watch BT sport online free

How to Watch BT Sport Online Free?

Want to know how to watch BT sport online free or if it’s viable?

Do you want to watch your favorite sports casters on BT Sport without paying a dime?

The solutions recommended in this guide are accessible to UK and Ireland viewers.

However, viewers abroad can also enjoy their services with the aid of VPN.

BT Sport is one of the leading sportscast providers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

They air sporting events such as Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, FA Community Shield, Bundesliga, Coppa Italia, Premiership Rugby, WWE, MotoGP, World Rally Championship, Women’s Big Bash league, UFC programs, and many more.

When it comes to football updates, it is no doubt that BT Sport is your best go to channels provider for HD live coverage, football news, and intelligent sportscast opinions.

With show hosts like Jake Humphrey and Darrell Currie on the mic coupled with studio pundits like Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes, you can rest assured that you’re going to get quality sportscast experience.

In order to view BT Sport licensed sport events and shows, viewers have to pay for a monthly pass for BT Sport app or subscribe to BT TV, which comes with a yearly contract.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get BT sport for free.

Guide Outline

  • How to watch BT Sport online free
  • How to get BT Sport online for free with cashbacks 
  • How to watch BT Sport online free outside the UK

How to Watch BT Sport Online Free

There are several ways viewers can cut cost or stream live matches for free.

Below are the five tested and trusted ways to watch BT Sport online for free:

YouTube to the Rescue

get bt sports on youtube

BT Sport is famous for the culture of bringing “top quality sport back to the people”.

The UK-based sportscast provider has been consistently showing champions league finals and Europa league finals on YouTube for free.

In a bid to dominate the ‘pay television sports channels’ industry, the telecommunications group employs flexible technological means, including pay per view models or online streaming.

bt sport on youtube

The partnership between BT Sport and YouTube gives viewers a rare opportunity to watch BT sport online free.

In case your subscription finishes before the Europa league final or Champion league final, you can count on their YouTube channel.

No Contract: Cancel When You Want

go flexible plan

Instead of paying over £40 per month for a broadband deal that requires you to pay huge fees on a yearly basis or upfront fee, you can simply opt in for a BT sport monthly pass.

The monthly pass gives you the flexibility of skipping payment for the months you’re on vacation or not interested in the current games.

After subscribing for the monthly pass, you can access your favorite sporting events via their app or web player.

Note that the monthly pass automatically renews itself unless the subscriber cancels the plan.

After cancellation, you will still be allowed to use their services until the current monthly subscription expires.

Although the £25 subscription plan only works on the app and web player, monthly pass subscribers can view BT Sport via their television given they have the right gadget and software.

With Chromecast or Chromecast with Google TV, you can display your favorite shows on your TV.

cast bt sports

Chromecast uses advanced technology to mirror the Google play web browser on your personal computer or android device.

Other accepted streaming devices comprise Xbox one, iOS, Amazon Fire TV devices, Now TV devices, Sony PlayStation 4, and Roku players.

The sport channels available on the monthly pass plan include BT Sport ESPN, the ultimate package, and extra channels.

Take them all on with BT Broadband or BT TV

using bt services

If you are part of the 9.3 million broadband subscribers, you can enjoy BT Sport for half the price of the monthly pass.

Broadband subscribers can add BT Sport to their internet deal for just £16.

You can get the same deal for £6 less with BT TV. With £10 a month, you can enjoy your favorite shows and events.

Apart from the two packages mentioned above, you can also save £5 on your monthly pass as a Sky TV subscriber.

Watching BT Sport via Sky TV requires a £20 activation fee.

Get Smart with EE

bt sport on ee

Everything Everywhere aka EE is a British network operator and internet provider.

They have smart plans that allow their consumers to get a discount on Apple Music, Apple TV, and of course, BT Sport ultimate purchases.

For the ultimate plan, it costs £10 per month.

The best part is that as an EE subscriber, you can get three months of BT Sport services for free by texting SPORT to 150.

After the first three months, you will be charged £10 per month.

How to Get BT Sport for Free with Cashbacks

watch bt sport for free with cashbacks

You can get cashbacks after purchasing subscription deals from cashbacks sites.

A good example is Quidco (recommended by Express News).

Currently, you can get as high as £180 cashback on ultrafast broadband.

There are also other cashback deals available on Quidco official website.

Also, you can get cashbacks on Sky TV and EE purchases via Quidco.

How to Watch BT Sport for free outside the UK

watch BT sport online from outside UK

Foreigners are geo-restricted from using BT Sport services.

When you try to use their services from a restricted region, you will get a message of this kind: “this content is only available for viewers in the UK”.

Although IP address restriction is a setback for foreign viewers, it is not totally impossible to watch their shows outside the UK.

With the help of a virtual private network (VPN) app, you can watch their content from any region.

The best VPN services out there are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surf Shark, CyberGhost, and IPVanish. Some VPN services are free while others are paid.

For some, you can get some locations free while you pay to access a few key areas.

How To Change Your Location With VPN

bt sport using vpn

Step 1. Once you’ve downloaded your VPN app, click on the VPN app and login (if it requires users to login).

Step 2. Tap the toggle for your desired location.

Step 3. Check your IP address on

Step 4. If your current address is UK or Ireland, congrats.

Step 5. You can proceed to the BT Sport app or web player.


As mentioned above, there are many ways to cut the cost of BT Sports or watch some of the shows entirely free.

You can always check for latest deals from BT to get the best prices in case you want to get a deal.

We hope this article has cleared your query for watch BT sport online free or at reduced costs.

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