the sender. This is also known as the ping rate.

4. Ping  

It is an indication led over the web to crosscheck the potential among your system as well as the system you exist trying to connect through. A lower ping rate will allow the best experience.

Recommended Speed for Gaming

When it comes to good gaming experience, a reasonable data rate is required. We recommend a speed of a minimum 5 Mbps for gamers.

Quick Fact. The minimum speed that we recommend for Gamers is 5 mbps or above.

This is for normal and for high-end games we recommend a speed of over 100 Mbps.

is frontier internet reliable for gamers

Is frontier Internet Good Enough for Gaming?

Now, let us come to the main core of our discussion.

Is Frontier Internet good for gaming? Can it be trusted by gamers?

Frontier  gives users the best possible speed they require. Higher the rate you want, the higher you will need to pay more.

Moreover, they do not have any bandwidth cap or usage limits.

Frontier  gives users the best possible speed they require. Higher the rate you want, the higher you will need to pay more.

Some of the reasons why “Frontier Internet is reliable for Gamers” are:

1. Speed 

The company has the highest speed of 940 Mbps for download and 880 Mbps for upload. This power of the company irreplaceable.

2. No data or usage Cap

Best thing about frontier is they don’t have any data caps. It lets you exhaust all the data you want to use without any extra charges on an exhausting data pack or either your speed will vary.

While gaming or streaming movies or series online you won’t suffer ever from the speed.

3. Two Years charge Lock

Some web providers rise the data plans packages after some time or after a year. But this company will not disappoint you with the data plans as they give assurance of 2 years they won’t increase the prices.

Although they increase prices after 24 months period until you do not need to worry. Also, the price increase is not so much.

4. Lower Ping rates 

Frontier ensures lower ping rates for the smooth gaming experience. This is a good feature because a high ping rate is not what you want in gaming.

5. No agreement plans

They also have no agreement charge lock choice. But for no charge choice, you have to communicate directly to the operator as they haven’t given any details about that.

Moreover, if you go for a 2-year price lock, your plans package price won’t be changed for 24 months.

Whereas, if you go for no agreement plans then you can easily ask the operator to cancel the services.

But if the data plans fluctuate or increase higher so you would be ended by paying that. It might cost you a much than 2-year agreement lock.

6. Availability

They are spread in a wide area. They are available in more than 29 states of a country. They are one of the largest service providers.

7. Types of data packages

Frontier has a huge variety of data plans for phone and television. They have a lot of different plans from which you can opt one for yourself.

8. Mobile Application

The company has a phone application available for both android and IOS developers.

By this application, you can manage the account by changing password, check your bill history, pay or schedule payment, restart the set-top box, view your order, track ticket status.

9. Access in Rural Areas 

This provider can also be used in rural areas. They are available in some of the rural areas but not all. To know which area is providing you can browse on the web or contact directly to the operator about that.

Thus, Frontier  is very reliable internet when it comes to gaming. They have all that gamers will ask for.

For gaming, they provide high data rate and no data caps. Thus, frontier internet is ideal for gaming and you can go for it.

Some Drawbacks of Frontier Internet for Gaming

The above reasons are the pros or advantages of the frontier provider that they serve to the users.

Anything cannot be perfect, everything has some drawbacks or cons too, and so does the frontier to suffer from weaknesses. Some of them are –

Unseen Packages

Some of the data plan packages are not available on the web, so for that, you have to directly contact the operator provider to know more plans. Moreover, the plan includes some unseen taxes and charges also as installation fees, equipment fees, and early cancellation fees. So you must communicate clearly to the service provider.

Poor Customer Service

They sometimes do not pick calls or revert to customer queries or problems. This is the main disadvantage of the operator. They do not respond to the feedbacks or glitches they are facing.

High Data Plans

If they want to buy plans for 1000 Mbps speed, the data plans are costlier for fastness.

Our Verdict

These are some of the disadvantages of Frontier Internet. However, if you compare them to the advantages, it is very low and negligible.

Frontier is a one-stop solution for all gamers looking for a reliable Internet connection. Hence, we recommend Frontier.


We hope you have learned why Frontier internet for gaming is the best and most reliable internet connection among gamers.

As they come up with unlimited plans and no data caps and they have good  plans, which is best for limitless gaming. Also, they serve good speed, limitless data, and a 2years agreement.

Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that the frontier Internet is good too for downloading or watching web series or movies.

The end number of users can connect to a single bandwidth and enjoy the Internet.

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