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How to Claim BT Reward Card : Detailed Guide

To claim BT Reward Card is often confusing for many users especially to those who have taken a new connection and is unaware of the procedure.

After taking any new BT connection, you get a reward offer. This is indeed quite exciting to get a free reward. However, there can be problems like how to activate the card and also how to claim it.

If you are facing any of these issues, then this article can help you with all the steps required to claim your much-awaited reward balance!

So, let us start.

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What is a BT Reward Card

what is bt reward card

Image credits BT website

This reward is nothing but a prepaid card that you get after purchasing any subscription or product from the company. This can be used like any normal card and can be used in any store or e-store which accepts Mastercard.

“There is no limit on how much amount you can spend at one go.

If the store of a shop or any places accepts Mastercard, you can spend the whole amount at once also.

The offer value or balance amount on each card given to subscribers depends upon the plan you purchase. Also, these offer changes from time to time. So, you must check the latest offer on the official website before buying any product or subscription.

Claim BT Reward Card – Limitations

However, this card has some restriction that you must know before using. Let us know the most important one:

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You are barred from using the following:

  • Pre-book any service
  • Payment in toll, parking, etc
  • Withdrawal from ATM.
  • Bill payments
  • Subscriptions or recurring payments
  • Adult services
  • Illegal goods or products

Eligibility to Claim BT reward Card

bt reward card eligibility

To be eligible for the offer, you must buy any subscription or product on the official website. However, not all products are eligible. For easy reference, the eligible products list is given below:

The products that are eligible for this offer are:

  • Superfast Fibre
  • Ultrafast Fibre
  • Handset plans
  • SIM Only plans
  • Family SIM plans

Not Eligible on these product and subscription

  • Upgrading Broadband
  • Adding just BT TV

BT Reward Card Claim – Steps

bt reward card claim

The “BT claim reward” process is easy, and you can do it in three easy steps. When you have received it, you can claim the offer amount by using the steps given below:

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Steps to Claim BT Reward Card

1. Know the Timelines

First, know the timeline rules of the company. The company has set a few rules for claiming the reward.


If you have purchased the broadband service, you need to wait until the service is activated.


Also, as per company term, if you opt for the mobile plan you need to wait 30 days from the day of activation to avail the reward amount.

However, if you fail to activate it within the prescribed time given in the welcome letter, you will lose your reward. So, keep track of the installation and SIM activation. Once done wait for the prescribed time and activate it immediately.

2. Activate

Activating the card is straight forward and easy. You can activate in on the official partner website of BT i.e. purecard. To activate, do the following steps:

  • Step 1. Go to purecard official website
  • Step 2. Select the ‘activate now” option as shown in pic below:
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first step
  • Step 3. Now fill in the details about you as shown below
  • Step 4. Fill up the 9 digit card-ID
  • Step 5. Enter last four digits of Card Number & Date of Birth.
second step

Step 5. Click “Next” and enter the activation code on next screen.

Step 6. Activate it & claim the amount.

Remember, you can only activate online and there is no option to do it offline. After activation, you will get a pin and you can start using it right away.

3. Start Spending

After the action is done, the amount promised to you during purchase will be credited into your balance. You can now spend the amount on any store that accepts MasterCard. 

If you see the correct amount is not credited in your balance, you should inform the Company immediately to fix it.

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Limit and Balance

You can spend the whole amount in one single purchase also. But if you need to buy some costly products, then you must ask the billing staff to charge up to the available limit only.

Since it is a prepaid option, if the balance goes in negative, you will get notified and you must pay the balance within the timelines given

BT Claim Reward – Important Facts 

reward facts

Though it seems very easy to activate and claim the card, however, there are some important rules and facts that you need to keep in mind while using it. These are as follows:

  • You cannot accept a cashback offer.
  • Resetting PIN is available but is chargeable.
  • You cannot cancel any payment made.
  • In the case of lost, you must inform the company immediately.
  • A replacement card is priced at £10
  • For enquiry into the disputed transaction, the fee goes up to £20 – £ 50
  • For foreign currency conversion buy, you will be charged 2.75%.
  • Any other charges while using it should be given by you.
  • Company will not be responsible for any loss if occur.
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BT Claim my Reward Not Working

can't claim bt reward card

Sometimes it may happen that you can’t claim BT reward and may give problems. You may also unable to activate it online. The reasons for this can be many. If you are facing this issue, try the following steps first before contacting support staff:

1. Eligibility

First, check if your plan or subscription is eligible for the reward offer or not. You can do so by visiting the official website.

2. Timeline

As mentioned, you must wait a few days, before you can activate it. For example, for broadband service, you need to wait till the installation process is over. After that, you can try to activate.

  • Broadband: Activate after Installation
  • Mobile Plans: 30 Days after SIM activation

3. Wrong BT ID

Did you fill-up the correct BT ID? If not, try again and fill up the exact BT ID and password. This is the ID and password that you use while accessing your BT account online.

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4. Activation Date Crossed

If you forgot to activate the card within the 90 days, it will become invalid and you cannot claim the reward amount.

Whom to Contact?

If you feel you have followed all the rules and still can not claim the reward balance, you should contact the support staff. But before contacting BT, you can contact purecard support staff first to find a solution. They can be contacted at:


Phone: 0344 800 6435 (8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Sunday)

By Post:  Purecard Service, PO – 1586

Westside, London,

Hemel Hempstead, HP 19SF


We hope this article on BT claim reward was helpful for you. We believe you can now activate and start using the reward amount!

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This reward offer is a great initiative by the company and is welcomed by all subscribers. If case you are facing any issue to claim BT reward card, contact purecard and if not BT to sort out the issue.

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