xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting

Why Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting – 6 Steps Fix Method

Xfinity WiFi keeps disconnecting at unexpected times is one of the most frustrating things that could ever happen to anyone.

Nowadays, a fast and reliable network connection has become essential in almost all households and workplaces.

But current advancements and developments in technology are not exempted from issues.

We understand how frustrating it is to get disconnected in the middle of an important meeting, program, or game.

But luckily, there are several techniques you can do to troubleshoot your disconnection problems at home.

Why Xfinity WiFi Keeps Dropping

xfinity wifi keeps dropping

Although this internet service provider promises its customers the best internet experience, there may be several instances where your Xfinity WiFi keeps dropping.

When this occurs, it may be due to the following issues:

Loose Cables

Typically, most internet issues you may experience is due to loose cables connected to your modem and router.

When this happens, your equipment may not work in mint condition and give you the best internet experience.

Signal Interference

Aside from loose cables in your home, the reason why your Xfinity internet keeps disconnecting may be due to possible signal interference.

Almost all your household items can be the culprit for this issue.

But the things that you should look out for are those that emit electromagnetic radiation like a baby monitor or any of your electric kitchen appliances.

WiFi Distance

The proximity of your internet router from your mobile phone, tablet, or device may also be one reason why your Xfinity internet keeps disconnecting at unexpected times.

Remember that greater distances have a significant negative impact on your internet speed and connection.

Service Outage

There may be instances where the issue with your network connection is because of the internet service provider itself.

Sometimes, damaged cables or machines, especially during adverse weather conditions, may result in service outages.

So, if your Xfinity WiFi keeps disconnecting, the first step you should always do is check whether there is a service interruption in your area.

You can do this using any of the following methods:

  • 1. Open your XFINITY My Account app.
  • 2. Access the Xfinity Status Center.
  • 3. Reach out to their customer service hotline at 1-800-COMCAST or 1-800-XFINITY.
  • 4. Lastly, you can send a message to your internet service provider if you registered your phone for Comcast Alerts. Just text OUT to COMCAST or 266278.

Malfunctioning Router

When there are no signal interference or service outages in your area, and your cables are in mint working condition, there may be a problem with your internet router.

If this is your case, you would need to purchase a new one from the store.

How To Fix Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

fix xfinity keeps disconnecting

Although there are tons of possible reasons why your network keeps disconnecting, we have good news for you!

There are tons of reliable troubleshooting methods that you can do at home to get the most out of your internet service.

Method 1 – Inspect Your Cables

checking cables

An essential step that you should always do is inspect all your cables, coax lines, connectors, and splitters regularly.

Make sure to look out for severe bends or abrasions on your cables and coax lines.

Aside from these two, you should also check the quality of your connectors and splitters.

Make sure to tighten them securely and adequately because they can result in signal leakage.

Look out for corroded or worn-out materials, and replace them as soon as possible.

Method 2 – Move Your Router

moving router

In the previous section, we mentioned that your router’s distance could have a significant negative impact on your signal strength.

Make sure to place your router in an upper position in an open area. Refrain from putting it inside covered areas like your closet.

Aside from this, ensure that there are no electrical appliances or physical obstructions near your router and device.

Method 3 – Regularly Clean Your Router

router cleaning

Besides your router’s position, regularly cleaning its ports also plays a massive role in your internet experience.

Dust particles may block your equipment’s inner machinery and may disrupt your network connection.

Thus, we suggest you clean your ports and ensure that it is free from dust.

Method 4 – Reduce Connected Devices

reducing devices

Sometimes, when there are various devices simultaneously connected to your router, you may experience some signal disruption because of an overloaded and distributed internet bandwidth.

Hence, reducing the number of devices connected to your network can fix your unexpected and annoying disconnections.

It can also troubleshoot slow WiFi speeds and lead to better performance.

Method 5 – Restart/Reset Your Router

doing restart

You can also restart your router by turning it off then back on again.

Doing so will refresh your network connection and may resolve a variety of issues.

If restarting your router does not resolve the issue, you can also perform a factory reset.

Typically, bringing your device back to its default settings can fix tons of problems and boost your network connection.

You can perform this technique by following these guided steps:

  • Turn off your device, and unplug your modem and router.
  • Plug your modem or router back, and wait for a couple of seconds until you see the blinking status light.
  • Turn your device back on, and connect it to your home network again.

Method 6 – Disable Security Software

disabling softwares

If your device has security software installed on it, it may be possible that your connection issues are because of this.

Most of the time, these programs may flag your network as unsafe, resulting in connection issues.

When this happens, you can temporarily disable it and reconnect to your internet.

Further, you can read out guide on how to fix Xfinity WiFi hotspot not working if you want to fix your hotspot related issues.

Get the Best out of your Wi-Fi

Experience Infinite Possibilities With Xfinity

Xfinity WiFi provides you with an efficient and reliable network connection at home.

But there is nothing more frustrating than getting disconnected unexpectedly in the middle of an important task.

Luckily, you can do any of the troubleshooting methods we discussed above to fix your internet issues in no time.

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